Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools
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10 Free Keyword Research Tools 

Difficulty in finding keywords to target at affordable prices??? Google Keyword planner can be of great use for this. You can enter any keyword and get a lot of suggestions. Here are the 10 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

Here are some free keyword tools, you can go with


It basically shows the popularity of the keyword over time.

But how this is useful???

If you have a startup, it helps you to plan content. Suppose you sell costumes online. For example, you sell costumes online. Publishing a list of “10 Scariest Halloween costumes”. For a particular month makes a sense. Free Keyword Research Tools

If you are doing it for apple, you must know the words which are trending or most searched by people. So if you are running an e-commerce site then you had to prioritize any of the keywords that are most used. Free Keyword Research Tools

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It finds up to more than 100 ideas for any keyword. Let’s take an example of bitcoin, we get 150 keywords related to it.

For the first 10 keywords, we try to show keyword difficulty that is the KD score. This is the number between 1-100  that ranks its difficulty.

It is also useful for finding keywords for sites such as Bing, Amazon, Youtube. You just have to switch at the top.




It presents you thousand of autocomplete suggestions from Google. You just have to enter one or more seed keywords to get started and click “seed keywords”.

This is a good tool if you want to generate a lot of keywords ideas fast. It extracts around ideas per minute, you can export it easily.

It is quite basic to use. It’s quite different from Keyword Planner as it does not group keywords nor search volume data and trends data. But it has one noteworthy feature: positive and negative filter.

Negative filters such as they do opposites and it excludes queries.



It finds questions, prepositions, comparisons, etc. Okay .. Let’s see it step by step. We can take an example of word protein powder. You will see a series of questions which contains What, Why, Where

For Example: How protein powder made?

When does protein powder expire?



It is a free chrome extension that represents estimated global and monthly search volumes for the query typed. Free Keyword Research Tools

It shows local search volumes which estimated through 19 international countries like Brazil, Canada, Germany, etc.

There’s also an option of a switch on and off.

It is the total searches already existed in the database around the globe.

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It is a unique tool that extracts ideas from Reddit. It is a fantastic tool from the person who knows little or nothing. It tells you in the language described.

Let’s understand through an example :

We enter the word “red yeast rice”

We get the following statements ;

Red yeast rice benefits.

Does red yeast rice thin the blood etc



It helps you to track the performance of your website in an organic manner. It shows a lot of data that existed already.

It also ranks the people for better use.



It shows the most asked questions by the people about that particular topic.  The question was sorted on the basis of frequently asked, but u can sort it into the basis of the topic. It is a useful feature as it groups the question.

Let us understand it through the example of “protein powder”

It helps you for writing the blog, helps to understand the types of questions frequently asked.



It is basically a keyword research tool for local SEO. You just had to choose the business type in a drop-down list

You will see this kind of follow list

Most of the services available are mention there.



We all are familiar with this search engine. It is considered as the most amazing keyword research tool in the world. It has a feature of generating almost millions of keywords ideas. If you notice  It also shows people also search for that is the most frequently asked question. Free Keyword Research Tools

You will get a lot of questions that have been asked by the people. Free Keyword Research Tools

Google understands you just like your best friend does your interest, your searches, etc.

Google can be the most reliable source. Free Keyword Research Tools

When we talk about we should prioritize paid or unpaid tools, As per my thoughts first, you should go with unpaid yet it might be time-consuming but time is money. At the beginning you can go unpaid then you can try paid-for more accuracy and to keep up with the competition.