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Latest Dialer App for Android

The stock dialer for Android devices is definitely reliable, but there may be more to be needed when looking for a phone dialer app to customize the Android user experience. Here I have compiled a list of the best dialer apps for Android according to their additional additional features and user experience so that you are in the right place.

Android’s default dialer app looks great, but many people hate these default Android dialers. Thanks to Android, you can replace the standard dialer app with one of the following apps and enjoy fresh and innovative features. The Play Store has many apps to help you manage your contacts and personalize your Android dialer. The Dialer app allows you to customize the calling experience on your Android phone. So we have put together a collection of the best dialer apps for Android from the Play Store.

There are many dialer apps in the Play store. But the question is which one is best for your Android device. Below is a list of the best dialer apps for Android from the Play Store, after reviewing the look, user experience, and additional features of each app. Let’s take a look. Let’s choose one to replace the default dialer.

1) Contact+

Contact + is a great alternative to OEM-based dialers. It’s the best dialer and contacts app for Android, with great features like contact management, merging, duplicate search and more. You can also customize how your contact list and call logs are displayed in the most user-friendly way possible. It can also be used as a platform to connect with friends and others.


Protect your saved contacts with encryption etc.

Built-in caller ID, call blocking, and call blocking engine.

Tight integration with apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Messenger and Duo.

Android Wear customization and support.

2) Truecaller: Caller ID and Dialer

Truecaller: Dialer and Caller ID are probably both dialers and calling apps, as you know. The best app for organizing details. It is even more convenient because you can see who called from the call screen and call history. You can also make some changes to the call screen to make all the information and controls available. It’s easy to set up. This is the best Android dialer app in this feature rich category.


You can also block spam and telemarketing calls.

See Call History for number details, such as when the call came in.

Both individual and series-based calls are prohibited.

Dual SIM and theme support

3) ZenUI Dialer

As you can see, ZenUI dialer is made by ASUS. This is the standard dialer for ASUS devices. If you’re looking for a simple yet productive alternative to your Android dialer, this is a great option. Dialers make it easy to organize your contact list and call logs. The user interface is compatible with virtually all skins, regardless of brand or user interface.


Built-in features block unwanted calls

Call history and contact list password protection.

You can take advantage of contact management features such as merging and duplicating results.

You can choose from a variety of themes or design your own.

4) Simpler Dialer

Simpler Dialer does exactly what is written on the can. This is a very simple Android dialer app known for its tab structure and other useful features. The user interface is the best feature of the app. It has almost all the features you would expect from a dialer app. If you’re looking for the best phone app for Android with all the features you need, Simple Dialer is the best option.


Call Blocking and Groups SMS

Impressive contact management, merge and sync, duplicate search and other features.

Online and offline contact backup

Smart T9 dialer, smart cleanup option.

5) Dialer+

Dialer+ is one of the other great dialer apps for Android with many features. No special privileges are required. However, you need to have Kontakt plus installed to use it. Dialer plus includes a spam call and SMS filter module to help block unwanted spam calls and personal numbers.

Dialer + displays photos of Facebook and Google+ contacts. Navigating is very easy and has a clean and modern user interface.

6) Drupe

Drupe is an alternative to the traditional Android dialer app. It works fine. You can use it in many languages, and it has many features. Drupe’s design is simple. The dialer app displays contact information as an overlay. B. Favorite or dialer. Launch Drupe by dragging the drop that appears on the screen.


Built-in call recording

Caller ID tracker can be used to identify the called number.

You can assign a GIF sticker to the contacts displayed during a call.

Integration of multiple accounts on WhatsApp, Duo and Allo.

7) Eyecon Dialer

Another feature-rich app, Eyecon Dialer, is an all-in-one smartphone management app. You can use it to manage contacts, make log calls, and activate caller IDs. In contrast to other apps, Eyecon Dialer is visually oriented. With Eyecon Dialer, you can easily manage everything with photos and icons instead of reading a lot. This is great news for the elderly.


Integration with almost any social media platform

Easy-to-use visual design.

Caller ID feature that prevents spammers from making calls.

Ability to edit the global address book.