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Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

If you have some stuff that is lying in your household or business useless and you are thinking of getting rid of it then we have for you some great ideas to sell that stuff online after taking into account their, checkout below Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff Online.

 Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

Your expected profit margin
Ease of selling
Security features, etc

Without thinking further lets go to the point and see the apps which help you to sell your used items :

  1. Decluttr

This is one app that helps you to get rid of or sell stuff like DVD’s, CD’s, Video Games, etc. When you are done with these items, just download the app, enter the item which you want to sell and get instant valuation for it. If you find that quote good go ahead with the sale procedure. You need to wrap up that item, put the free shipping label sent to you by Decluttr and drop it at the nearest location of UPS or an Authorised Retail Outlet. As soon as the items arrive at the destination you would get your payment through PayPal, check or even through a transfer to your selected charity home. Repayment of student loan. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

2. Letgo

A substitute of Craiglist, Letgo lets you sell your stuff in your neighbourhood only. You can sell your household items, clothes, tech items, etc on this very popular app. This app gives you convenience of use and also some in app tips to sell stuff without any trouble. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

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3. thredUP

This app gets the A+ rating from Business Bureau because of it being completely secure and a trustworthy app for buying and selling stuff online. You can visit the site to find the list of stuff desired by them and let us also tell you that this app was specifically built to sell used clothes online. You get an estimate before you send off the items so if the quote suits you, order their free closet clean out kit and keep all your used garments that you wish to sell. Send the items and after successful processing of your order get your payment through PayPal, shopping credit or via Visa Prepaid Card. Read below Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online 

4. Airbnb

If the item you are looking to sell is your space in your household, which is available for a short time then look no further than Airbnb that lets you rent out your space or room for as much time as you want. Just download the app, put some details with pictures of the space to be put on rent and start receiving offers. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

5. OfferUp

A secure and trusted buying and selling app, OfferUp also rewards you for being a repeat seller and if you offer customers a smooth buying experience. This feature also gives you an option to know the credibility of a buyer or seller before you engage in business activities with them. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

6. Facebook App

A seamless way to sell your stuff online is by visiting the Marketplace page on Facebook where you can sell your items by adding them to the category, price and creating a listing. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

7. Facebook Groups

You can join Facebook buy and sell groups which exist in your area. After that you can choose the category in which your stuff belongs, there are separate listings for individual items and huge sales. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

8. Instagram

Apart from reading your favourite bloggers posts you can also make use of your Instagram account to sell your used stuff. Click a picture, choose a nice hashtag and you are good to go !

9. Recycler

With its main categories of vehicles, housing and pets, Recycler makes selling easy for you. Create an account using your Facebook profile and start selling your stuff asap.

11. Smiles

As the name suggests, 5miles lets you sell your stuff within five mile radius of your location. It creates a Marketplace which is completely safe and secure but also super fun and easy to use. Guide to invest in stocks right now

12. Trove Marketplace

A great app to buy and sell furniture online. When you list your stuff on the app you get an option to fix a price or accept bids. You even get the option to decide your mode of payment : cash or debit/credit. After you accept the offer and confirm your price you get to meet the buyer and go ahead with the exchange process. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

13. Chairish

Another great app for selling used furniture online. Just like the Trove app you click a picture of your item, create a listing by setting a title along with a product description. The listing process is completely free and Chairish gives you a much higher selling price when compared to Trove. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

If you want to sell your services online, then we have figured out the following apps for you

14. Fiverr

The best place for selling gigs, Fiverr is the most appropriate app for selling your creative writings, video editing and graphic design. As a freelancer you get to decide what service you want to offer and also set the price. The price range could be anything between $5 to 995. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

15. Airbnb Experiences

Unused spaces aren’t the only thing that can be sold through Airbnb but you can offer a class or a workshop like a cooking class, baking workshop, fitness or dance class, etc. All you have to be is unique with the experience that you offer on Airbnb. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

16. Rover

You can offer services to pet owners on the Rover app. You can do doggie sitting, walk the dog or play with the pet kind of services. Set your own rate and when you want to give your services. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

17. Upwork

A great app that connects thousands of freelancers to businesses who want their services. You can be a web developer, a content creator or a graphic designer, if you are good at your work then Upwork has opportunities for you to make the most of your skill sets. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

And without forgetting our selling partners from the online world who have been here since a long time

18. Amazon

By making use of Amazon Seller Marketplace you can sell stuff across various categories ranging from books, jewellery to tech. You can avail their membership and get paid monthly for selling your stuff. But if are not a bulk seller then choose the individual plan that has no fee attached. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online 8 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff onlineCraiglist

With the largest collection of potential buyers, Craiglist still is a popular app among sellers. Although not very user friendly, the app is great for areas that aren’t much developed. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

19. eBay

Hearing this name since ages now, eBay strikes our mind first when we think of buying or selling stuff online. Whatever comes to your mind can be sold on eBay, so go ahead and sell whatever you have lying unused or useless. Sell locally or across borders with eBay. Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online

But make sure that whenever you think of selling stuff online go through all the available details and reviews of the app or website. Find out the fee charged and their specialised selling products. When you get updated with each and every detail, create a listing and sell your used items online ! Best Apps For Selling Your Stuff online