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High Graphic Games For Android

Today we are looking for the best high graphics games for Android under 1GB to 500MB open world based video games on the 2021 Android platform. These are large video games where players will lose a lot of time to complete quests, customize different characters and, most importantly, explore the open world. In the age of smartphones, games have become easier to access.

Game sizes over 1GB are available these days, but this article will focus on games from less than 1GB to less than 500MB that can be played successfully on Android.

Users typically prefer to install rewarding in-app purchases, rewarding gameplay, and games with their original goals.

So, considering the factors that gamers usually consider installing games on one Android device, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best high graphics games for Android from 1GB to less than 500MB. This includes the best shooters and RPG games. Seek.

1) Modern Combat 5

Combat Zone and answer the phone with today’s promising titles for the distractions of your first custom shooter with its stunning design, powerful firearms and outstanding online multiplayer activities. Form teams of eight classes, including collaborative and hard-working companions, to test your skills in powerful battles with online opponents around the world.

2) WWE Immortal:

WWE is great and the game is even better. This game is very different from other previously released WWE games. In a game that you play right out of the box, you’re not fighting an enemy wrestler in the ring, but in another devastating world. All wrestlers in the game have supernatural powers that can be used in combat.

This game has a lot of breathtaking moves to keep your experience memorable for a long time. Wrestlers are armed with dangerous weapons and can change their skills frequently as the game progresses. The whole set of another world with funny characters will be a wonderful and fascinating experience for you.

3) Asphalt 8: Airborne

Racing is a very old genre in the gaming world and has always been great. When it comes to asphalt 7 heat, it’s considered the best racing game ever. It offers a huge selection for racing enthusiasts. With lots of cars, stunning graphics, a smooth game interface, exciting sound quality, over 40 tracks and over 400 career events, and over 1500 Master Challenges, this game is a complete package. They call it! From Bugatti to Lamborghini, your dream car is ready to race with your opponents. Unprecedented hurdles and racing thrills drive you into this game.

4) Need for Speed: No Limit:

Need for Speed ​​A.K.A. NFS is one of the most popular racing games in the gaming world. NFS makes the racing genre one of the hottest genres in games. It doesn’t have a great inside story, the story is easy. Choose a car from a huge collection of

BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, McLaren and more to crush road traffic. The more races you win, the more smacks and adjustments you get. The game is fast paced and has amazing graphic values. Shooting, collision, speed, car, you have the complete package.

NFS is a game franchise that won’t disappoint fans. Either way, it’s worth trying without thinking about it.

5) Assassin’s Creed Pirates:

You may have played Assassin’s Creed on your PC, and I know it’s just great. Gameloft has released many Android versions of this game, which is better than all of them. With over 10 million downloads from the Google Playstore, it is Gameloft’s most popular game. Create your own collection of fish, whales, sharks and more to create your own emperor. Unravel the thrilling and exciting treasure. Build your kingdom with over 50 amazing piracy techniques.

6) Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour-

The highest rated action game for Android that has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Google Playstore. Action games are taken to another level as the thrill reaches new heights.

And did I tell you about the fight? The graphics are so real that it feels like a real battle. With each new chapter of the Soldiers’ Conflict, the world is at risk from terrorist groups, and the soldiers are trying to defeat it. You can play the game from either side, be it a soldier or a terrorist. Because it can be bad. This feature is really unique and not so easy to find in other games. If you like bad things, you should give it a try. This game is dedicated to all gamers who love to spend time in the game.

7) NOVA Legacy:

The game has recently been in the limelight for its epic story, many destructions and gun violence. Clear brainstorming levels by guns, mechas, running, shooting, driving good vehicles, and even driving drones to fight. The quality of VFX and SFX is top notch. It also has a 12-player mode and a 6-level multiplayer mode.

8) Clash of Clans

One of the most popular games ever on Android. Join a huge number of players around the world as you build cities, form factions and fight epic clan wars! A mustache barbarian, a fire wizard, and another unique army sit nearby.

This game has always been a trend at launch. If you have never played this game before, please click the link below to download this game. Then you will find out why this game is one of the most popular games.

9) Dungeon Hunter 5

Fate pushed the land into an era of turmoil, bringing the rise to darkness. Today, the general public must fight criminals, creatures, and other indescribable horrors. Nonetheless, justice is definitely costly and their business has never changed, so this is an era of open doors and prosperity that is rampant for hired soldiers and those seeking wealth.

10) Garena Free Fire

Even if I had a phone with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, the game worked fine. Play this immersive battle royale game that you can enjoy from the comfort of your mobile device. Explore the map to find the weapon you want to use to defeat your enemies. Play with your team and support each other to be the last. This game is very similar to PUBG / BGMI. They belong to the same genre of battle royale. Free Fire is a clone of PUBG and Fortnite, downsized to fit on low-end devices. Therefore, if your mobile device cannot buy heavy games such as BGMI, COD, Fortnight, this game can fully satisfy your desires.