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How can you Invest in Stocks Right Now?

One of the best and the most reliable ways to generate wealth without much hard work is investing in the stock market. With little investment in the right stocks, you can generate massive amounts of cash over time. Here are the best ways to How can you invest in stocks right now?

Today the stock market has grown so much that millions of people all over the world are spending more than 60% of their income to invest in stocks of leading companies.

 invest in stocks

If you were to start investing today, or are wondering where to invest, here is a guide to help you make the right decisions.

With coronavirus hitting China, the entire stock market has crashed. China was considered one of the largest global growth markets but today with the coronavirus fears, interest rates have dropped substantially. Business is at an all time low for tens of millions of people although the economy is seen to be relatively stable.  How can you invest in stocks right now?

Keeping the economy level in mind, experts suggest the best stocks to buy right now are –

Medifast | invest in stocks

Medifast is recognised as the USA’s best stock to buy for 2020 according to US News. The company expertise on creating healthy meals cashing in on the huge healthcare market. When experts made a list for the most profitable stocks to buy in February, Medifast was a clear winner. Make Money With Pinterest

If looked at from a numerical perspective, the Medifast stock is expected to grow 30% in 2020 and 20% annually for the next five years. This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to invest right now.

The stock pays a 4.6% dividend which is extremely rare in the stock market. This gives it an edge over other stocks. Moreover, the company has no long term debts weighing them down. Currently, it is a great investment at its extremely low cost and huge payouts in the future.

invest in stocks

Costco  | invest in stocks

Costco is one company who surprisingly thrived during the Great Economic Depression. The fiscal 2008 sales jumped by 13% while the store sales increased by 8% setting a new record for everyone to follow. This makes it a great investment for both, good and bad economic times. Costco’s membership is available at just $60 for one year, offering its customers to shop at wholesale prices in large quantities. Moreover, Costco has no direct competition making it an obvious choice for a rewarding stock investment.

Some other stocks considered rewarding in the long term are –

Dollar General | invest in stocks

Dollar General is considered a relatively low risk company. They sell consumer staples that enables them to regularly generate predictable continuous revenue. This makes it one of the best stock investment opportunity for investors who like to play it safe and avoid volatile unpredictable markets. Dollar General’s shares remain relatively stable in low or worrisome economic times, further reducing loss risks.  How can you invest in stocks right now? Earn Money from Facebook

Although the one downside of investing in the Dollar General is its low dividend. At just 0.8%, it is not exactly the ideal profitable choice. But the good news is that financial experts and analysts have predicted that the dollar general’s share will grow about 3% through their growth and expansion over time.  How can you invest in stocks right now?

What is the best stock selection procedure for intraday trading?

If you are looking for more detailed analysis lists of what to invest in and when is the best time to do so, head over to the Investor’s Business Daily that offers expertly analysed lists of stocks and their growth potential.

IBD’s Most Popular Stock Lists | invest in stocks

The first one is the popular Investor’s Business Daily Stock List. This list helps you to streamline your search and save time. It is a handy list of the top 50 stocks that are analysed to be the most profitable in the current and the near future economy. It gives you in-depth numerical analysis to help you focus your time and attention on the true leaders of the economic market and make the right investment decisions.

IBD’s Specialty Stock Lists | invest in stocks

The next list offered by the Investor’s Business Daily is their popular Speciality Stock List. This list is designed in a way that caters to your individual needs. The list provides stock investing ideas that have a huge potential to win in the near future and generate huge revenues for the investors.

Some other helpful lists include –

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