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13 Best Online Survey Sites That Pay You Well

Did you ever imagine that you can earn huge amounts of money only by taking up some online surveys that pay you ? Read below the Best Online Survey Sites.

But if you are someone who knows little about paid surveys yet but would love to explore more, then let us also tell you that paid surveys is the latest trend which is getting all the attention these days.

Hear more…..there are a huge number of websites which offer paid online surveys for earning some good money. Among those sites there are some which are bigger than others.

To find which sites are honest and also paying good and which don’t, we have done our research to give you the names of these great paid online survey sites with a lot more information.

Our Process of Rating the Best Online Survey Sites Which How to start working from home and make online money now h Pay You Well

  By thoroughly studying huge number of sites that give you opportunities to earn, we did complete research and got for you greatest among all of them. Our criteria for this selection was :

1. Stability of the Site : Digging deep into huge number of sketchy sites, we gave our trust and belief only to those which have been here since long and the ones that have been stable too.

2. Opportunities Galore : Do not waste time by registering on sites that offer slim pickings as we only give you the names of sites that have huge number of paid survey opportunities for you.

3. Income Capability : When you spend the most important thing in your life : time, you deserve to get paid well for it. That is why the sites on our list are the best paying survey sites.

1. Swagbucks

Sign Up ;  Free $10 bonus just for signing up. 

Swagbucks and MyPoints are run by the same organisation.

When you take up a survey the site offers you SB’s or “Swagbucks”. After you have collected those SB’s you can convert them easily into gift cards, cash or PayPal deposit.

This paid online survey site which has been in the business from over 12 yrs has been given A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

But not only surveys Swagbucks lets you earn by other different ways as well :

Cash back program for online shopping : this includes the $10 bonus

Get paid for searching the web : this includes the $10 bonus

Watching Videos : this includes the $10 bonus

Tips from us : make use of their internet search tool which isn’t a search engine as Swagbucks are looking for what people generally search for. In your free time watch videos on the site and take part in some paid surveys every day which helps in earning cash or gift cards much faster.

How to use the one percent saving strategy?

Read our full Swagbucks review here.

2. InboxDollars

Sign Up : Free $5 bonus just for signing up. 

2 great benefits according to us for signing up with InboxDollars were : cash and ease of use.

Signing up on the website is like breathing. Go on the page where it reads a free $5 signup bonus, enter your email and you are good to go ! Just like we did ! After doing this answer questions which are too basic, related to things like your education, race and questions related to health and your income. How to use the one percent saving strategy?

After getting done with the questions and have watched few of their tutorial videos showing you how InboxDollars works, we had $5 in our account. Sounds Cool !!

One very important advantage of this site is that works only on cash system which means less botheration of points conversion to cash or gift cards.

Although you won’t get huge cash for taking up surveys, yet you should feel delighted for answering some simple questions and making money for doing stuff like you always do : which is surfing the web !!

You can Sign up for InboxDollars here.

3. Survey Junkie

You can Register for Survey Junkie here.

The best thing we found about Survey Junkie was the site’s straightforward platform. It is extremely swift and you can earn some good money asap.

It is an amazing site to make money from paid surveys although they inform users that they will not get rich by taking up online surveys.

Similar to Swagbucks even Survey Junkie works on a points system which can be converted into cash easily.

After reaching 1,000 points equivalent to $10 you can opt for cash out.

The surveys on this site are fairly easy according to us and we weren’t ever forced for signing up or for buying anything for successful completion of a survey.

Following are the ways to take up Survey Junkie paid online surveys :

• Create an account , you can use your Facebook account for sign up

• Browse through the categories.

• Now select a survey which you like, go ahead and finish it up.

• After successful completion of the survey, get the cash/points added smoothly into your account.

• You can take up any number of paid surveys as you like.

• Go for a cash out through PayPal after reaching $10

4. MyPoints

Sign Up : Get $5 after taking 5 surveys

Being one of the top players in the world of online survey space, MyPoints which is around since 1996, has paid almost $236 million to the registered 10 million members.

Apart from the surveys MyPoints also lets its members get some good rewards for video watching and playing games.

5. Vindale Research

Register: Get a $1 signup bonus when you sign up here.

Vindale Research the New York based company been here since 12 years.

An attractive feature about this site, Vindale Research  is only cash transactions and no points system.

Yet, for us the most attractive feature is : they give you more money per survey than all the other sites. You get $0.25 and $50 per survey on Vindale.

And not only paid surveys there are other wats too to get money on Vindale.

Read our full Vindale Review here.

6. Survey Club

Register for Survey Club here. 

Survey Club acts like an agent for other paid online survey sites. So after registering on Survey Club, it gives you access to an entire directory of surveys.

The payout on this site is little low.

Make sure which email you use for registering as it will put you on many mailing lists.

But you get a lot under one roof on this site, as it gives information of a whole online paid survey sites to go for, which definitely deserves an applause from us !!

7. Earning Station

Although Earning Station now stands closed, yet you can sign up on their partner site, Opinion Outpost, which lets you take up paid online surveys.

Owned by Massfinity, Earning Station the very easy and convenient survey site outsources market research which is paid.

Earning Station works on points also known as “Station Dollars” which are earned by completing different tasks apart from taking up online surveys which can be further turned into gift cards from Amazon, Walmart or to PayPal cash.

The site is extremely seamless, which lets you earn money by taking up paid online surveys, playing games, etc.

8. VIP Voice

Register for VIP Voice here.   

VIP Voice works some what different than the other online survey sites which we have mentioned.

The site offers you points known as “VIP Points”, but they cannot be turned to gift cards or cash.

So the members have the chance to enter into sweepstakes which are called  SweepLand and there are auctions which are called “BidLand” through the points.

The prizes which can be won are cash or electronics, vacation packages apart from others.

The site offers a huge twelve million paid online survey number in an year.

9. OneOpinion

Register for OneOpinion here. 

OneOpinion is a completely free sign up which takes only a minute from your time and just like many other survey sites even OneOpinion works on points.  Here every thousand points earned are equal to $1, and once you touch the  25,000 points figure you can opt for cash out through gift card or PayPal cash.

But one attractive feature of OneOpinion that caught our eyes is that they also do product testing which means being their panel member you can conduct paid market research and also test some brand new products even before they release while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Not only the above mentioned ones we have some sites that deserve our honourable mentions too :

10. Pinecone Research

11. LifePoints

12. Panda Research

13. MySoapBox

FAQ related to paid online surveys

Is it really possible to make money by taking up surveys online ?

Yes, of course. The big brands out there offer paid surveys to people in order to obtain a sneak peek into the mind of the average consumer. After you take up a survey as a consumer the companies can do changes to their products depending on the needs of the consumer who is the king.

This proves your worth to them for which they’re ready to pay. Your valuable opinion matters a lot these companies.

What are the different types of survey questions which you are expected to answer ?

Depending on the importance of data, you would be asked a variety of questions to help the company make their products better !

Survey questions can be based upon your habits of television viewing, they can be related to your favourite places to eat, which material you prefer in your clothing, etc.

Suppose the company is dealing with Coffee business then the questions you will face would be :

• Are you a coffee lover ?

• Where do you like to drink coffee ; at home or at a coffee shop ?

• Are you Starbucks Rewards card holder ?

• In case you are, what new features would you like to see with the existing Rewards Program ?

How do the online survey sites pay you ?

After you are done reading the description of the paid online survey sites mentioned by us, you get to know that there are 3 ways you can get paid by the online paid survey sites :

Cash : you get paid through PayPal or by check

Points : these can be redeemed for gift cards or prizes.

Sweepstakes : you can use your points to enter into giveaways of cash and prize.

How much will you earn by taking up online surveys ?

Like we said earlier, don’t expect to get rich by taking up online surveys as the factors which affect your earning ability by taking up online paid surveys are : How to live below your means of standard?

• Number of surveys you take

• How consistent you are in taking up online surveys ?

• Your ability to be eligible for higher paying surveys

Almost all surveys take less than 10-15 minutes and give you a payment between $0.50 and $5, while many sites are even offering upto $200 in their high paying surveys.

Our suggestion to you in order to earn more is take up more and more surveys by signing up on different survey sites but remember that they should be honest.