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How to earn money from Facebook? Do you know there are many ways to earn money from Facebook. You can earn money from a Facebook page, Facebook likes & ads & even with your profile.

Today, Facebook has more than 1.18 billion active users. With services like messenger, live feed, location check ins, videos, Facebook stories and marketplace, Facebook has something for everyone. Everyone from young kids to senior citizens actively participate in these features every day. Some are here for gaming, some for passing time while some are here to promote their business. Either way, the users keep on increasing as more and more features are added every day. Its rising popularity is a great source of income for many influencers and even the ordinary Facebook users.

So if you are popular on Facebook, and even if you not, and looking to earn some money through your regular posting, there are many things you can do, from using the extremely popular marketplace feature to creating sponsored posts. Here are some ideas that can help you get started – 5 Best Easy Ways to Earn Money from Facebook Make money work from home

Find your niche, post engaging content and attract traffic 

If you want to cash in on Facebook and its features, you need engagement on your Facebook. Most brands will only offer sponsorship to those users that have more than ten or fifty thousand followers. So in order to get these money earning benefits, first, you need to get a large following.

You can do this in added many ways but the most organic way is to find your niche, post quality content and generate a loyal following. You can find your niche by paying attention to what excites you and what the audience wants to hear. Once you figure out the sweet spot between interest and engagement, you can post content that is creative, attractive, high in quality and something that has the potential to persuade people to follow you or engage with your posts. Sometimes you get paid according to the impressions on your page so it is very important to ensure the readers on your page engage with your content.

If you notice you do not have enough engagement, you need to post something that is more interesting to the audience or try presenting it in a way that can hold people’s attention long enough to keep coming back to your page. how-to-earn-money-from-instagram-5-ways-to-start-today/

Selling on Facebook Market Place 

Facebook marketplace is a popular buzzing community of active buyers and sellers. Here you can advertise your products and find millions of people willing to buy it. You can create attractive banners and post them on your story, social groups, marketplace listings and anywhere else where people can find it.

You can customise the listing and add details like price, colours, size, shipping, etc. This makes it easier for the potential customers to browse through the products and make a decision easily and quickly. On the Facebook marketplace, with the right products and the right advertising techniques, you can generate hundreds or even thousands of bills per month.

Sponsored Products 

If you have a huge following, brands with sponsorship program will pay you to post pictures, reviews or positive reviews about their products. This usually takes less than ten minutes and can generate a huge amount of cash depending on the number of your followers, their respective engagement and the impression received on these ads or products.

You can partner up with big brands that pay you hundreds of dollars for a single post. Some brands work on a monthly basis – you have to post twice every week for a month and they pay you per post or by the number of impressions received. 15 Budget Tips to follow your Money the Right Way

Sell likes, comments or followers

Everyone wants to be famous. Some want it so badly that they are willing to pay for it. You can cash in on this need by selling likes, comments and follows. If you have a few spare minutes in a day, all you have to do is generate some email accounts and like, comment and follow on their pages according to the agreement. You can even ask your patrons and family to help you out by liking or commenting on their pages.

This is pretty simple and does not take much time. If you do this regularly and honestly, you can generate a sufficient amount of money by doing this just for a few minutes in a day.