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Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog

How to earn money from blogging? Discover how to Make Money Online with Your Blog in your spare time. Earn an extra $1000+ every month on the side, starting from scratch.

In this age of Information Technology, the Internet rules the world. Everything from shopping to dating is being done online these days. Almost everyone on the internet is buying or selling something. And how do they do it?

Through websites and blogs.

But how exactly do you sell a blog?

It is called monetising your blog. You can do this through external sponsorers or internal links. Here are some in-depth instructions on how to monetise your blog easily and quickly. 6 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog in 2020 How to sell photo online

External Advertising 

Companies are always looking out to promote their products via popular influencers. The easiest way to gain a wider reach for their products is to publish it on a site which has a massive audience reach. This is why they approach bloggers with massive following and readership.

If you create great content that attracts and engages more than a thousand readers, you can get paid by these companies to display their ads on your page.

Some companies will offer payment based on pay per click while others opt for paying the duration of time for which the ad was displayed.

Either way, if your blog gets regular interactive traffic, you can easily generate a huge amount of money simply by creating engaging content and displaying some ads here and there.

Through Sponsored Products

Similar to the above point, some companies that specialise in selling certain goods and services might send you a free example in exchange for a review on your popular social media page or they might pay you to talk or write about their products / services on your page.

This way, their products are automatically advertised to a wide range of potential customers and you benefit by getting freebies and / or money just for talking or writing about a product.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways to completely generate a huge amount of money is through affiliate marketing. Lately, almost every blogger is selling affiliate products because it’s easy and pays quite well. How to invest better in life?

How to do that?

To sell affiliate goods, first, you need to be a part of affiliate programs. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart have special programs for those interested in becoming their affiliate marketers.

Once you are added approved as an associate, you can generate customised links through which the readers on your page can buy the products you have linked to on your page. For every product sold you get a commission from the original company. Some affiliate sites offer commission up to 30% or 40% which is really huge as compared to other ways of generating revenue by blogfging.

Create and sell your own products 

If you are not a fan of selling someone else’s good through affiliate sites, you can create and sell your own products. Especially if you are creative, you can sell your own paintings or crafts. You can try creating attractive and unique goods that will attract and persuade your readers to make a purchase.

You can also take personalised orders for drawings or crafts at a fixed or a negotiable price. This will give the clients the freedom to choose what they want and what they are willing to pay for it.

Selling Services 

If you think neither affiliate marketing or selling your own goods will work for you, you can go for selling services. Currently, freelancers are in a great demand all over the world. If you are good at something like writing technical content or graphic designing, you can create a blog around this topic and offer these services to the reader for a particular price per hour. If done efficiently with a huge traffic, you can generate more than 100$ per month. You can also try registering on freelance sites and offer your blog as a sample of the skills that you wish to sell.  Best Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog in 2020. How to Make Money With Pinterest

Blogging is trending right now and there are millions of blogger / influencers who are thriving with their content creation business. If you can create quality content regularly and attract large amounts of web traffic, you can earn thousands of dollars with one or all the methods mentioned above. Although it is important to keep in mind that your content should come secondary to the ads and marketing. Because if that happens, the readers lose interest and you lose potential customers.