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Do Not Wonder If InboxDollars Is Legit Or Not ! Read Our Review Instead

In our InboxDollars review we will share with you our own experience of using it. Also we will give you some cheats and hacks that we found while exploring every nook and corner of this popular website. Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit?

We are already aware of the existence of many many legit survey sites that pay you as you utilise your otherwise boring time surfing the web. And trust me that every site which is out there is different from the other, but of course they do offer you the same commitment of giving you some extra money by doing real simple tasks like providing answers to some questions. But what caught our attention was the fact that not every survey website matches the great expectations which people have about earning that free money.

Our Valuable InboxDollars Review

It is quite natural for all of us to have great expectations from the paid survey sites which exist on the internet. The first thing is that we give you recommendations for only legit rewards sites that have to their name a good history of treating their members well and also pay them for doing some simple tasks. The second thing is that the app or website should be convenient to use and should be easily accessible, last but not the least it should definitely be worth the time of our readers. Check out below Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit? Earn money from Snapchat

So read further to see where InboxDollars stands as per our own usage :

InboxDollars is Legitimate : Yes the site is definitely legitimate as it has paid $50 million to its members. Not only this InboxDollars speaks loudly with its following of 2 million on Facebook.

InboxDollars is Easily Accessible : Yes it is ! With an easy to understand web interface this app is very accessible on iOS or Android.

Less Time More Money : The InboxDollars gives you an opportunity to earn more with the least effort and time. You can earn just by shopping online, watching TV, playing games, etc.

When we ticked the three points on our checklist we moved further by signing up on the InboxDollars site. Read further to know in detail our experience with the InboxDollars account.

Process Of Signing Up for InboxDollars

We were rewarded with a $5 sign-up bonus on InboxDollars for creating profile on the site, verifying the email sent and for watching the introduction video. According to us signing up process on this site was as smooth as it could be. Totally seamless !

What also grabbed our attention was the site tour which clearly explains the earning options on the site. Just like Vindale Research, we found a lot of ways to earn with InboxDollars. 5 Ways to start earning from Instagram

Gold Membership on InboxDollars

There is a point which makes InboxDollars different from its peers, it is the Gold Membership which they offer to their members. Yes, it definitely acts as a encouraging factor to stay active on this site. Nothing complex here as you automatically become a Gold Member as soon as you receive your first payment on InboxDollars. One exciting factor of becoming a Gold Member is that all your payments become super fast processed which can be up to 5 times faster than the InboxDollars non-Gold Members. So making most of this site sounds great !! Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit?

Ways To Earn Money on InboxDollars

Following are the major ways with which you can earn money on InboxDollars :

Take up Surveys

Watch TV

Play Games

Watch Videos



Easy Cash

Using it for Search

Timed Deals

Friend Referrals

Our InboxDollars Hacks

InboxDollars runs many promotions like cash back on doing online purchases, although a major portion of InboxDollars is similar to other paid survey sites which means there is no requirement of making purchases.

What you earn from a survey can range between $0.25 and $2.00 and it takes only 10-20 minutes to complete the survey. We took InboxDollars surveys with topics ranging from hobbies to travel preferences and many others. When you complete your profile surveys on InboxDollars it helps the site to offer you surveys which matches you. Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit?

The Topic section on the site is the more attractive for us as it can help us to browse the surveys and also know the time to complete and our earnings.

Using the Search Engine

By making InboxDollars as your default search engine you can definitely make some extra money when you search the web, in our case the search engine use extends to 20-30 times in a day.

Special Offers

Yes we did find the “special offers” segment on InboxDollars quite fascinating that is why we checked it to tell you in detail about it.

We found offers on InboxDollars for :

New streaming TV app memberships ($8.00)

Charitable donations ($5.00 if you make a $20.00 donation to a specific charity)

Registering with a free found-money website ($1.00)

Signing up for a prepaid debit card ($0.50)

Making a purchase from a retailer ($20.00)

WinIt Codes How to sell photos online and make money

An exciting thing that exists on InboxDollars is the WinIt Code which InboxDollars will give you. The site will post on their Facebook page or tweet, or put up a picture on Instagram which will contain a special redeemable code. After which you will be given a time limit to redeem that code on their homepage. Although it is completely free to participate in these code redemption offers but it is required to follow them on their social media accounts. Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit?


Just like Swagbucks, even InboxDollars has a program to earn cash back whenever you do your shopping via InboxDollars Shopping window.

We earned 2 percent on doing shopping through InboxDollars partner retailer.


You Get Paid On InboxDollars

We love how InboxDollars tells you the amount which you have earned in real time.

When you want to cash out the minimum amount is $30.

You can choose from payout options like :

eGiftcards with 45 choices

Prepaid Visa Card

Donations to charity with 14 options


Pros and Cons of InboxDollars

Pros of InboxDollars :

Great way to earn some passive income for the friend referrals

Using their mobile app is great to take up surveys on the move

The site gives you a  “100% Free offers” section with which you can earn doing no shopping at all

Awesome variety of ways to earn

The welcome tour video when you signup is of great help

Cons Of InboxDollars :

Some great and attractive offers do require purchases

While using Search you will need to disable ad blockers

Our Judgement : No doubt InboxDollars is among our new favourite paid survey sites.

Standing tall among sites like Survey Junkie & Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, this site impressed us with its easy to earn capabilities and cash out options. So go ahead and make use of it to earn some good cash for doing simple tasks !! Hpe you like this article Is Inbox Dollar a Scam or Legit?. please leave your comment below.