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Ideas in Kashmir for Make Money

Kashmir has a lot of ideas for small businesses that don’t need a lot of capital in the first place, and some don’t even need startup capital at home. Therefore, if you are a resident of Kashmir and complain about the economy while you are supposed to run a business, it is your own responsibility, not the government.


Many people are entrepreneurial in Kashmir and you should be one of them after reading this post. After reading this post, choose a business idea that works for you and take immediate action.

1) Dairy

Kashmir imports large amounts of milk from outside. Zam Zam Dairy and other local brands are already taking action, but not enough to close the big gap in high quality milk supply in most urban areas of Kashmir, attracting serious business attention. I am. In addition to milk, Kashmir also has a huge local market that includes homes, restaurants and hotels for butter and tofu products.

2) Tutoring Service

This business idea does not require capital. If you are good at a particular subject, you can become a tutor and make money with parents who want their children to do well in class. So many graduates make a fair amount of money by providing home education services every month and you can have some of them.

You can start your tutoring academy where students need to come to your home, or you can choose a location. You can go to their house to teach them. Either way, you will make money with your knowledge.

You simply market your availability to parents in your area and let them know that they can deliver what they want. For now, you can keep prices low so you don’t waste time negotiating. After you build trust and your parents see improvements, it’s time to increase your rates to the rates you want.

3) Tourism-related business

Tourism is an important industry in Kashmir, providing about 30% of employment to local residents. For reference, more than 1 million tourists visit Kashmir each year, and the number is increasing every year.

We know that the Kashmir economy is getting more tourists and more money from spending on restaurants, hotels, transportation and more.

4) Poultry

The production of poultry products in Kashmir is very weak, which means that demand exceeds supply. If you have studied economics or know the law, you should know what it means. Starting a poultry farm in Kashmir is a great idea as Indians eat imported chicken and eggs. Because these products are lacking in the country to meet their needs.

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5) Rental Service Store

Kashmir is a favorite place for tourists to visit, so you can open a rental service store that includes car and room rentals. Not only do you need to rent real estate to tourists, but you can also provide tour guides, ski lessons and other things for tourists and generate additional income from these Kashmir tourism business ideas.

6) Recycling and Recovery Business

This is the idea of ​​a cashmere business that most entrepreneurs do not pay close attention to due to the nature of the business. This is a business idea that can make a lot of money. You can collect cans, scrap metal, plastic, etc. and send them to a recycling company for payment. All you have to do is go to the landfill and choose materials that can be recycled, and you are already making money.

7) Event Organizing Company

Most people do find it difficult to organize and handle events. This is where the service of an event manager is needed. If you have good event management and promotional skills, you can start this business in Kashmir. In this business, you will need to hire people to help you handle some aspect of the business.

8) Taxi Service

This is a must-have item around the world and Kashmir is not left behind. UBER has released a smartphone application in India, but few citizens use it. But with either method, you can still make money. If you want to take advantage of the UBER, you can enroll your car in the UBER Partnership Program to earn income. It can also meet the needs of those who are standalone and do not use UBER.


9) Agribusiness

Located in Kashmir, India, this sector is one of the major sectors of the economy. Agriculture accounts for 22% of the economy’s GDP. It is still the only major contributor to the Indian economy.

What are you waiting for in this fact? If you dare to work on this business idea in Kashmir, you will be one of the people who help cure hunger in the country. The main cultivated crops of Kashmir include wheat, rice, corn, apples, walnuts, onions and vegetables. Kashmir entrepreneurs can take this opportunity to make money with little or no capital.

10) E-Commerce Solutions

Many local retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses need professionals to help them take advantage of the growing trends in online shopping. As a e-commerce expert, you can help by creating the various e-commerce solutions you need for your business, including online portals, virtual shopping carts, SEO, SEM, and SMO services.