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Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Join the VALORANT Team

One of the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) games available today is called Valorant. The top-ranked Indian squad right now in Valorant is Team Mahi. The group formerly known as Velocity Gaming and founded by Manoj “Sentinal” Kashyap consists of Anuj “Amaterasu,” Tejas “rite2ace,” Karan “Excali,” Sabyasachi “Antidote,” Vibhor “Vibhor,” and Sagnik “Hellff” Roy.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Join the VALORANT Team

They were representing India at the regional finals of the PVP Esports Valorous Open Championships, which will be held in Singapore in December 2020. In the end, the competition was conducted online, and Team Mahi placed third, demonstrating their status as one of the better Valorant teams in Asia and undoubtedly one of the best in India. We spoke with the sportsmen to better understand how they play the game and get their advice for aspiring Valorous players.

1. View your position and fill it

Some people enjoy duelling, while others enjoy initiating. While flexing is a great way to improve your rating when it comes time to apply, look for a position that actually appeals to you. Finding that position, adapting your resume and/or portfolio to the job description, and going for it are all better options.

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While sending out a general CV to several open positions at once might seem to increase your chances, you’re better off getting that clean one tap to the perfect role rather than trying to spray and pray.

2. Talk to your teammates

In a teamplay game like Valorant, communication is crucial. The information gathering and dissemination to the team is the responsibility of the initiators. As a result, effective teamwork can enable the player to alert his or her colleagues of the enemies’ whereabouts.

3. Get accustomed to gun recoil

Get accustomed to gun recoil

Whatever firearm you choose, stick with it until you are familiar with the recoil and rate of fire. Once you’ve mastered these two skills, your shooting will improve and you’ll be more likely to score. One thing to keep in mind about gun recoil is that the first nine bullets will cause the pistol to draw downward; to correct, move your mouse in the opposite way. Once bullet 10 is reached, the gun moves left to right; so you will need to make an adjustment again.

4. Review the Riot Values

Riot’s daily activities are guided by its five core ideals. As follows:

  • First, Player Experience
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Together We Thrive
  • Excellence in Execution
  • Keep famished and humble.

You’ll be well on your way to joining Riot and the VALORANT team if you read these values and can apply them to your own professional experience. Anytime you can demonstrate how your values line up with ours, whether it be by enhancing the player experience in one of your favourite games or working well with a teammate to complete a task, it will be beneficial.

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5. Play the role of a helpful agent

Players that use initiators have the option of playing either defensively or aggressively. Playing as a helpful agent can have a significant impact on the rounds if a player lacks sufficient confidence in their aim.

They can help the team by sharing knowledge and offering fresh perspectives. The squad can use the knowledge to take down the adversaries in the interim.

6. Adapt the crosshairs

Adapt the crosshairs

In each FPS game, crosshair modifications are essential. It is always a matter of personal opinion; there is no universal pattern, kind, or colour that looks good on everyone. You will be able to determine your own crosshair needs after you have the swing of the game, and Valorant lets you change, tweak, and adjust crosshairs to various levels.

7. Be Persistent

We’re determined to keep adding people to this team. Riot is full of wonderful individuals that applied more than once before it was established. Please don’t let rejection from a job you apply for demoralising you. Try to learn from the experience, seek clarification where you can, and reapply for a position that matches your qualifications.

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We wish to hire passionate individuals to fill the many available positions. Therefore, even if you don’t succeed the first time, showing our recruiters that passion hasn’t diminished at all on the second try will demonstrate to them that this is a team you truly want to be a part of.

8. Keep a check on the other site

Enemies frequently move to different locations on the map. As a result, the initiators can determine whether or not the opponents are rotating. One of the best ways to serve as an initiating agent and aid the team in defence is through this.

9. Use a knife while running

Keep in mind that you can run faster with a knife than with a rifle. Equip a knife to help you move more quickly when navigating the map.

10. Play ferociously when attacking

Players who like an aggressive playstyle should choose an initiator agent like Breach. Aggressive play is an option for players who are accurate and self-assured enough to play on the front line.