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Functionalities Of An IPhone

Check the basic functions of iPhone
Before checking the appearance of the iPhone screen and the main body, perform basic health tests to make sure that the main hardware and functions are in good condition. With the phone turned off, press the power button until the screen turns on. Let the software complete the boot process. Then run the following simple test.
Test the charging port. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB sync cable. Open iTunes and verify that the software has registered the phone in the Devices drop-down menu in the left column. If you cannot access your computer with this procedure, connect your phone to the power adapter and see if the battery icon shows charging. After verifying that the phone’s charging port is working, disconnect your iPhone from your computer or power adapter.
Call function and volume control test: Open the phone keypad. Before making a call, press both volume buttons to turn mute on or off. Look for the icon that indicates a change in volume setting and feel the vibration as you enter silent mode. Set the volume to your liking, make calls to friends and family, and note the features of your microphone, speaker, and speakerphone during a call.
iPhone Touch Screen Test: Open the Calculator app. Hold the phone vertically and press all the keys on the calculator to test the responsiveness and accurate calibration of the touch screen. Then point the phone horizontally. The accelerometer needs to detect the change in orientation and switch the calculator to scientific mode. Press and hold all the keys on the scientific calculator to thoroughly evaluate the touch screen.
Test the camera hardware. Open the camera app. Take a test photo and check the results for distortion or discoloration.
Test WiFi antenna and screen backlight. Open the Settings menu. Select the WLAN option and switch it to “on” to activate the antenna. iPhone needs to search for nearby channels. If you are within the range of your WiFi network, the service name will appear under the heading “Select a network …”. Return to the Settings menu and select the Brightness option. Adjust the slider from minimum to maximum brightness and watch for changes in backlight intensity.
To check your iPhone for signs of liquid damage, find the SIM slot on the right side of your device. Apple uses a white field indicator that turns red when the phone is flooded. This applies to iPhone Model 6 to 13 pro Max. On all previous models, the indicator is on the charging port.

There are some iPhone features hidden in apps, widgets and control center. Here are some of the secrets you can do with Diala, but most iPhone users may not be aware of them. Mobile devices have long used unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) code. They look like a series of numbers with an asterisk and a hashtag that you have to enter like a phone number.
This service works with older phones such as the iPhone SE and newer models such as the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Connect your GSM phone directly to your service provider’s computer to gain access to the “secret” features of your phone. Some features are specific to a particular network operator, but most work independently of the telecommunications service provider. Type * # 06 # to find the IMEI number for your iPhone. The information will be displayed automatically.