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How to Delete Vedantu Account Permanently- 101% Fully Solved

For students in school, Vedantu is a top online tutoring resource in India that provides engaging courses and study resources. The online website offers the ability to create or change account information, browse or search the course list, acquire in-depth course information, and enrol in courses by paying a reasonable cost using a variety of payment ways.

Do you want to delete their account from the Vedantu Website? We came to the conclusion that some users would wish to remove their accounts because they have already finished their schooling after conducting some study on the subject of why people are doing so on the Vedantu website. An instruction manual for deleting your Vedantu account is provided below.

How To Delete Vedantu Account

How to Delete Vedantu Account Permanently

Although Vedantu is one of the best platforms for online learning, there are many aspects of Vedantu that annoy us, such as their constant calls and texts. which are really irritable. Many students wish to deactivate their accounts as a result of this. Many students want to delete their Vedantu accounts for a variety of reasons, in addition to this one. In addition, their courses do not follow Vedantu. There are also a lot of additional factors.

And deleting the Vedantu account is the answer to all of these issues. Keep reading this post for a comprehensive tutorial on how to delete your Vedantu account if you’re also having issues of this nature. There are a lot of ways to remove a Vedantu account, however, employing those methods doesn’t guarantee that the account will truly be deleted. However, the methods I’m going to offer you are the most effective and guarantee the deletion of your account. Therefore, keep reading this article if you’re interested in learning about those two simple approaches to deactivate your Veadntu account forever.

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How do I send a Vedantu account deletion email?

How do I send a Vedantu account deletion email?

  • Step 1: Open your Gmail programme and sign in with the Gmail account that you used to create your Vedantu account and that you want to cancel.
  • Step 2: Type “” under “To” ( this is the official email id of Vedantu care).
  • Step 3: Write “cancel my Vedantu account” in the subject line.
  • Step 4: Write “I wish to permanently remove my Vedantu account” in the body of the email.

After some time, Vedantu will get in touch with you regarding an update to your Gmail account deletion request before permanently deleting your Vedantu account.

Here is an example of how to title an email: Request for Account Removal

Body: Because I no longer want to utilise Vedantu, I want my account there to be removed.

Email address: Your registered email address or phone number, please.

Username: [Vedantu’s user name]

For the most part, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your deletion request if you send them on a workday. So, hopefully, you now understand how to remove a Vedantu account using Mail.

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How to delete your Vedantu account in one call?

There is another, efficient, and straightforward way to permanently remove your Vedantu account. Simply call Vedantu customer service and explain your situation. The toll-free number for Vedantu is 1800-120-456-456. To permanently remove your Vedantu account, you simply need to inform them of your desire.

Following their request for information pertaining to your Vedantu account, they will terminate your account within a short period of time.

How Can Vedantu Calls And Emails Be Stopped?

How Can Vedantu Calls And Emails Be Stopped?

If you’re tired of receiving calls and mail and are looking for a way to stop it, you’re not alone. Then don’t worry; I’ll explain how to do that right here.

Not just you, but a huge number of other students are also irritated by Vedantu’s calls and emails. So, do the suggested actions to stop receiving calls and emails from Vedantu.

  • For Calls:  Calling Vedantu Customer Care and requesting that all calls are terminated is the easiest option to cease all calls from Vedantu.
  • For Mails: The option to unsubscribe from emails is located at the bottom of the email. To unsubscribe from all of Vedantu’s emails, first, open the mail and look at the bottom of the message. The alternative technique is to select all spam-related emails.