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How to start saving money right now?

It is tough to curb the spending on one go, especially when you have just thought of savings. Initially, you may not get the idea of how to start or go about making savings. Once you are determined enough to save your money, it is not difficult to achieve your aim. One requirement is to remain focused and determined. When we talk about saving money right, it is evident that you are looking for short term saving goals initially once you adjust yourself to your routine of making monthly savings, then you start looking for long term goals for saving your money.

start saving money

// There are a few methods that one can adopt in order to start saving money right now.            start saving money

Tabulate your monthly expenditure:

Whether you are looking to save your money short term or long term, tabulating your monthly spending should be the most important thing on your to-do list. Enumerating your daily expenditures such as on vegetable or household chores, clothes, water bills, electricity bills, taxes (if applicable), taking note of EMIs(depending on person to person), transport cost, luxury shopping, etc. Give deep thought to your spendings and analyze it meticulously. start saving money


After having a minute analysis of your monthly expenditure, make budgetary reforms and try to cut unnecessary spending and add these to your savings instead. Look where you can make changes in your monthly expenditure in order to save as much as you can. Find out new ways where you can save your money. Different ways to save money for a better future?

Set Targets

The best way possible to get your job done is to set targets or deadlines. Setting-up timelines help you to manage your work accordingly and that too in a hassle-free and an efficient manner. The same can work for your monthly savings as well. Set a specific target for saving money. For example, those who find it difficult to avoid, make yourself a promise and set a goal of saving at least 20 percent of their salary. And then steadily keep on increasing their saving amount once they get themselves adjusted to it. Those who can save more should go ahead with it don’t restrict yourself from saving a fixed amount for an extended period of time. Keep on changing the amount according to time rather, if possible, keep on increasing your saving amount. start saving money

Go for discounts

If possible, try buying items or clothes when at a refund instead of buying at full price. This, you will be shelling out less money for the same product and will help you save a lot of money. Also, these days you even get discounted coupons on entertainment sectors as well, such as PVRs, try opting for such discounted cards. These savings might look small to you, but when you make such small savings at different areas adding up these would make a significant amount to your savings. start saving money 

start saving money


Club with your colleagues and do carpool this way you will not only able to save fuel but also when you split up your charges it would come out to be less than the amount of fuel for one side. This is another way in which you can save your monthly expenses to a great extent. start saving money.

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Avoid Subscriptions:

Avoid unnecessary subscriptions. Those who are not in use recently cancel them avoid the extra outflow of money to these subscriptions as these only create a burden on your salary account. Only spend on those who are essential and are of current use to you. Money Saving Applications That Will Save You Lots of Money

Saving Apps:

There are many online applications or mobile apps that can be downloaded. These apps help you track your monthly savings and notifies you to keep by squeezing your expenditure, taking your income into account. These apps send you a quick reminder on regular intervals so that you do not go onboard spending extravagantly. There are few apps that charge you with some fees, and there are other apps too that help you keep track of your savings without charging any fee fro you. start saving money

Online savings apps include Digit, Robinhood, Stash, Tip Yourself, etc.

Automatic transfer

You can automatically allow the amount which you have decided to save to transfer from your salary account to your savings monthly. This way, you don’t need to worry regarding your transactions. Hope you like this article How to start saving money right now?. start saving money