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Blank WhatsApp Status

An article on WhatsApp tricks or how to set a blank WhatsApp status (currently roughly changed). This blank WhatsApp status trick is one of the most popular tricks people keep looking for.

Officially, WhatsApp does not have an option  to leave blank, and the application does not allow users to leave WhatsApp status blank. But, as our name suggests, we offer you a solution to have an empty status.

Many tricks  are available for not having WhatsApp status, but it doesn’t work now, so today’s WhatsApp tricks have a Solutionexist that sets an empty WhatsApp status. There are some WhatsApp tricks including the WhatsApp icon that prevents you from having WhatsApp status. Both methods work on Android and iOS devices.

Remove WhatsApp via (formerly known as WhatsApp status)

Do not have WhatsApp status with unsupported characters / emoji

Clear WhatsApp status on Android and iPhone-Clear WhatsApp status How to remove WhatsApp via


This method removes the section that reflects the lack of WhatsApp status instead of hiding it. Follow the steps below to remove WhatsApp about.

First, open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

In Settings, tap  Account.

Now  go to Privacy and tap Info.

Now, select Nobody.

This will tweak WhatsApp privacy settings and the visibility of WhatsApp about will be set to nobody which will ultimately remove WhatsApp about section.

Method 2-Use unsupported characters-Hidden characters Steps to set empty WhatsApp status on Android Phone

  1. First, you need to copy the two icons shown below. Icon: ✓ ຸ
  2. Next, click WhatsApp and then click the three-dot Click menu icon.
  3. Next, tap  Profile Name> About, then Status, and then  click Edit.
  4. Delete the currently set symbol and paste the copied symbol into the status (copy from the first step).
  5. Now remove the arrow symbol (➡) from the copied symbol. This leaves only the second symbol.
  6. 6.Then press the OK button to confirm the magic. The procedure is now complete.

7.Check your status from your friend WhatsApp.

This was a tutorial on how to remove WhatsApp status and how to hide blank WhatsApp status on Android phone in  WhatsApp.