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TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

It’s not hard to find the best TV shows on Amazon Prime, as Streamer is packed with the best series to try. But it can overwhelm your next glance setup a bit. But this is where we come in. We scrutinize the Amazon Prime catalog to bring you  the best, from newcomers like The Wheel of Time to true modern classics like The Boys. If the superhero is yours, you don’t have to look for anything more than invincible.

Try Jack Ryan for action and Downton Abbey for historical drama. If you’re looking for a Mind Twister, give Robot a try. Or, if you’re looking for an old favorite to settle down, there’s a house. Fortunately, everything on the list is available in both the UK and the US, so you can plan your next session in front of the TV from both sides of the pond. Keep scrolling and check out Amazon Prime’s best show summaries, without any hassle.

  1. Invincible:

Invincible is a superhero comedy based on the comic  series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, who co-produced The Walking Dead comics. The adult animation series is about Mark Grayson (voiced by Stephen Yun), the son of the world’s most powerful superhero, Omni-Man, also known as Nolan Grayson (J.K. Simmons). After Mark’s 17th birthday, he begins to develop his power-but his father helps him deal with them.

The ensemble  cast also includes Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, and Seth Rogen. Don’t be fooled by the style of Saturday morning anime. This is far from family-friendly, with just a handful of twists in the first few episodes alone. A must-see for fans of The Boys.

  1. The boys:

In a world where superheroes are everywhere, it takes a lot of time to stand out. So thank The Boys for the cruel and entertaining adaptation of Garth Ennis’ cruel (and damn wonderful) cartoon series. From the super-fast creation of a company full of corrupt supes in the opening episode to the upside-down Cliffhanger in the finale, Marvel and DC, invented on television, are like the blood of the Boys, the mayhem, and the dissonance of the C-bomb. I caught.

The protagonist of the story is Huey, an ordinary man whose partner was brutally murdered by a corporate supermarket. Billy Butcher, who also collided with  a superpower, seeks revenge and  teams up with Huey, who is reluctant (well, forcing a team-up). Several more non-supes will join in to form The Boys.

  1. Homecoming:

Robot creator Sam Esmile turns a popular podcast  into a TV series. Homecoming was technically created by  podcast writers Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz, but Esmail stamps are everywhere. Not surprisingly, he oversees all the episodes. Julia Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a counselor at a facility called Homecoming that helps veterans return to civilian life. At least that’s what she thinks. The show flies between the first day of Heidi’s work and the future point  where she works as a waitress with a vague memory of her time at homecoming and she goes home with her mother.

Capturing Aristo Stars like Roberts can draw attention to shows like Homecoming. This is her first foray into “event” television and she is excellent, but she is not the only element that deserves recognition. Season 2 focuses on Janelle Monáe’s mysterious leading actress, who deviates from the podcast and follows a whole new character.

  1. The man in the high castle:

It’s scary to imagine what the world would look like if the Allies were defeated in World War II. It’s a scary idea  that science fiction mastermind Philip K. Dick scraped a 1962 novel based on this concept and influenced this Amazon original series. The world doesn’t look the same anymore.

Under Nazi rule, the vast North American continent was divided into three territories, and it was within these boundaries that this fascinating story of  small resistance groups was unraveled. Alternate history, not necessarily a distorted reality, the show is fascinating. It has so many recognizable real-world emblems that it creates such a compelling display.

  1. Good Omens:

Michael Sheen and David Tennant play hostile angels and demonic demons that exist at the beginning of the universe. But despite their obvious difference (and the opposite boss), the two form a lasting friendship and, when the time comes, work together to prevent Armageddon. Neil Gaiman worked on this adaptation of his own 1990 book, co-authored with Terry Pratchett.

This BBC-Amazon collaboration is a quirky world of British whimsical  wit that has become loved by the two leads. The striking cast  also includes Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, Jack Whitehall, and other well-known faces, including a fun cameo from some giant Alistair. The series is full of irreverent humor and intriguing myths, making the six episodes of Good Omens a perfect escape.

  1. The wheel of time:

Prime Video may bring us the Lord of the Rings TV show, but you can watch another epic fantasy show while we wait. Also, based on a series of books, The Wheel of Time will star Rosamund Pike as a member of a powerful organization of women who can use magic. She takes a group of five young people on a journey around the world, and she believes that one of them could be the prophetic reincarnation of the dragon. Things really speed up in episode 4, and it’s  worth the dive.

  1. The underground railroad:

Barry Jenkins’ last project was Moonlight, one of the best Oscar-winning films of all time. Now the director is back on the Amazon Limited Series Underground Railroad. The underground railroad is constantly acclaimed for its powerful storytelling. In the series, Thuso Mbedu’s Cora Randall tries to escape slavery  on the subway of the same name-but in this alternative timeline, the railroad is not just a combination of a safe house and a hidden route, but a train.

It is a physical railway with a conductor. With excellent ensemble casts and beautiful filming, the Underground Railroad tells a powerful and tragic story. It’s best to watch it for several nights instead of seeing it all at once.