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Blue Eyes Technology Wiki, PPT, and PDF

The IBM Almaden Development Center (ARC) in San Jose, California, has been the site of research on the Blue Eyes technology since 1997. Blue eyes technology enables a computer to comprehend and detect human behaviour and emotions, as well as to respond in accordance with the sensed emotional levels. The goal of blue eyes technology is to endow a computer with human traits or skills so that it may connect with people in a manner similar to how we engage with one another.

Blue Eyes Technology Wiki, PPT, and PDF

Since 1997, the IBM research team has been working on blue eyes technology at the Almaden Research Center (ARC) in San Jose, California. It is a combination of hardware and software technologies that enables us to create machines with sensory and perceptual capabilities that are comparable to those of humans. In the context of “Blue eyes” technology, “Blue” refers to Bluetooth, which denotes a wireless and dependable mode of communication and facilitates the creation of a PAN (Personal Area Network) for connecting various Blue Eyes devices, as well as “Eyes,” which aid in our ability to perceive the outside world and gather interesting information.

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PPT, PDF, and the Blue Eyes Technology Wiki

The goal of this Blue Eyes technology is to create a machine or system with sensory and perceptual abilities similar to those of humans.

The basic goal of Blue eyes technology is to create a computational device with human-like sensory and perception abilities. The hardware and software systems that make up the Blue Eyes technology system are combined. A central system unit (CSU) and a data collecting unit make up the hardware (DAU). The brains of the data acquisition device are the ATMEL 89C52 microcontroller. The two units can communicate and coordinate thanks to Bluetooth technology. All workplaces where the operator’s attention is constantly available can use this Blue Eyes technology. It is possible to record and keep track of the user’s physiological condition by using the Blue eyes Technology. The goal of this Blue Eyes technology is to create a machine or system with sensory and perceptual abilities similar to those of humans. This will promote stress-free, healthy environments where computers and people can coexist as close partners.

1. Blue Eyes technology’s Central System Unit (CSU)

The following Blue Eyes technology wireless network connection is CSU. The PCM Codec, which is frequently used for speech information transfer, and a wireless Bluetooth module are the major components of the CSU. Through the use of a USB, parallel, and serial connection, this CSU part is connected to a personal computer. Accessing audio data is done through the mini-jack socket.

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2. Blue Eyes Technology’s software

This Blue Eyes technology program continuously monitors the operator’s physiological state. In real-time, the program will react based on the operator’s physiological state. The primary job of the DAU is to collect physiological data from sensors and transmit it to the CSU for processing and verification.A wireless link between the Central System Unit (CSU) and the user or operator who has the sensors is provided by the blue tooth module, which is integrated with the mobile device (DAU). The entire operator is given PIN codes and ID cards for authentication purposes.

3. Utilized in Blue Eyes Technology is artificially intelligent speech recognition

The working environment should be very significant for establishing the Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition system in Blue Eyes technology. The user’s speech pattern, grammar, type of noise, noise intensity, and microphone position are some significant variables that may affect the voice recognition system’s features. Without using a phone operator, an automatic call handling mechanism is used in Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition systems.

Technologies Used By Blue Eyes

This technique is known as manual and gauges input cascading

1. Emotional Mouse:

Emotional Mouse: By pinching the mouse, which has several sensors, the user can obtain physiological data and emotional state, such as heartbeat, pressure, temperature, and so forth.

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2. Manual And Gage Input Cascading (Magic Pointing):

A camera is used to quickly determine the client’s gleams and understudies in realistic lighting circumstances and to automatically wrap the cursor to each new object the client looks at. This technique is known as manual and gauges input cascading (magic pointing).

3. Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition:

The user speaks through a mouthpiece and the computer records and stores what they say in RAM. The information words are evaluated and matched up with the words. The information words are evaluated and matched up with the words. Example coordination seeks to find the greatest fit while taking into account variations in turmoil, pitch, recurrence distinction, and time.


Future applications for Blue Eyes Technology are incredibly broad, and there are countless potential uses. Some well-known apps are SUITOR (Simple User Interest Tracker), which makes use of Expression Glasses, and Magic Pointing, which works by detecting the user’s eye movement using an infrared light source to access the mouse cursor. For a better user experience, Blue Eyes Technology is combined with the Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition technology. This technology is being used to create a variety of gadgets, some of which are currently being researched.