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Wondering whether Survey Junkie Is Legit Or Not ? Read Our Review.

Reading everywhere that with Survey Junkie you can earn some extra money, especially when you are unable to take up a side hustle ? But if you still haven’t made up your mind or you still haven’t heard about it then our review is something exciting and a must read for you ! Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

Have You Heard About Survey Junkie ? If You Haven’t Then Read Further !

Survey Junkie is an online community absolutely free which makes payments to its users when they successfully complete the online surveys offered by this site. As per Survey Junkie their goal remains to connect the voice of users to companies and businesses which are helping to shape our world.

Explained in simple words, many big companies and brands make payments to Survey Junkie in order to study the needs of their target customers regarding existing products and to test ideas of new products. This helps them to save money as they do not end up making products which might not do well. Out of those payments Survey Junkie gives some portion to the users of the site or app.

Is Survey Junkie Really An Honest Site ?

This company called Survey Junkie got established in Glendale CA in the year 2011. Getting itself accredited by the BBB or Better Business Bureau with rating B, makes Survey Junkie really legit. The reason why BBB gives them a B rating is the fact that the complaints which are over 280 on Survey Junkie by its customers, all of them stand resolved. Best sites for earning gift card

Survey Junkie has been given a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot. Having over  12,800 reviews the site ; Survey Junkie holds a good and positive track record.

And as the website tells its users that You will NOT get rich by taking surveys, it is of course an honest way to earn that extra money.

How Does This Survey Site Called Survey Junkie Actually Work ?

Start Creating Your Absolutely Free Survey Junkie Account

The process of signing up with Survey Junkie remains absolutely free and extremely convenient. To sign up you can make use of your Google or Facebook account. You can do it manually as well. After receiving the confirmation email you can easily login to Survey Junkie account to start making extra money.

Get Some Survey Junkie Rewards Points

There are many available methods on Survey Junkie to earn those attractive rewards and points. To start with you can furnish your profile questionnaire and earn some points, after that you can take plenty of paid surveys, take up phone surveys, or test new products, etc.

No doubt online survey is the main way with which you can earn rewards on Survey Junkie.  Survey Junkie greets you with appropriate survey listing right there on the dashboard. Every listing tells you the number of points which the questionnaire will give you and also the time it would take for completion.

When you select to take a survey on Survey Junkie it will redirect you to a 3rd party website. Remember that every client which takes the services of Survey Junkie in order to get valuable feedbacks from customers owns a completely different site.

On the foremost screen you will be asked some qualifying questions which will help in confirming whether you match the demographics of the survey or not. After the confirmation if your profile matches you will receive a message on your screen with an invite for participation. Survey Junkie Review and write your opinion below. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

In case you fail to qualify the site will reward you with some points for going ahead and answering the required screening questions.

You will even get email notifications when there is availability of new surveys in your account.

Phone Surveys

Earnings  : $5 – $100

Very similar to online questionnaires, phone surveys are somewhat different too as they are taken with the researcher via phone. To start with you will be asked to finish a short online survey. You will get a call from the researcher who will inquire about your feedback and review regarding a product or service.

Although phone surveys are not available very often.

Product Testing

Earnings : $5 – $50

Testing products for companies are offered once a month (sometimes less). Your eligibility to go for testing any product will be first determined and once you are chosen to do that, you will first be required first given a brief survey online to complete.

After you are done you will receive your free product via mail to make use of and keep. When you have used the product for a decided amount of time you will be asked by Survey Junkie to complete an in-depth survey regarding the product and your feedback or experience after using it.

Become Part Of Focus Groups

Earnings : $25 – $150

The Focus groups can be done both in online and person. Very similar to the other earning opportunities available you will be required to first complete a tiny survey after which you will receive an invite to the focus group panel.

You will need a webcam for becoming part of focus groups that run online. When you agree to a set time, then have a call to discuss a particular products or service with other users. Focus groups whether online or personal give you the best and a much high earning opportunity with Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie Browser Extension

Earning some extra points is easy when you install the Survey Junkie Pulse browser extension. Of course you have to leave it installed for a minimum of 30 days to earn. The Survey Junkie Pulse extension analyses the users history of searching the web and then offers surveys that are based on your interests. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

After installing the Survey Junkie Pulse extension, you surf the internet normally and you get notified immediately when a new survey is available for you.

The Survey Junkie website and Survey Junkie Pulse Extension are two independent entities thus the surveys on them are totally different.

Redeem Rewards

You can view your point balance on the left side of the screen and 1,000 points earned on Survey Junkie are equivalent to $10. After reaching that minimum pay out point balance you can opt for a cash out via PayPal, e-gift cards or even bank account transfer of your earnings. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

All About Survey Junkie App

If you are the real survey junkie and love taking up surveys to earn some rewards on the go, then download the Survey Junkie app because it is the one for you ! Like a twin to its website, even the app is easy to use and extremely intuitive.

You will find the same navigation menu on the website and the app. Make use of the app to take surveys, know your points balance, see some tutorials, etc.

Survey Junkie Benefits

Being a site that is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface the benefits are evident.


There exist many sites where you can take up surveys to earn money but they also offer you other ways with which you can earn like : watch videos, play some games, etc unlike those Survey Junkie remains very honest in its approach. It offers you surveys and after finishing them you earn points.

It remains as simple as that ! No requirements of you learning some special skills or knowledge for completing those surveys. A completely free sign up that gives you surveys you earn points that can be redeemed as per your choice. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

Email Notifications

When Survey Junkie finds that you are qualified to take up any new surveys that are available it will immediately notify you via email. Guide to make money from online

Totally Flexible Options Of Rewards

Survey Junkie offers you 3 options to cash out your Survey Junkie points or rewards and those 3 options are :

  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank transfer
  • E gift cards

Requires A Low Payout For Redemption

All you will need is $10 as points so that you can go ahead and cash out your earnings with Survey Junkie. There are many sites that accepts a minimum of 50$ for payout.

If you are a new member then it might take more than a month or two to reach that threshold otherwise it will take close to a month.

Survey Junkie Is Legit

We all know that every company and business lack something and in the case of survey sites there is definitely a lot of criticism but with Survey Junkie we can say that the site is legit and it is evident from the strong community of more than 10 million members of this site.

With B rating by Better Business Bureau or BBB and the 12,000 reviews on Trustpilot profile with 4.5 rating proves that Survey Junkie can be trusted.

The Useful FAQ Section

Having a question answered on Survey Junkie is very easy ! All you need to do is click “help” on the topmost navigation bar that takes you to their FAQ’s page.

In case you still aren’t satisfied with the answers on this section then you can further click the “customer support” link below the FAQs to fill out a short form and expect a communication within 48 hours. Survey Junkie Review and write your opinion below. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

Disadvantages of Survey Junkie

This site may not suit everybody and following might be the reasons for you not liking it

Unnecessary Questions

Like with almost all survey sites, on Survey Junkie too you will be required to provide answers to the same questions repeatedly. Although this can be avoided by properly finishing off with your profile information. But still you may end up providing answers to the same questions many times only to be disqualified for certain surveys.

Surveys Disqualification

As mentioned by Survey Junkie the members of the site generally qualify for only 1 survey out of 4 which clearly means that even after spending a good amount of time on answering the qualifying questions you might be disqualified.

Although you will still earn little point balance that may be between 1 and 4, or $0.01 to $0.04.

Earning Potential Is Limited

Like the site tells you : you will not get rich by using Survey Junkie. There exist many other ways to make money from home which pay a lot more than just by taking surveys.

But in case you are finding a way to earn that extra cash for yourself then taking those surveys is a great idea !

After getting all the knowledge about Survey Junkie’s use and its benefits let us now take a look at some of the safety concerns, earnings on this site and who is best suited to make use of this site. Survey Junkie Review and write your opinion below. Survey Junkie a Scam or Legit?

Survey Junkie ? Is it Really Safe ?

Even if Survey Junkie is legit, this doesn’t imply that it’s safe too. Although it can be said that Survey Junkie is both legit and safe.

As per the privacy policy of Survey Junkie, “Aggregated data does not include personally identifiable information.” Which means that your personal details like your name, email etc will never be passed on to third parties who pay Survey Junkie for survey info. Survey Junkie Review and write your opinion below.

In case your concern is about sharing your bank information for earnings transfer the you may choose to opt for a much secured payment via PayPal or even an e-gift card. Make money fast

What Amount Can You Earn with Survey Junkie ?

Although there float Survey Junkie reviews which might make you believe differently, but there are definitely no hacks for earning huge amount on the site. Your earning with Survey Junkie differs relying on your demographic information. There is absolutely no way to determine the number of surveys which you will qualify for. This relies on the companies that Survey Junkie works at that point of time.

The surveys usually pay between $0.50 and $3. When you qualify and complete 3 surveys in a week, you can earn between $1.50 to $12 each month by just spending those minutes of your long day. Survey Junkie Review and write your opinion below.

For Whom Is Survey Junkie Meant For ?

Survey Junkie suits you perfectly if you :

Wish to make those extra little dollars in your free time

Are finding ways to earn but only if they require minimum effort

Love to share your feedbacks on different products and services

Cannot take up a part time job

Our Summary of The Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie is a completely secure and a legitimate site that helps you to make few extra dollars every month. Its user interface is absolutely simple and clean.

A completely free signing up process and a legitimate way to make a little extra money by taking up surveys, which you can easily do in your spare time !