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Best free movies on YouTube

If you want to immerse yourself in a real old masterpiece but aren’t willing to pay, YouTube has a large selection of free movies. Fidelity is not always the highest. You may not have subtitles, but expect a fair amount of hard-to-find masterpieces at the price of some quick pre-roll ads.

Movies On YouTube

1) Sherman’s march | Movies On YouTube

According to experts not far from here, one of the 52 best documentaries in history, the film by General Sherman began as a record of the Union victory but fragile Civil War march. It was mad by the director’s own catastrophe. Instead, what emerges is far more intriguing to the experimental, well-honed personal quest for the very 80’s concerns of religion, history, unrequited love, and the threat of nuclear war. Warning empty: The subtitles seem to have been generated by a drunk robot.

2) Night of the living dead | Movies On YouTube

This lo-fi George A Romero Shuffleton isn’t where the zombie genre began, but it’s definitely his brain. Escaping from the creeping undead apocalypse and rushing to a distant farmhouse, his harshly shot group of Americans hangs a sense of pervasive destiny. Is it a symptom of a self-divided country, or is it just a nerve-breaking nightmare? Really both. Even if the word “Z” isn’t pronounced, Romero takes zombies as an avatar of all sorts of social dissatisfaction. It is not possible to vaccinate against these types.

3) The Kid | Movies On YouTube

There’s no such thing as a Charlie Chaplin movie that brings a smile to your face, and this 1921 attempt is probably the most smiling of all. It pairs Little Trump with even smaller companions: an orphan (Jackie Coogan), who takes him under his wings and trains in the technique of making more from the little ones. This is Paddington’s direct inspiration, and no better reference can be considered. The restored HD version is on YouTube.

4) Fanboys | Movies On YouTube

Fanboys is a love letter to Star Wars, as well as a parody of everything related to science fiction and fandom. Chris Marquette plays Linus, an enthusiastic fan of Star Wars who can only live for a few months because of cancer. Linus isn’t long enough to watch Star Wars Episode 1, so friends Windows (Jay Baruchel), Harold “Hutch” Hutchinson (Dan Fogler), Eric Bottler (Sam Huntington), Zoe (Kristen Bell) plans to break into the Lucasfilm ranch and show a movie for Linus. Along the way, their friendship is tested and some familiar faces appear in unexpected roles.

5) Stargate | Movies On YouTube

Director Roland Emmerich and co-author Dean Devlin generously borrowed from both Star Wars and Indiana Jones to develop Stargate. That may be why critics hated it at the time. Still, it’s a fun sci-fi adventure in itself, regardless of the Stargate franchise on TV. James Spader plays Colonel Jack O’Neill (Kurt Russell) and archaeologist Daniel Jackson, who accompanies his men on a secret mission to a strange world through Stargate. They found a world under the brutal control of an alien named Ra (Jaye Davidson). And together, Daniel and Jack rebelled against La and his followers. Movies On YouTube

6) The never ending story | Movies On YouTube

Please do not worry. You can almost endless edits on YouTube, but the neverending Story doesn’t really last forever. Anyway, this is one of the most memorable children’s fantasy movies of the 80’s. The young Bastian Bux barely avoids the tyrant’s gang and encounters a mysterious book called The neverending Story. In this novel, Bastian follows the adventures of Atreyu. Atreyu’s mission is to save the childlike Empress and the lands of Fantasia from those who are not afraid to consume them. But as the story progressed, Bastian couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the novel was actually happening, and he unknowingly became the star. Movies On YouTube

Movies On YouTube

7) Scum | Movies On YouTube

Famous for the snooker ball scene with no snooker at all, Aranklark’s groundbreaking British drama is brilliantly performed with a central twist, especially by young Ray Winstone. He plays Borstal’s prisoner Carlin, who looks 16 years old and is gaining tremendous momentum while striving for alpha status in a block of cruel bullies. .. For some reason, the wrath of the movie doesn’t overwhelm the technology. Clark’s camera is always in the right place to capture the undercurrent of malice and scratches. You can bruise, but it is essential. Movies On YouTube

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8) Battleship Potemkin | Movies On YouTube

Angry sailors set out on the city of Sergei Eisenstein’s great Soviet landmark. As one of the film’s fathers, it is best known for its ingenious editing and shocking Odessa slaughter scenes. It’s been nearly 100 years now, but I’m still crazy about movie students, directors, and movie lovers. Sure, it’s a bit faster and easier to play in the story (there was no slaughter in the steps), but that’s not a problem: it works even for non-Bolsheviks. Movies On YouTube

9) The lady vanishes | Movies On YouTube

The premise is simple a British woman disappears on a train all over Europe-but Hitchcock’s timeless locomotive pirate execution. Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave are two curious people trying to find out what happened when the kind old music teacher Miss Frey  suddenly disappeared. Plays an Englishman. Rainy days are easier to get off than Earl Gray cups, but finding a hitchcock cameo is very difficult. Movies On YouTube

10) The heartbreak kid | Movies On YouTube

Elaine May’s hilarious anti-romantic comedy starring the late and great Charles Grodin. He and his wife (Oscar-nominated Jeannie Berlin) played the newlyweds on their honeymoon, turning the heads of Cybill Shepherd’s very whimsical students. Neil Simon’s female sharp script is a helpless male devilishly entertaining takedown that no one unhooks. Eddie Albert and Grodin, as writhing love mice with their up-and-coming father-in-law, face each other in random, thin lines, so it’s worth a look. Movies On YouTube