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9 tips to perfect your working from home morning routine

Working from home has numerous advantages over working in an office when it comes to morning routine hacks. One of the ways remote employees save time and lessen their daily stress is by not having to bother about choosing different work-appropriate clothing each day and by foregoing a long drive. Here are nine suggestions for streamlining your morning routine when working from home.

9 tips to perfect your working from home morning routine

1. Don’t get online right away

You must draw lines between your personal and professional lives.
Avoid opening your computer as soon as you get up. Your email and Slack messages can wait until you’re ready to start working unless they’re important.
Try to limit the amount of time you spend idly looking around social media.

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2. Consume some water

Consume some water

Make sure you drink some water first before you start drinking coffee. Drinking water in the morning will prevent weariness later in the day. It allows you to “front load” your water intake for the day and guarantees that you are also drinking plenty.

3. Create a special work area

Setting up a dedicated maker space at home is essential. This has nothing to do with having a posh office complete with a leather chair, two monitors, and a huge presentation screen. It all comes down to creating a welcoming workplace where magic can happen. To distinguish between “work” and “not work,” it is preferable to maintain this place apart from your living space. If at all possible, locate a quiet area away from other people, the TV, and accessible snacks.

Before you begin working, gather all of your necessary tools in one location, including chargers, pens, paper, and headphones. If at all feasible, close the door. Make sure you have a designated maker, even in a small or shared environment where you can get comfortable.

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4. ExerciseExercise

This is nothing new. We are all aware of how crucial daily exercise is. So start moving and release some endorphins! Take a stroll, practise some gentle yoga, visit the gym, or enrol in an online class. It really comes down to personal preference, but try to change things up whenever you can to avoid getting bored or comfortable.

5. Set objectives

Write out your objectives for the day in a sitting before you start working. What do you hope to achieve? How would you like to feel? Anything you wish to stay away from? Write out your objectives, whatever they may be. Place the paper there so that you can easily see it as you go about your workday. This will keep you focused on your goals and in the appropriate frame of mind even when things get challenging.

7. Prioritise tasks that cause the most anxiety

Every to-do list typically has a few items that keep getting put off. Nothing makes us more anxious than the list of people waiting in the wings. What have I not done recently that is causing me to feel frustrated right now, ask yourself. Identify the underlying cause and immediately finish those time-consuming chores. This is a motivational factor that is sadly undervalued.

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8. Cut down on screen time and other distractions

Make sure you don’t let distractions like social media and push notifications take control of you if you want to achieve the achievable goals you set for the day. During your productive hours, block incoming messages and notifications, or use an app like Opal to entirely restrict app access on your phone. You can use the “SMART” strategy to reduce your screen time. This means that your screen goals must be precise, measurable, doable, pertinent, and time-limited.

9. Make time for breaks

Set aside time for yourself to take breaks throughout the day. Choose a time to have your lunch or take a brief break from your computer to go outside. Recall that breaks cannot be negotiated. They assist you in maintaining focus, increasing your output, and being more creative.