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Customize WordPress Header

Your internet site`s safety and pace are important regions to cognizance on. However, some other manner to make a high quality influence to your traffic is with the aid of using refining one of the factors they see first once they land to your site – your header. If you need your internet site to face out, it facilitates to understand a way to create your very own WordPress custom header. There are a number of WordPress tutorials out there, however few cognizance totally on enhancing this vital element. Fortunately, there are a couple of strategies you could use to perform this goal.How to Customize WordPress Header?

WordPress site headers are universal elements that appear on every page and post. Using the WP Buffs website as an example, the header is the orange bar at the top of this page and all the features  within it. Due to its prominent placement, the header often serves as a first impression for website visitors. It is also the place to receive important information and subpoenas (CTA). For example, in the example above, you’ll see the logo, the main menu link, and the Make a Call button.

It doesn’t matter if your website is a blog, online store, portfolio, or anything else. WordPress headers are very important. Many themes come with the ability to add their own designs, text, or images to the header, called WordPress custom headers. Customize WordPress Header. Customize WordPress Header

Customize WordPress Header

Location of header:

The header is  at the top of the site (front end) and the WordPress footer is the section that appears below. However, if you’re new to WordPress, finding  header files on the backend can be confusing. It also depends on the theme you are using at the time. For example, you can usually find the file that contains the WordPress header by going to Appearance> Theme Editor. Here you can see all the files that make up the design. The header function is contained in the header.php file, and its style and appearance code is contained in the style.css file. Customize WordPress Header

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However, for some other issues like Twenty Seventeen, for example, you can find the header by going to Appearance> Headers on your WordPress dashboard. This will take you directly to the WordPress customizer. Here is a specific section for changing the WordPress header media.  The best way  to access or edit  WordPress headers depends on several factors. More specifically, it is based on your experience level, the changes you want to make, and the theme you are using. Customize WordPress Header

Customize WordPress Header

How to customize?

  1. Edit theme code 

Another option you have for customizing your WordPress header is to directly edit the code of your theme`s files. This offers more control over the customizations, but it requires some coding knowledge. Before getting started, it`s smart to create a child theme. To edit your header`s code, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor, then open the style.css file.  You can add or remove code in the Header section of this file. Customize WordPress Header

If the new code doesn’t work, paddingleft: 0! At the end of the command, like important ;! Try adding important. If that doesn’t work, the header name may not be “Header”. Some WordPress themes use “masthead”, “inlineheader” or other designations instead. You can also make changes to the header.php file if you wish. However, this code is more about functionality than styling. Since most people who want to customize their headers are interested in updating their sites` looks than what`s happening behind the scenes, you`ll likely focus most of your attention on its CSS. Customize WordPress Header

  1. Using customizer 

As mentioned earlier, one way to personalize your WordPress headers is to use the WordPress customizer. Depending on the theme, you may be able to do this by going to Appearance> Header. However, for most themes, go to Appearance> Customize to access it. In the customizer, you can exchange header images to edit the page title and tagline.  The advantage of using the customizer is that you don’t have to touch the code when you don’t need it. You can also  see the changes in the live preview on the right. Customize WordPress Header

  1. Install custom header plugin:

An easy way to customize your WordPress header is to use a plugin. This method is recommended if you do not want to edit the website files directly. There are several tools available, depending on your experience  and the changes you want to make. A popular and free of cost plugin is Insert Headers and Footers. When enabled on your site,  it will appear in Settings> Insert Header and Footer. Then, in the Header section, you can add any code that you add to  or remove from the header. The script you paste here will be automatically  added to the “head” tag of your WordPress site. When you’re done, click  the Save Changes button. Customize WordPress Header


While no  WordPress headers have to be the same, all of them serve a comparable purpose. Effective headers show off to traffic what your web website online is set and make a effective first impression. This is why we suggest customizing yours to fit your unique desires and branding. As we mentioned on this post, there are 3 fundamental techniques you may use to create a WordPress custom header: Use the Customizer, that’s a beginner-pleasant choice that doesn`t require any coding. Customize WordPress Header

Edit the header code of your WordPress theme, which gives extra manage however calls for CSS and PHP skills. Install a WordPress header plugin together with Insert Headers and Footers, Popping Sidebars & Widgets, or WP Header Images. Customizing your WordPress header can assist raise its look and usability. However, the extra webweb sites you have, the extra tedious this becomes. At WP Buffs, we provide Care Plans and white-label answers that may make web website online management, maintenance, and customizations remarkably easier. Hope you like this article Customize WordPress Header.