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10 Best Sound Equalizers for Windows 10

Audio Equalization is a technique for adjusting the balance between audible frequency components. The term “equaliser” originally referred to a large number of heavy devices used for equalisation. Despite having a built-in volume mixer, Windows 10 does not provide the optimal music listening experience. Choose an audio equalisation for your Windows 10 device to alter audio frequencies and apply complex effects.

The finest sound equalisers for Windows 10 that promise amazing surround sound will be covered in this post. These tools are simple to use, can easily boost the treble and bass, and significantly enhance the sound quality of your device.

10 Best Sound Equalizers for Windows 10

1. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is the first thing we advise. You won’t find a more capable, fully functional, and free sound equalisation anywhere. If your audio employs APIs like ASIO or WASAPI, the programme won’t function because it is an Audio Processing Object (APO).

Having an infinite number of filters, supporting many channels, 3D surround sound, and using very little CPU power are some of Equalizer APO’s main features. Additionally, you can make different profiles (say for your headphones and external speakers) and quickly switch between them.

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2. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows is the next sound equaliser on our list of the best and most effective ones for Windows 10. This open-source utility has several audio effects built in, including equaliser, reverb, convolver, compressor, surround, and many more. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Vista. It is the Best Sound Equalizers for Windows 10.

3. Adobe Audition

With the use of Adobe Audition, you may easily change your voice. It makes it easier to smoothly alter a sound’s pitch. With the help of this voice changer programme, you can easily adjust your voice.

4. Equalizer Pro

Its clear and uncluttered UI makes it more user-friendly than Equalizer APO.

Yet another popular option is Equalizer Pro. Its clear and uncluttered UI makes it more user-friendly than Equalizer APO.

A 10-band equaliser is available in the app. That is less than some of the other sound equalisers on this list and far fewer than the 30 or more offered by professional music equipment. For anyone but the most ardent audiophiles, it is more than sufficient. 20 presets, a system-wide bass boost feature, and the option to save custom equalisation profiles are all included with Equalizer Pro.

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5. Boom 3D

There is no better option than Boom 3D if you’re seeking a 3D sound surround that is in a class of its own. The tool has amazing features and can effortlessly cancel out the sound from your headphones, audio equipment, media player, etc. It is the Best Sound Equalizers for Windows 10.

6. EarTrumpet

A sophisticated volume control tool for Windows called EarTrumpet is free to use. Moving apps across different playback devices are supported by this tool. It also gives volumes for both old and new apps.

7. Bongiovi DPS

Digital Power Station (DPS) technology is used by Bongiovi to enhance the audio of your music, games, apps, and videos. It is available for both Windows and Mac and corrects and optimises sound in real time.

The cost of the app’s membership is $4.99 per month. For the fee, you receive access to the virtual sub-woofer for deep bass, system-wide DPS audio processing, immersive headphone audio, and the opportunity to create hundreds of unique sound profiles with band settings that suit your preferences. Additionally, the software provides sound visualisation, treble, and bass.

8. VoiceMeeter Banana

VoiceMeeter Banana is a cutting-edge audio equalisation with a wealth of features.

For Windows 10, VoiceMeeter Banana is a cutting-edge audio equalisation with a wealth of features. Its standout feature is the audio mixer tool, which provides you with the ability to manipulate all aspects of your audio files, including input and output. It is the Best Sound Equalizers for Windows 10.

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9. FL Studio

Strong equalisation tools are available in FL Studio, including I Fruity Parametric, Morphing Graphic Equalizer, Parametric, and Linear, among others. Numerous features, including audio sends, sophisticated automation, effects chains, sidechain control, plugin delay compensation, and many more, are included.

10. FXSound

An FXSound app is a two-in-one tool. Real-time audio processing is available, along with the equaliser (and its related effects).

Let’s start by taking a look at the equaliser. It has 10 bands, ranging in frequency from 110Hz to 15KHz. Additionally, there are programmable sliders for surround sound, dynamic boost, fidelity (to lessen the muffled sound in compressed audio), ambience (to give additional stereo depth), and bass boost. Rap, Alternative Rock, Dialog Boost, Country, Techno, and a plethora of other genres are among the preset profiles.