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 How to get free gift cards ?

Who doesn’t like free gift cards ? When you get a completely free gift card, you feel like being given the ability to spend on the things you wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. It can be called as your guilt pass to enjoy things which seem expensive to you ! Read below for How to get free gift cards?

Brand new apparels, a day at the video games parlour, spa, books, etc they might be the things which you wouldn’t buy with your own money but you are ready to enjoy these with a gift card.

Normally you don’t receive a gift card other than its your birthday or anniversary or festival season. So you have to wait for these events or buy a gift card on your own.

But this isn’t always the case if you know the correct place to get free gift cards !

Get Free Gift Cards for Buying Your Daily Essentials

These days you find many apps which give away free gift cards for shopping on their website. Let us explore a few of them Best Money Making Apps

1. Purchasing Groceries with Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that brings cash backs from retailers like Macy’s and Target, Walmart, etc in it. So every time you make a purchase from them just upload your receipt and get coupons. You can add them on this Ibotta app and easily claim the offers for cash back without any need of keeping it in your mind to bring them with you. In the Ibotta app you can look for cash back app offers on different products. All you need to do is keep the ones which you want and make most of the offer by doing tasks like taking a poll, reading a fact or watching a video.

And if you connect your store’s loyalty card to the app there won’t be any need to upload the receipt. You will get the payment automatically in your Ibotta account in 48 hours of completing your shopping. After reaching $20, you can easily opt for a cash out via PayPal or gift cards from retailers like Starbucks, Home Depot, Lowes, iTunes and many many more.

One unique feature of this app is by taking part as a team and by building your network you earn rewards together much much faster. Get rewards by friend referrals and take advantage of bonus offers too.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.0 stars/5.0 stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out: $20

2. Complete Your Shopping Trip With Drop

One more superb rewards app which is completely free to download and make use of is Drop. An iOS app which has downloads of a whopping 1 million downloads. Rated 4.5 on App Store, Drop offers many methods to earn free gift cards.

You can shop for offers on the app directly or link your credit/debit card to earn attractive points after shopping at the retailers you choose. The rain of offers don’t stop here because if you share the app with your friends you get a chance to earn 5,000 points for your 1st, 10 friend referrals who link their card and verify their email address.

After hitting the 5,000 points mark which are equivalent to $5, get excited to redeem those points for gift cards on Starbucks, Netflix, etc.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.5 Stars /5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount For Cash Out : $5

3. Download and Earn with Fetch Rewards

Without any need to make a pre selection of your offers with Fetch Rewards, you only need to download the app which is absolutely free and continue to shop. You can scan the receipts later on.

Partnering with the biggest names popular in our homes like Lays, Dove, and many many more, this app rewards you with guaranteed points each time you make a purchase from one of the brands mentioned here.

Get points for the referrals you make to your friends and family, each time they sign up using your link. You get 2,000 points after the submission of their first shopping receipt.

As soon as you reach the points figure of 3,000, you can opt for a cash out with attractive and exciting gift cards from retailers like Best Buy, Airbnb, Stitch Fix, Sephora. But some of them might want you to reach the 5000 points figure before you can cash out.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.0 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out: $3

4. Get Yourself a Rewards Card

We know that credit cards are not everyone’s game and if you are an overspending history then do not go for this option. Also when you are trying hard to get out of debt. But if you trust your pay off capability then sign up for a Rewards Credit Card which can pay you cash back or travel between 1-3%. Survey Junkie Review[2020]

Many of these cards offer higher rewards for categories like groceries and travel. But it is advisable to do thorough research to find which rewards credit card is the most sensible decision for you to make.

Earning Ability Of the Card : 4.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out : Differs

Ways to Get Gift Cards For Free without Spending Money

It isn’t always necessary to indulge in shopping to earn gift cards for free as there are some great options to earn rewards without spending money.

5. Make use of Swagbucks Search Engine

The free site for rewards Swagbucks lets you collect points for taking up surveys, playing games also surfing the web.

After you make Swagbucks your default search engine you get to earn points every time you surf the internet and get a notification every time your account gets credited. Although earny free gift cards is a bit slow with Swagbucks yet with so little effort this is definitely worth a try. Swagbucks even offers a $10 as a sign-up bonus. You will need $3 to cash out for free gift cards or exchange your $25 for PayPal cash.

Earning Ability : 2.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out: $3

6. Scanning with Shopkick

After you download the Shopkick app, users can earn Kicks or points for walking in stores like CVS, Target etc. You also get a chance to earn some additional points or Kicks by just scanning the products in the Shopkick app.

Get some more Kicks while waiting in the check out line for watching the videos that are in app based. On the app the points rate of exchange is 250 Kicks for a dollar. Get gift cards for free which can be used at retailers like American Eagle, stores like Target & Walmart too.

Earning Ability of the App : 3.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out: $20

7. Request Gift Cards For Free Instead of Gifts

No app or download is required for this as all you need to do is request your friends or family during the festive season or on your birthday to give you gift cards instead of gifts. This way you can choose to spend your free gift card money at places or stores of your choice.

In case you are saving to buy something like a Laptop or the brand new iPhone then you may also ask your loved ones to reach your target.

Earning Ability: 4.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out: Doesn’t Imply How to invest better in life?

8. Make the most of your Instagram

Apart from using Instagram as your way to keep in touch and updated you’re your favourite celebs or most loved stores and companies, you can evenyou’re your Instagram to find about the various giveaways of free stuff on this very popular social media platform.

When you get yourself registered on these giveaways, if you are selected you can get some gift cards for free. You have to do very little like ; following the account, recommend it your friends and by posting some pictures, etc. You can very easily find these giveaways by searching the hashtags :


#contest gram




Earning Ability of the App : 4.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount For Cash Out : Doesn’t Imply

9. Get Rewarded For Referring

It is a natural thing that when we like a product or service we refer and share it among our friends and family. But this habit of ours can prove to be really beneficial when we can earn some rewards and gift cards for free.

Many apps like Uber and many banks reward you for referring them to your loved ones. Just check the referral code and forward it through a message for downloading the app.

Sites and apps likes Uber will reward you with a free ride when your referrals download the app and book a cab.

Earning Ability Of the App : 4.0 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount For Cash Out : Doesn’t Imply

Free Gift Card Codes For Taking Up Online Surveys

Sign up on sites where you earn gift cards for taking up different online surveys.

10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the search engine which gives you gift cards for free by using it as your default engine for searching the web instead of Google or Bing. Get points rapidly by only watching videos, doing shopping from their portal and by successfully finishing the paid online surveys in the form of daily polls, daily surveys etc.

1 Swagbucks is equivalent to almost $0.01.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.0 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out : $3

11. InboxDollars

A free to join site, InboxDollars gives you a $5 sign-up bonus. It has a rating of 4-star that is based on a huge reviews number of 7,400.

The surveys on InboxDollars site are very convenient and take from 3 minutes to 25 minutes for completion. These surveys pay you from $0.50 to $5 each.

After you touch the minimum amount for payout, which is $30 you can request for payment through PayPal, a check or the attractive gift cards for free.

Earning Ability on the App or Site : 3.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out : $30

12. Take Surveys With Survey Junkie & Earn

Not like other sites that give you many different methods to earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, site like Survey Junkie targets only on online surveys. One very big benefit of using Survey Junkie is that it very easy to use.

After you sign up on Survey Junkie and decide to take up paid surveys you will be shown the estimated payment and time for each survey. You get the amount credited to your account as soon as you are done with the questionnaire.

All that you need for redemption is the points figure of 1,000 equivalent to $10. You have the option to choose a gift card or transfer your earnings to PayPal. There is also the option of bank transfer.

Earning Ability of the App : 3.5 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out : $10

13. Complete Surveys with MyPoints

By taking up online panels and completing the surveys the users of MyPoints can very easily earn points. Being a new sign up member you get $10 along with shopping for $20 or more via the online shopping site.

The users earn points for clicking and completing a survey, although the points number totally rests on the survey length. The points that you can earn are between 50 to 600. The users get five points for successfully answering 10 profile questions and 750 points for every friend referral.

For cash out you need to have at least 480 points that earn you a $3 gift card.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.0 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount For Cash Out : $3

14. PrizeRebel Public Provident Fund in India

Since its introduction in the year 2007, PrizeRebel has given almost $19 million in the form of prizes along with gift cards for free.

After you become a member of PrizeRebel you can earn points for gift cards when you take up online surveys, completing challenges or watching videos. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards at GAP, XBOX, iTunes, etc.

Earning Ability of the App : 4.0 Stars/5.0 Stars

Minimum Amount for Cash Out : $2

Precisely you can get gift cards for the usual things you do on an everyday basis. These can be buying groceries or your daily essentials and connect on the Ibotta app, Fetch Rewards or Drop.

And in case you aren’t a shopping freak then just take up paid online surveys on Shopkick, My Points and many more.