How Will Cloud Computing Transform Traditional Computing?
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How will cloud Computing Transform Traditional Computing?
How will cloud Computing Transform Traditional Computing?

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Cloud Computing

How will Cloud Computing transform traditional computing in years?

There is no doubt about the fact that technology has brought about revolutionary changes in today’s era. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, many organizations have entered the cloud computing system. Cloud computing is indeed the future of the IT industry, with reports of it going even further next year.

What makes it particularly lucrative is its ability to deliver smooth flowing service and solutions over various internet resources. These include storage spaces, databases, software, and servers. Rapid innovations and its flexible structure also give it an edge.

Here is a more detailed, in-depth look as to what makes cloud computing the future of computing:

Multi-Cloud Systems

Initially, there was only a single cloud system that could be shared by entire organizations or individual people. Multi-Cloud networks would enable large organizations to regulate access and withhold sensitive information from its employees. This effectively allows them to protect their assets and maintain their security from employees who are of lower position.

However, there would be a significant number of employees required to maintain these complex systems.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will allow computers to perform unfathomable feats. Some of the examples include more accessible encryption of data, accurate prediction of weather, computing of complex medical problems, etc. Quantum computing may be very well successfully take artificial intelligence to a sci-fi level of reality.

It is the leading way

Quantum computer’s Q-Bit system supersedes the traditional 2-bit system in almost every way possible. The biggest drawback of the binary system was its inability to calculate complex calculations in less time. The revolutionary Q-bit system resolves this issue by solving those problems in mere seconds (something which would take years for the binary system).


This small leap in the processors would make a computer more powerful than those supercomputers stationed in IBM headquarters. While this field of technology is relatively fresh and new, we may soon see it in our very homes. Google, Intel, and Microsoft are all working on producing a consumer-friendly quantum computer soon. The day that event comes to be would be a cornerstone in our entire history.

Specialized Cloud Systems

At the moment, clouds are grouped based on the services they provide. These services include platforming as a service, infrastructure as a service, mobile backend as a service, and more. 2020 could see a rise of companies providing more specialized Cloud services, like BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), etc.

Specialized formats

There would require more specialized services like these will enable companies and businesses to leverage cloud capabilities for distinct workloads. The sky is the limit when it comes to cloud computing. We could witness an entirely new category of cloud systems, which would then breed more innovative ideas.

Hybrid-Cloud Systems

A private cloud system assures a tighter level of security to the IT companies. The downside is, an internal cloud is hard to implement and expensive to manage without the correct tools. There is a good and capable compromise in this scenario — the hybrid cloud environment.

It is a system that combines the benefits of a public and private cloud. This hybrid strategy provides robust storage infrastructure and advanced threat protection. Thus the companies get the best of both worlds, strengthening their data security while aligning to their budget.

 Implementation of this strategy is particularly best for the companies’ websites, internal apps, etc.

Low Operating Cost

The critical reasons for the marketing and business world shifting to cloud computing are flexibility, scalability, and agility. In cloud computing, one only winds up paying for the services that are used. This eventually lowers an organization’s operational costs. This enables organizations to avoid wasting resources and managing cost, as there aren’t any IT teams that need to achieve task goals and maintain data centers.

Provides Flexibility

Different companies have distinct IT needs based on the size and type of business. Scalable infrastructure tools provided by remote servers can allow companies to respond without disruptions. They can quickly rescale their computing coverage higher or lower as required when using the cloud. 

Increased Competition

The IT field is predicted to expand a lot in the area of cloud computing. Research conducted by IDC shows that almost fifty percent of spending within the IT market was spent on cloud-based technology in 2018. By 2020, it’s estimated that ‘cloud’ spending will amount to 60% or more of IT infrastructure, services, software, and technology. 




This apparent interest within the market has left many companies clamoring to satisfy their clients’ increasing demand for technological advancement. Though cloud computing companies might be driven and competitive, it remains increasingly essential that they maintain their security needs well. Without iron-clad protection, entire cloud systems could leave sensitive data vulnerable.

Data Security

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are a big concern for any company or organization. Cloud computing helps minimize the threat with their advanced security mechanisms. Cloud servers are protected with encryption, access control, and authentication. This makes any data breach by hackers significantly harder as they would have to breach to multiple layers of security. 

Cloud Computing Online Courses

Pursuing cloud computing online courses in India is going to be highly fruitful for an individual’s future within the IT industry. There is an increase in demand for cloud professionals in various IT companies and organizations around the globe.

Therefore, enrolling in a course could make you a highly knowledgeable in the field and turn you into a great asset. It will hone your skillset and be a great addition to your resume.

Final Words

As we’ve gone through the most significant impacts cloud computing would have in the IT sector, the future sure looks good. From quantum computing to specialized cloud systems, we’ve discovered that anything is possible in this field.

Such is the advantage of exploring a new field. Who knows? Maybe you can be the next person to discover or create a new innovative system in this field. This could very well be possible since there is still yet much to learn.

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