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Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most famous and popular games across India, and bowling plays an important role in the name of the fastest bowler cricket in the world.

1) Shane Bond || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Shane Bond

Shane Bond played in New Zealand from 2002 to 2010. He is the fastest right-handed bowler. His fastest delivery time is 156.4 km / h at the 2003 ICC World Championships. He is currently coaching Mumbai Indians in the Premier League. He is a bowling coach. He also showed the best bowling performance in a friendly against Zimbabwe.

2) Mohammad Sami || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Mohammad Sami

Right arm Quick, who played for the Pakistani cricket team between 2001 and 2016, bowled a 156.4km / h delivery at ODI with Zimbabwe in 2003. Sami, Pakistan’s second fastest bowler after Shoaib Akhtar, made his test debut. 8 wickets of 106 New Zealand runs, including 2 5/36s. During his 15-year career, the 40-year-old won 85 wickets from 36 tests, 121 wickets from 87 ODIs, and 21 wickets from 13 T20Is.

3) Mitchell Johnson || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Mitchell Johnson

On the third day of the 4th Ash Test in Australia in December 2013, Johnson’s fastest ball, one of the fastest bowlers made in Australia, was discovered against England. Johnson’s bowling became the 398th player to play test cricket in Australia after defeating former South African skipper Graeme Smith twice. He also hit Ryan McLaren with his right arm, causing a hairline crack. Johnson played 73 tests, 153 ODIs, and 30 T20Is, collecting 313, 239, and 38 wickets, respectively. He also did a decent job on the racket and won 2065 test runs and 951 ODI runs. In 2014, Johnson was awarded with both the ICC Cricketer of the Year and ICC Test Player of the year award.

4) Fidel Edwards || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Fidel Edwards

Known for his pace and aggression, Fidel Edwards played against South Africa in 2003 and hit the fastest ball as a rookie of international cricket. At that time, he was the second fastest delivery in international cricket. The Quick Right Arm Bowler made his test debut against Sri Lanka in Jamaica in 2002, scoring 5 points in his first inning and quickly marking it. His ODI debut was even better when he won 6/22 in Harare in 2003 with a 7 over against Zimbabwe. Edwards has played 55 tests, 50 ODIs, 22 T20Is and won or won 165, 60, 17 wickets so far.

5) Andy Roberts || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Andy Roberts

Former West Indies bowler was one of the fastest and most feared of his time. His fastest performance was in Perth in 1975, at 159.5km / h against Australia. Roberts was the first Antigua player to represent the West Indies team. He was part of the West Indies team, which won the first two Prudential World Cups in 1975 and 1979. Outside the game, he coached the West Indies team in the 1990s. Now 70, Roberts has done 47 tests and 56 ODIs, winning 202 and 87 wickets, respectively.

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6) Mitchell Starc || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Mitchell Starc

As one of the fastest bowlers in the world, Stark made the fastest bowling against New Zealand on the third day of his second test in 2015. Known for its swaying yokers, Stark is the fastest bowler with 150 ODI wickets and, interestingly, has achieved two hat tricks in the same game at Sheffield Shield against Western Australia in 2017. A 31-year-old who was part of the Australian The team that won the 2015 World Championship has 244 test wickets and 184 ODI wickets.

7) Jeff Thompson || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Jeff Thompson

Thomson, the fastest bowler of his time, bowled in Perth at 160.6 km / h against the West Indies in 1975. On January 27, 2016, Jeff was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame. He took a total of 200 test wickets and 55 ODI wickets.

8) Brett Lee || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Brett Lee

As one of the fastest bowlers in the world, Lee reached 160.8 km / h in Napier in 2005 against New Zealand. Impressed by his test debut against India in 1999, he won seven wickets, including carrying five tickets in his first inning. Statistics show that he has become the first Australian bowler to win Pfiffer on his debut since Dennis Lillie. Lee played an important role in Australia, which won the ODI World Cup in 2003 and 2007. He submitted 310 test wickets, 280 ODI wickets, and 487 first class wickets on the balance sheet.

9) Shaun Tait || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Shaun Tait

The second fastest ball in cricket history was bowled by Shaun Tait of Australia with the Lord against England in 2010. He led Australia’s bowling attack at the 2007 World Cup when Lee was injured and ended the tournament as the second best wicket player in 23 wickets. Tait retired from ODI Cricket in 2011 after Australia finished the 2011 World Cup. Tait averaged 23.56 and won 62 wickets with an economy of 5.19.

10) Shoaib Akhtar || Fastest Bowlers In The History of Cricket

Shoaib Akhtar

There is no price to speculate that the fastest bowler in Pakistan’s cricket history is the Shoreive Actar, called Rawalpindi Express, at that speed. He holds the fastest bowling record of 161.3km / h against England at the 2003 World Cup. His average bowling speed was always 145-150 km / h. However, throughout his career, pacemakers have been involved in some controversy. In 2008, Aktal was banned for five years for criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Commission. He was involved in ball tamping for the Triangle series in Sri Lanka in 2003. Akhtar played 46 tests, 163 ODIs and 15 T20Is, winning 178, 247 and 19 wickets, respectively.