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Longest Sixes In Cricket History

The sixes that the batter scored at the right time is one of the most exciting times in the cricket field. However, it is definitely the ideal placement when the ball flies far. For those who follow the game, seconds are immeasurable because they can’t help but think about how high the ball will fly,  whether it lands in the defender’s hand or flies straight to the display.

Cricket fans are obsessed with cricket because of those little momentary expectations. Anyone can blow off a batter by hitting the top six. Cricket fans saw numerous strikers on the ball and hit the ball from an extreme distance. Few batsmen, like Shahid Afridi and Chris Gale, are very tall and can hit the ball outside the arena. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

   // List Of Top 10 Longest Sixes In Cricket History

  1. Shahid Afridi:

Incredible Pakistani cricket player Shahid Afridi has won his nickname boom with his heavenly batting skills. He had the fastest batting average compared to any other batter during his career.

Shahid Afridi holds the record for the most 6 hits in ODI design. He recorded many long 6s during his career. But his longest six opposed England. At the time he hit the ball from the arena with great force. You should have seen the substance of Stuart Broad when Afridi beat him at a 6 of 158 yards. Shahid Afridi’s six are the longest in international cricket. In doing so, Shahid Afridi occupies the highest position in the longest six-person overview of  cricket history.

  1. Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj, the king of six, who holds the  fastest T20 International Fifty (12-ball) record and  six consecutive six records on the T20i,  is known for his big six. Hitting a cricket ball with his high backlift is a pleasure for all cricket fans around the world. Yuvraj is one of the most stylish hard hitter in cricket history. He just flipped the ball from Brett Lee and he widened the line. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

Most Dangerous Hard Hitters In Cricket History

  1. Corey Anderson:

Corey Anderson recently retired from the  New Zealand team and made headlines by playing  for the United States in International Cricket. However, in a one-day international match against India on  January 19, 2014, he  hit a massive 6 while batting. Corey Anderson had a reputation for hitting big six at the time of the match, and no one was surprised when he hit the delivery of Indian pacemaker ace  Mohammed Shami, 122 yards long.

  1. Mark Waugh:

Australia’s legendary and highly talented batter, Mark War, was known for his stylish batting style. He also created a list of  the biggest 6-hit cricket players in the history of the game. He is one of the greatest Australian cricket players ever. Mark Waugh defeated Daniel Vettori’s throw at 6 over 120 meters, not only playing in Australia, but also defeating his team in a friendly match against  the New Zealand cricket team, breaking numerous records.

  1. MS Dhoni:

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni also has his name in our overview. He is a beautician on charge and Doni imagined a shot of a helicopter. Doni is considered the best finisher in cricket history because of his ability to hit 6 when needed. He recorded his longest 6 against New Zealand when he hit a huge 6 and the ball left the arena. Mahi didn’t want to see where the ball was heading. It shows how solid and certain he was that it was 6. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

  1. Chris Gayle:

Six, T20 Cricket, and Chris Gayle are the three  that have been linked since the “Universe Boss” first entered the T20 era. While  best known for his destructive power in franchise cricket, Gayle also served the West Indies well at T20 International during his time on the West Indies team. Gayle chose toss by hitting Yusuf patan’s throw from 116 yards during the team’s World T20 match against India. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

  1. Shahid Afridi:

No one in the cricket world knows this master butter. He started his career with the fastest 50 in ODI Cricket and  the fastest century to set a world record for the next 18 years. Retired from the One Day Cricket, he played  memorable innings and defeated many stunning six. Shahid Afridi’s hit in bowling for Andrew Simmons is the fifth longest six in history.

  1. Corey Anderson:

New Zealand cricket player Corey Anderson took his name at 122m 6 against India in our rundown. He is one of the most impressive forwards on the ball from a New Zealand group. He is known for breaking Shahid Afridi’s fastest century with a 17-year-old ODI record. He recorded his longest 6 in cricket history when he threw a ball from the recreation area for a 122-yard 6 against India. It’s a good batting experience and you can see the essence of the unfortunate bowler Mohammad Shami. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

  1. Ijaz Ahmed:

Ahmed, a former Pakistani cricket player who played for Pakistan in test matches and ODI between 1986 and 2001. Ijaz Ahmed was a medium-sized right-handed batter. He was a sweet Longest Sixes In Cricket History. cricket ball timer and a dangerous batter. Ijaz Ahmed scored the biggest goal of his career against England when he hit the ball six yards off the ground. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.

  1. M. S. Dhoni:

Again, former Indian captain MS Dhoni occupies a permanent position on the list. He is considered the greatest commander in history in cricket. During the Commonwealth Bank series, Dhoni recorded the second highest 6 against Australia at the limits of the Adelaide Oval. He hit the ball with so much force and force that he quickly left the arena. Australia staged the Tri-series for the  first time.  Australia dominated the game, but Dhoni’s longest six are eye feasts. MS Dhoni is the latest six batters in cricket history. Longest Sixes In Cricket History.