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How To Make Money With Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing social media platform. The app was created by Ben Silbermann on January 2010 with 100m users. On August 10, 2011 the app was listed in “top 50 Best websites”. The CEO said that the company is “catalogue of ideas” that inspires users to go out and try it”. It is also available in more than 27 languages, the company made sure that the app was inclusive of all major languages attracting a large number of users from all over the world using pinterest in the comfort of their own dialect. Make Money With Pinterest

 make money with pinterest

// Features of pinterest

Pins- are images linked to a website, users can save a pin they liked from another users board. Once the app detects the theme of the board it shows promoted pins customized to the users liking.
Boards- are a collection of pins dedicated to a particular theme. One account can accommodate various boards. The boards are of various topics like fandoms, books, sketches, quotes etc. Make Money With Pinterest 
Exploring-is a keyboard search feature where on searching for any specific word will lead the user to the required pins or boards.
Following-users fill their home feed with boards dedicated to various topics; other users who have a liking towards the theme of the home feed follow the user. Make Money With Pinterest 

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Why should one use Pinterest?

Business pages- marketers or entrepreneurs set their advertisement and post their products and ideas to promote themselves.
User data-big social media companies have started allowing websites access to the data they collect on their user
Demographics- pinterest has become a popular app among mainly women between the ages of

30-45years of age.

Educational purposes- the app is not merely fun and shopping but also gives knowledge about topics like psychology, teaching aids, culinary skills etc.
Productive and creative – it  influences young mind and makes them to want to learn
Entertainment- for many users pinterest proves to be daily source of entertainment Make Money With Pinterest 

Besides being an entertaining and educational site pinterest is also used by people to earn money.

Ways of earning on Pinterest

Choose a company to represent
Get a sponsorship
Get companies to promote your product
Make correct use of SEO
Find a topic you are passionate about, create content and sell products
Follow top end users with large audience
Become a blogger on pinterest
Use app to divert traffic to your website
Offer consulting services for pinterest where one handles client’s profiles, activities, marketing, aims.
Work as a virtual pinterest assistant where they manage their accounts by strategizing and providing client with new ways to approach the boards.
Sell courses, which can be seen on pinterest a lot these days. People promote educational services and charge people for it most of the times these are distance courses to make it as comfortable as possible for the user. Make Money With Pinterest 

 make money with pinterest

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Basic tips

Describe pins appropriately
Interact with your pin followers
Be transparent with brand companies
Learn to receive criticism
Maintain good reputation and relations with brands

Domains that pinterest covers


Summary -earning money on Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a fun to go app, not only does it provide educational knowledge but also for promoting business and earning money. Pinterest can be used to divert traffic to a product website and can also be used vice-versa. The first step is approaching and getting the companies to sponsor you which are the difficult part of the process after that it all depends upon the investment and talent you possess. While adding pins to the board might seem boring it does pay in the end. With the huge number of users it’s most likely that Pinterest will continue to grow and provide opportunity to learn and earn. Hope you like this article How to Make Money With Pinterest  – Beginners Guide, please leave your valuable feedback below. Make Money With Pinterest