Psychedelic Fibre Which Offers A New Twist On The World Of Science
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// Psychedelic Fibre Which Offers a New Twist on the World of Science

It all started when a couple of professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, went out for sailing. Mathias Kolle, one of the professors at MIT, noticed that something was not right. As a mechanical engineer, he thought getting one knot wrong was pretty embarrassing, as he quoted in an interview with Quanta Magazine. Psychedelic Fibre Which Offers a New Twist on the World of Science

It is the leading new technology

Soon after, he completed a paper along with his colleagues that uses a unique way to look at the forces stressing and straining inside the tangled fibres to come up with an answer for, what makes some knots stronger than the others? Psychedelic Fibre

The knot theories have been in existence since humans can remember. One of the first knot theories proposed that different knots represent chemical elements, which was 150 years back. The approach did not work out, but it paved the way for the development of modern knot theories. Psychedelic Fibre

It is the work for the new century

The twentieth century focused more on developing mathematical descriptions of knots that can be distinguished. The descriptions are topological properties concerned with the features of an object to deformations like stretching, twisting, crumpling, bending, etc. The mathematics of theoretical knots urged biologists to investigate how real DNA and proteins twist and tangle. Moreover, some scientists have tried out models for hitch knots that bind ropes to poles at a larger scale. While, some have made test models out of titanium wires, fishing lines or strands of spaghetti to understand the force used to pull a knot and what parts of the knot are most likely to break.  Psychedelic Fibre

However, a mathematician at MIT, Jorn Dunkel, says that every knot theory and experiment has the same limitation making it challenging to understand the mechanism of knots truly. He says a lot of the hidden elements are on the inside, and the problem is that one could not look inside the material.  Psychedelic Fibre

there are a lot of plucked items

Going back to the professors at MIT, Kolle received an unexpected source of inspiration from a vivid blue seed mailed to him by a reporter in Mexico. It was a seed plucked from a plant called bastard hogberry. The seed bears a bright iridescent blue coloured fruit, resulting from an intricate surface design that interferes with light waves. Psychedelic Fibre

The MIT professors, including Dunkel, went ahead with constructing new simulations based on the stretchy fibres. They modelled several types of knots, spanning from the simple knots in a single rope to bend knots holding two separate strings together. Their study included estimating the stresses insides the knots and calculating the force required to undo them. Once their models were in place, the team set about to test these simulations, by comparing them to hues that showed in knotted-up fibres.  Psychedelic Fibre Which Offers a New Twist on the World of Science Psychedelic Fibre

the models are new in

The models in their study held up firmly as the depicted knots provided an accurate assessment of the different knots. One of the co-authors and MIT graduate student, Vishal Patil, mentioned that the best knot so far was the Zeppelin. The Zeppelin knot is formed in two loops lying on top of the other and gets its strength from countable topological properties. The knot has numerous rope crossings twisting each other in opposite directions and circulates in different directions to create friction.  Psychedelic Fibre Which Offers a New Twist on the World of Science /9-ways-for-protecting-yourself-online/

Their research confirms the strengths of knots developed over time, but the researchers hope to create newer ways to tie, loop and twist the ropes in different tangles. A topologist in knot theory comments on the research, saying that the paper is full of experimental and qualitative theoretical work. However, he believes with complicated knots, the assumptions become less accurate, and it is best to work with smaller knots. The research does not focus on the material either, and it becomes difficult to apply the same theories to a knot tied in a bristly rope and a knot tied in a smooth line.  Psychedelic Fibre

However, the research remains valid as long as it contributes to the required data to the knot theory. The research is being passed to several other mathematicians to add their knowledge base in the study.  The most significant advantage is that the researchers have a colour changing fibre to identify the inner mechanism of an object that could bring a change into the world of science. Psychedelic Fibre

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