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How can a gamer earn money from Pubg?

Player Unknowns Battleground which is also called Pubg is a multiplayer game developed by Pubg Corporations. It was launched on Dec20, 2017. Here are the different ways to earn money from Pubg? earn money from Pubg

Pubg is a game where there are 100 players playing against each other according to the mode they have chosen. The players jump of the plane using a parachute, on the desired location they want to go. The players land, pick up weapons, hunt for enemies, shoot them and try to survive till the end of the game. earn money from Pubg

earn money from Pubg

There are 3 modes:

Squad – 4 members fight against 96 players

Duo- 2 members fight against 98 players

Solo- 1 person fights against 99 other players

Features in Pubg

  • 4 maps
  • Ability to revive teammate
  • Third and first person view
  • MOCAP animations
  • Colorblind support
  • Character customization
  • Wide range of weapons

Pubg suddenly became popular in 2017-2018, today with 100+million players. There sales skyrocketed from 1000 to 100,000 Make money on Pinterest

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Reasons why pubg became popular | earn money from Pubg

  • Easily to understand and learn

Pubg has been downloaded by people all over the world as it needs no specific age or language to play this game. Children as young as 8yers of age play it with ease. But to get the “Chicken Dinner” it’s not that easy. On being shot ‘maybe next game I will win’ mindset makes it very addictive. earn money from Pubg

  • Fresh concept
  • High end graphics
  • Free multiple player game
  • Audio facility for team players to interact
  • Good quality
  • Updates every month

Playing games like Pubg increases ones attention span, strategically skills, eye hand coordination and works as a media for emotional catharsis. But recently due to the antisocial and addictive behavior shown by some Pubg players have led to the games heavy criticism. To such an extent that PubG has been banned in some countries and almost got banned in India. There were various cases of suicide, antisocial behavior, aggression, addiction, sudden negative change in behavioral patterns being reported at an alarming number. But the Pubg team paid attention to such health issues and updated the game to be more health friendly by adding features like: earn money from Pubg

earn money from Pubg

Best ways to Save Money easily

Prohibiting players to play for more than 6 hours, reminding players of the time they have played, display warning signs to take a break. earn money from Pubg

Pubg along with being a one of the most played game of the decade has also been the medium of earning for some players. earn money from Pubg

Ways to earn through Pubg | earn money from Pubg

  • Participate in online tournaments- and win cash prizes. Where one can play in any of the one mode; solo.duo or squad
  • Selling in game items- after purchasing items or weapons by battle points the player can sell those in other sites.
  • Bet on tournaments- if you are able to predict which team will win according to their performance and history, betting on teams is also a way of earning quick bucks.
  • Upload game sets- by posting live streams on twitch or YouTube or discord apps.
  • Participating in college pubg Fests- as a part of their annual social gathering colleges keep Pubg as their opening event. Winners get a cash prize and gifts.

Conclusion is

Pubg an online multiplayer which took the gaming industry by storm in 2018 has been improving day by day with fantastic graphics, to customization facility to healthy features. Even after getting criticism the team dint fail and further took action and guaranteed changes. Being a player myself I have seen the game growing exponentially and really is one of the best virtual simulation game till date. Successful budget planner.

The reaction to the game by the audience has been pretty positive and has praised the game developers for their hard work and consistency towards the game. With striking 100million players Pubg has beaten various games and will be around for a long time. Opportunities like the Europe Tournament and other Gat ornaments give good and professional Pubg players a chance to prove themselves and earn at the same time. Hope you like this article How to earn money from Pubg? leave your comments below.