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15 Best Historical Turkish Series to Watch in 2022

You can’t miss any of the Turkish television series that are on. Turkish television shows have successfully won over movie fans. The “Magnificent Century” mania that started it all gave way to a genuine affection for all the Turkish innovations by the time it was all said and done. You won’t find such a concentration of attractive stars anywhere else, making it noteworthy both in terms of cast and crisp substance.

15 Best Historical Turkish Series to Watch in 2022

Over the years, Turkey has created a large number of series. Some of them have gained enormous popularity, to the point where they have been broadcast on both national and Netflix television. Due to their availability on these streaming services, these Turkish series are currently some of the most popular shows in the globe.

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15 Best Historical Turkish Series to Watch in 2022

1. The Gift

The story takes place in Göbekli Tepe, an ancient site in Anatolia, Turkey, where standing stones that are 11,000 years old were found. The mystery that has enveloped the region ever since the building started is exploited in the play. 

The narrative centers on a young painter from Istanbul who has used the same mysterious symbol in all of her works since she was a small girl. Everything changes for her when she finds out that the symbol was discovered at a location in Göbekli Tepe. She has started a perilous journey to discover the truth about her past.

2. The Innocent

This Turkish mystery series from Netflix may appeal to viewers who favour dark mysteries based in little towns that look ideal, such as Broadchurch and Stranger Things.

A local former police officer and his family are the targets of a frightening murder investigation on the episode, which involves a homicide detective. So, as he explores the site further, he discovers the horrible past that had been kept secret from the public. This drama promises intrigue, a murder mystery, and perhaps even a little bit of dread.

3. Green Valley Girl

A heartwarming tale of a brother and sister who live apart from the rest of the family on a family estate. However, the agency made a mistake, and now a girl is standing at their door.

The protagonist matures and experiences a terrible existence that she was unaware of before. You can immediately tune in for numerous seasons given the magnitude of the plot.

4. Flight of the Bird

The Turkish series on Netflix will be devoted to the network’s employees and their secret lives of intrigue, romance, and personal sorrow. All past wrongs must be forgotten, though, as the characters are pursuing a common foe. The writers promise not only a romantic tale but also one with a profound moral, as the battle between generations will be the key plot point.

5. If the King Loses

the hero's life is turned upside down when a mysterious female suddenly enters it.

In this dramatic version of Yulseren Budayciolu’s book, Kenan, a confident man, will be the main character. He consistently gets the money, the job, and the ladies he desires. Or, more accurately, almost everything: the hero’s life is turned upside down when a mysterious female suddenly enters it.

6. Three Sisters

The first few episodes of the series have already been made available, and people have loved them. The three sisters Turkan, Derye, and Donuche are at the centre of the narrative. They enjoyed a happy and prosperous childhood by the sea. There is one “but,” though: because the father shielded the children so much, they were totally unprepared for life in the outside world. Additionally, he is known to be violent, painful, and deflating.

7. Intersection

The main character of Intersection, Ali Karasu, is a former racing driver who inherits his father’s prosperous business while simultaneously pursuing other objectives. His intentions are drastically altered when his best friend’s life is saved by a lovely doctor who also happens to be caring for his son and whom he had never met before.

8. 50m2

I was pleasantly surprised by the 50m2. It initially seems to be another story about a “too cool for school” hitman completing tasks for a powerful mob lord. The premise is based on the Jason Bourne archetype, in which the main character is unaware of his true identity and family history.

9. The Awakening

The serialised version of Namik Kemal’s book, one of Turkey’s most well-known authors, promises to be as as successful as the original. The heir of a wealthy family in the nineteenth century wanted to marry a lowly courtesan, but his parents forbade it. As his girlfriend gets ready to exact revenge, the protagonist finds comfort with other women.

10. Modern Woman

Turkish series’ final entry is titled Modern Woman. Pynar is a Pynar who loves her career. She is totally preoccupied with her profession and is mainly concerned about the fact that she is childless. The narrative of her begins here.

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11. Gonul

In Gonul, the main character overcome adversity in her early years to become a reputable nurse and fall in love with a well-known surgeon. After experiencing the same tragedy, they become fast friends.

12. Magnificent Century: Kösem

Here is one of the best historical Turkish drama series for fans of palace intrigue, political drama, and harem stories. Anastasia is central to the story. a young Greek woman who has been abducted and sold into slavery in Sultan Ahmed I’s harem. She makes the decision to adopt the name “Kosem” once she assumes leadership.

13. Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean

Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean on You tube

The 16th-century Ottoman admiral “Barbaros” Hayreddin Pasha, often known as “King of the Sea,” is the subject of this Turkish historical drama series. When you watch it, it feels as though you are joining the characters on their mission to discover the holy secret while fending off their foes across the Ottoman Empire.

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14. Destan

This Turkish drama’s events take place in the eighth century before Turkey embraced Islam. The story is made up and does not accurately reflect historical truth. So, it’s just an epic tale of love between a mountain warrior girl and a prince who is crippled. Alpagu Khan, who is her father’s son, killed her father, leaving her an orphan. Follow their quest for vengeance.

15. Çalikusu

This historical drama from Turkey is based on the same-named classic book. You will be drawn into the love tale of a stuffier, harder-on-the-outside female and a passionate, kind man while watching it. She is an orphan who has to go to boarding school while spending the holidays with her aunt. She falls in love with her elder cousin during one of these breaks. Their affection for one another becomes stronger with time.