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5 Best Free Invitation Maker Apps for Android Smartphones

Maybe a lot of you have become tired of traditional invitation card design techniques for birthdays, weddings, or parties or are unwilling to pay for the cost of invitation card design and printing. Many of you do want to use contemporary paperless methods to extend invitations. Yes, it’s possible that many of our readers are currently using or considering using digital invitation cards, but you still need to be aware of the top free apps for making invitation cards.

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Undoubtedly, a lot of individuals are still hesitant to use technology, so they employ graphic design firms or specialists to make their digital invitation cards. However, we will share various affordable or even free apps with our readers in this article so they may create interesting invitation cards. Yes, you can design your own online invitation card. Therefore, the free invitation card creation applications listed below will be quite helpful if you use an Android device.

Best Free Invitation Maker Apps for Android Smartphones

1. Evite  —  Trusted Invitation Maker

An excellent invitation creation software for Android users is Evite, where you can create your cards using a variety of cutting-edge features. You can create cards using its website, but you can also use it if you have an Android device. You can get it for free from the Google Play Store. You may get professional card themes as well as outdoor activities, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and party layouts here.

In summary, Evite is doing its best to foster positive connections between people by sharing happy and significant occasions, in keeping with its slogan of “bringing people together.” Making an invitation card for your unique event from Evite should be a fun experience.

2. CANVA: graphic design, poster, banner, and card making

CANVA: graphic design, poster, banner, and card making

Although the tool is most frequently used to create web-based media designs, you can also use it to create wedding invitations. Wedding invitation requests are made, but the application also provides suggestions for other occasions, such as a pre-wedding party, engagement, child shower, and so on.

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You can change any element, just like you can with Canva’s various designs. So, after choosing a strategy, you can alter it to fit the situation. The nice aspect is that you can also integrate new components. It’s odd that the programme allows you to add pages and create different graphics one after the other. The software saves your projects since you need to keep a record. They are accessible at several phases as well.


An easy-to-use programme with a clear user interface is called Invitation Maker. Using this programme, you can make cards in addition to invitations. It allows you to make invites and cards for any occasion, not just weddings.

The pre-written text on the invites can be changed to suit your needs. You may also embellish the invitation with additional text and stickers. You can utilise the search option because the app has a wide variety of themes. The only thing that is missing is the option to add custom photos.

4. Purple Trail  —  The Best Invitation Maker App

The Purple Trail invitation builder software won't let you down in any situation.

The Purple Trail invitation builder software won’t let you down in any situation, whether you want to design guest books with wonderful phrases for your special occasion or want to generate an encouraging study invitation card for your pupils. One of the brightest templates with a good selection of photos may be found here.

Although Purple Trail offers a majority of its templates and image stock for free, a premium membership will provide you access to more sophisticated capabilities. Similar to our other recommendations, this app also has an online version, and both the web version and the app make it simple to create invitation cards.

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Greeting Maker is a straightforward programme with a flawless UI. Using this application, you may create cards in addition to welcomes. You may create invitations and cards for each function; it’s not just for the wedding yet.

The preloaded text in the solicitations can be changed to suit your needs. Additionally, you are permitted to adorn the welcome with new information and stickers. The application’s search feature can be used because it offers a wide range of themes. The ability to add one’s own photos is the primary element that is lacking in this.