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Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs | Informational Technology Blogging

Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs | Informational Technology Blogging

If you are an IT blogger and struggling for getting the best topics, be relaxed we are here to suggesting the best topics. When we talk about Technology blog or for an IT blog, our mind revolves around the same thing that is programming, applications, software hardware, etc. Below are the Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs.

IT blogs were rising blogs these days but we have noticed that the most successful blogs were handled by companies rather than individuals. There is an increase in the number of Vlogs because it might easy for them to create content. Coming Back to our topic that is IT blogs, The reader or customer wants to know more about the product before purchasing it can be said as a second opinion. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

If you are fresher or beginner in this work, you must know some things how should an IT blog look like? Check out these Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs.

 Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

// Top 8 topics about which you can write about are :

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As in the Tech world we are growing rapidly and it constantly changing with time. It is developing with high rates. So writing about trends can be a good idea. We here you suggest some fields or branches trending Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

  1. Application: In this innovative world, there is a lot of application about which people may not know.
  2. Games
  3. Devices
  4. Tools
  5. The programming Languages

You have to go with a particular topic and read about it as much you get on social media, google and other websites. It helps you to write more professionally and accurately writing.

If you have your own experience with the product then its like cherry on a cake. It helps to work you more efficiently. For writing, you have to be open-minded to gain knowledge from every side and kept only true knowledge not misleading one.

If you are new in this and not 100% sure about the fact. You may use the words “As per my thoughts”, “In my opinion”. So people won’t be able to Object to your fact. Otherwise, they start taunting you it’s not happening, you write so and blah blah.  To avoid such circumstances, use these kinds of sentences.

The things that help you to stay updated are followed by TED  Tech Talks and Big Tech conferences ( Web summits).



I think it gained much popularity in the last 2 years in the TECH world. You can easily find its sub-topics to write about. You can present in a very interactive and creative manner.

  1. Its impact on our daily lives.
  2. How you think the world looks like after some years
  3. Would it be a better place?

Put yourself at the place of reader, and thinks what you are looking for then include it. This makes it worth reading.

You can include the pros and cons of the product so the audience will be cleared about it. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs



There is vast industry of products about which you can reviewed. It is full of fun and interesting. It’s better if you start with the products you used. You have more opinions and thoughts about that product as well.Like what you like about the product and which you don’t. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

If you have Lots to say about the product, you can spill the articles like one of the benefits or plus points of the product and others that focus not so great things about it. Or might include pros and cons in one article.

There is some things must include in your review :

  1. A full description about the product – domain name, manufactures, colors available, etc
  2. Price – the costing history
  3. Who should buy or use it?
  4. Its benefits
  5. Arguments against it
  6. Some glimpse of the product
  7. Conclusion

If you include such things in your reviews it made it more effective for the audience and easier way for you to write.



Its quite a nice idea to write tutorials. Now it is created on youtube does not mean you can’t write it. Here are some tutorial ideas about which you can think about

  1. Applications: It can be divided as Mobile apps and online tools. It can photo editing apps or emails or maybe reminders and management. Now its time to teach them how to use it for best results.
  2. Softwares: Maybe you use software that people are not familiar with. You may teach an architecture or interior design student how to render plans and projects in photoshop or ideas for sheet compositions.
  3. Programming Language: Students are struggling for their projects, so they need a solution for coders. You can teach them various other programming languages.

Pay attention to only licensed software so you won’t face any troubles in the future. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs



You need to be a master in the language you are writing about.  Here are some programming languages:

  1. Python: It is mostly used for web development. You can write to those who are struggling with some issues. It is one of the most popular languages nowadays.
  2. JAVAScript: You may have new readers for the topic. But if you are not really into this don’t despair then. This field offers a variety of topics to write.

It is a big subject in the IT industry and has immense readers.



Even though people who work from their cubics and does not like to socialize much go to tech conferences just to make new connections in the industry. Tech conference can be anywhere locally based, country-based still remains a source of inspiration.

It is one of the best topics you can go with to suggest a list of conferences must attend. It will be astonishing if you attend some of them and then come up with your own experience. Be attentive and write everything you listen to and saw.

You actually give a review to people what you like and dislike about it. Describe events – help others to attend or not. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

One is the Web Summit that happened in Lisbon, Portugal. It includes people all overseas and all big companies. Why don’t you invest in tickets and make a visit? Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs



In the era of innovations, There are many individuals who come up with a startup Idea. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

Now Europe is growing as new Silicon Valley. People won’t agree with an idea to work under. They always try to build their empire and own business, and I feel it happening around the globe. Everyone wants to be their own boss. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

It would be a great idea to do blogging on startups. You can :

–  Search for new ideas.

–   Write about who catches your attention

–    Speak about what you feel is interesting.

–    give an idea to upcoming youth, if you are confident about it.



There is something new in Technology every day. There is so much happening every single day. Social Media provides gives an idea of what’s happening around the globe. I would say it can be one of the best topics to write about. There are a number of websites providing us, can be used as inspiration.

You can start by following the best. You can follow various hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. Keep your senses open, you can get any worth information from anywhere. Just be like a journalist. When you get the information must check how truthful it is. Be aware of fake news.  Fakes news spread fast. Ok .. When you get the right information and what next. Try to reach every platform where you can connect with people. Your weekly articles can be transformed into a podcast. Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs

Be sure you can reach people of all age groups. Promote yourself on social media and read as much as possible. You may suggest some new ideas.

I hope you like this article Best IT Blogging Topics for Awesome Tech Blogs, please leave your comments below.