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7 tips for improving your aim in Valorant

In Riot Games’ team-based, tactical shooter Valorant, the cast of characters has a variety of abilities to one-up the opposition, but in the end, it’s your aim and game sense that will get you through the majority of situations. Although the game heavily relies on hero powers, you’ll find that Valorant is more similar to Counterstrike: Global Offensive than it is to other hero-based shooters like Overwatch. Therefore, if you’ve been having trouble navigating Bind’s tight chokes or Haven’s late-round C long push, this guide will enable you to be the one sending opponents to the sidelines.

7 tips for improving your aim in Valorant

1. Movement

When your crosshair is dynamic, the movement goes hand in hand with it since it enables appropriate positioning that gives you the upper hand over the opposition. This is intensified in the case of Valorant, particularly with operators that have dashes like Jett, who can launch herself into the air for a cunning killer. To completely maximise your acquaintance with the game and its operators, we strongly advise getting to know at least two characters.

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2. Practice

As the saying goes, you need 10,000 hours of practice before you become an expert in anything. Although ten thousand could be a little… Excessive? Before you line up, you ought to be dropping into the range, working on your “flick” tracking and aiming, or familiarising yourself with Valorant’s selection of weaponry.

You wish to choose the operator. Get used to it, but go ahead, it’s OP. As your econ shrivels and your alternatives start to run out, you’ll benefit from understanding the ranges, spreads, and strengths of each weapon and choosing what you’re comfortable with. Take caution not to exhaust yourself by spending too much time at the range, though. You can begin gradually, but thirty-minute sessions with consistency will show results.

3. Stop Crouching All The Time

Stop Crouching All The Time

First off, sometimes crouching is a good idea when shooting, especially when facing opponents who know how to pre-aim as described in tip #3. However, when facing inferior opponents who do not aim for the head, crouching only makes it easier for the adversaries to score headshots because they were aiming for your body.

When you’re engaged in a prolonged spray battle and you don’t manage to score a kill in the first few shots, crouching will allow you to fire more precisely. Otherwise, many players just have a poor tendency of crouching right away.

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4. Flicking

The nature of the game—full of satchel jumps, dashes, and teleports—means that foes occasionally appear where you least expect them to. For this reason, flicking is crucial. The amount of muscle memory and reaction time needed for flicking can only be increased via repetition. Try OSU, a musical-beat clicker game, if you want a fun and creative method to enhance your movies. Playing this improves your flicking and response time.

5. From the hip

In most shooters, firing from the hip isn’t the ideal course of action. Scoping out, on the other hand, ought to be your go-to technique for clearing corners in Valorant if you’ve been keeping your feet still as you shoot and have a trustworthy crosshair. Your accuracy improves as you aim down the sight, but your rate of fire is slower. Keeping oneself scoped out provides you with a better field of view and a higher firing rate for when you find more than just a Sage around the corner. It is ideal for range, but in close quarters where one shot may be all you need.

6. Understand when to spray and when to reset

Understand when to spray and when to reset

In essence, you have two options when you start spraying and the guy just isn’t dying: either regulate your spray or stop firing to reset the spray and hope you survive. Sprays have an RNG component, so they aren’t entirely within your control, but you can try to use them to your advantage.

It usually relies on the range and the amount of damage you’ve done before you decide whether to keep spraying or try to reset. If the adversary is near to passing out due to your damage or damage from your teammates before you, it’s recommended to try to reset the battle if it’s a truly long-range battle. This will also require practice and experience; eventually, you’ll just know when to stop spraying altogether, just like our Valorant boosting team.

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7. Stuttering or strafing

Have you ever played a game where your opponent quickly looked around a corner and simply dome you? That, my friend, is your jiggle peek, which needed a technique known as counter strafing. The skill of counter-strafing involves moving swiftly against your original direction. This can be easily explained by pressing “D” without any delay after holding “A.” As a result, your crosshair can reset rapidly, giving players a small window for a precise shot. Although this technique is challenging to perfect, when used effectively, your opponent will start calling you hackers.