Top 22 Best Money Making Apps
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Top 22 Best Money Making  Apps That Can Make You Money Fast in 2020

You must be aware of the many apps out there which give you loads of ways to earn money when you work online. Fine out below Best Money Making Apps . They help you do some simple stuff and earn PayPal cash or free gift cards and even cash back on your purchases. We have brought down for you a list of apps that help you earn money and divided them under the following categories:

Best Money Making Apps

The Survey Apps For Making Money Apps for Cash Back and Earn Money by Receipt Scanning Simple Tasks Money Making Apps Make Money By Selling Your Stuff

// The Survey Apps For Making Money

1. Swagbucks : $10 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

This app known as Swagbucks helps the user to earn money by using your iPhone or Android phones. One attractive feature is you get a free $10 bonus for signing up. Earn while traveling

After signing up users can make money when they take a few surveys , watching videos, surfing the internet, playing games, shopping online, etc. The points which you earn on Swagbucks are known as SB points that can be exchanged for PayPal cash or redeemed for gift cards for Amazon or Walmart.

Swagbucks puts no limit on your earnings and this amazing app for earning money has been awarded an A+ rating by BBB which is also a good reason to be trying this highest paying apps.

You can read our full Swagbucks Review here.

2. InboxDollars : $5 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

Almost like Swagbucks, InboxDollars lets you earn that quick $5 bonus, after which you can make more money with InboxDollars that will pay you for opening and reading emails and further answering some questions related to those emails.

Your earning ability doesn’t end here as you can also watch their daily television clips posted daily and earn some good amount of cash.

To withdraw your earnings you will need $30 minimum collect and InboxDollars works on a cash only system, therefore no worrying about converting points to cash or getting them redeemed for gift cards.

You remain busy surfing the internet or fiddling with your phone so why not do it in a way that can help you to make money.

3. MyPoints : $10 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

The users get delighted when they get $10 Amazon gift card just for signing up on MyPoints.

The way is keep doing stuff that you already do and by signing up on the app and doing things like online shopping, taking up surveys, playing online games, and reading emails from the partner companies help you earn some good money. The points you accumulate by doing tasks can be exchanged for cash, gift cards, travel miles etc.

4. Pinecone Research | Best Money Making Apps 

The reason we admire Pinecone Research is that every survey taken on the app pays the user a good $3. Another great fact is that they will offer you surveys that match your interests and demographics. Earn money from blogging

Apps for Cash Back and Earn Money by Receipt Scanning

5. Rakuten : $10 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

Just like the other cash back sites even Rakuten, earlier the Ebates app offers its users a free gift in the form of $10 sign up bonus.

After creating your Rakuten account or a mobile app and completing your $25 purchase on the site you will receive your $10 welcome bonus. With as many as 2,500 retailers on Rakuten making a purchase doesn’t sound too difficult as you would be otherwise shopping for quite a few of them on a daily basis.

One more way with which you can earn with Rakuten is by successfully installing the Google Chrome browser extension which will give you an alert while shopping at a Rakuten partner retailer for any deal. You just have to click on that notification or alert and do your shopping.

You will receive your free money as cash back in your Rakuten account every 3 months via check or PayPal credit, whichever one you choose for.

Read the Rakuten review.

6. Ibotta : $10 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

A great app to get some cash back for your shopping, Ibotta has become very famous all over the world as it extends to brands dealing with groceries. One added feature is that users can make more money by inviting their friends on the app.

So when you can get $10 just for signing up, this app will even pay you $5 for every friend referral. Your earnings capabilities are unlimited on Ibotta.

7. Dosh : $5 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

The most simple app to use Dosh. All you need to do after you download the app is just link your credit card with the app and next whenever you shop at the participating merchants using your credit card and the points you collect for doing so will be added to your “Dosh Wallet”. After the point balance reaches $25, you can easily opt for a cash out through a Direct Deposit or Cash deposit on PayPal. Read the Dosh review.

8. Receipt Hog | Best Money Making Apps 

The Receipt app is the best app which does not take new users every time so you have to keep checking. It is an app that gives enables credit for every receipt that you can imagine.

So whichever restaurant or store comes to your mind make sure that you scan the receipt on the Receipt Hog App.

Make Money With The Following Passive Apps

9. Acorns : $5 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

Acorns app is your investing partner. Before making your investment portfolio Acorns asks you a few questions.

The app is extremely easy and convenient to use as after you have made your purchases the app collects and invests your change. This app is very useful for people who are struggling to save. The Acorns app is absolutely free for college students and also for people falling under age 24. Acorns is currently offering a $5 sign up bonus.

Read the Acorns Review here.

10. Nielsen | Best Money Making Apps 

You must already be aware of the Nielsen ratings for TV shows, but we found that even more than TV Nielsen collects data. They need data as they are into internet usage research.

How does it benefit you? Nielsen will pay you $50 a year when you keep their app on your most used web surfing device. Nielsen collects statistics on your internet usage anonymously which means no data will ever be linked to you. Earn money on Snapchat

Best Money Making Apps

11. Stash | Best Money Making Apps 

For people who are expert investors, the Stash app would be very easy to use for you. The app does all the work while you only select your interest ; which might be energy or tech and you get a customised portfolio for you. In case you are wondering from where to start and how to start do it with as little as $5 and the Stash app will do the rest for you.

12. Slidejoy | Best Money Making Apps 

This is an app that is probably the most easy one to make money. But if you want to know how Slidejoy works :

When you turn on your phone there would be an greeting you,

Now it will be your choice to ignore it by sliding right and unlocking your phone or to engage with the ad by sliding left.

When you will slide left your phone will unlock and you will be taken to a destination that is specified by the advertiser like Google Play, YouTube, coupon page, etc. Slidejoy will slowly learn your ad preference and will show you your preferred ads that will pay you with an option to cash out your earnings through PayPal or gift cards.

Simple Tasks Money Making Apps

Do little but get great returns with these apps :

13. Uber Eats | Best Money Making Apps 

By signing up on Uber Eats you can make use of your extra time and your otherwise ideal vehicle to deliver food. That too at your own convenience !

You just sign up on Uber Eats as their delivery partner, after that you are good to go and you can start delivering at your own convenience with your choice of working hours. You want a day off ? Take it ! You want to deliver for an hour only ? Do that ! Plus you get your cash out on the very same day ! As easy as it sounds.

14. Instacart | Best Money Making Apps 

After signing up as an Instacart shopper you would be playing the role of the grocery shopper and also delivering it. Your pay will be decided after considering the average size of your orders and how many average number of miles you drove per trip for delivery. Tips from customers are an added bonus.

Instacart shoppers earn close to $15 an hour.

15. HealthyWage | Best Money Making Apps 

The HealthyWage app provides different ways to earn money which can be : you can earn money by taking up their weight loss challenge on a personal level or as a team challenge.

If you choose a personal challenge you can choose your entry fee along with the dates. If you successfully meet your goal you can get free money or the predetermined prize amount, which can be get paid $10,000 to do it.

16. Rover | Best Money Making Apps 

Are you a dog lover ?

If yes then Rover is the app for you as you earn by spending time with your favourites : dogs. The app will connect with you with people looking for dog walkers and dog sitters.

If you are a pet sitter, then you will be paid between $25-$100 a night.

A 30-minute dog walks fall in the $10-30 range.

17. Lyft – $1000 Bonus | Best Money Making Apps 

In case you are getting bored but live in a busy area then earn by making most of your free time, by becoming a Lyft driver.

The current promotion on the app gives new drivers an instant $1000 bonus when they complete their 125th ride.

Make Money By Selling Your Stuff On These Apps

18. Airbnb | Best Money Making Apps 

If you have a vacant space in your home or office then make use of it by renting it out to people who might want to rent it. Create a listing on the app. Write details upload the pictures. Calculate your renting amount using Airbnb’s income calculator.

By becoming a host on Airbnb you can choose your renting price, the availability of Space , the house to be followed, etc.

This way you can earn free money from your vacant space !

19. BookScouter | Best Money Making Apps 

Do you always head to your local book buy-back store ? Then it is time to pause and have a look at BookScouter that lets you have an in depth look at the book prices across 44 vendors. After which you can choose whichever one offers you the best price.

There is no fees at all for listing or shipping.

20. Decluttr | Best Money Making Apps 

There is no point keeping stocks and stocks of old CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-rays. But by selling on the Decluttr app you can earn some good dollars for your otherwise useless stuff. Make use of your smartphone scan your item with a bar code and get a price quote. When you accept the offer you get a box from Decluttr and you can ship your item in that. Decluttr will give you an instant cash price for the item.

Money making apps you need to get

21. OfferUp | Best Money Making Apps 

The most easy to use and a very flexible app according to us. Listing your items on the OfferUp app is super convenient like, Craigslist. An attractive feature is that you can check the buyers profile before you sell.

And if you are scared to meet strangers, then choose the option to ship the items to them and get payment via PayPal.

You can ship nationwide with this app and get many offers to choose on a single day ! How to buy a new house

22. Letgo | Best Money Making Apps 

A combination of Pinterest and Craigslist which is Letgo.

If you don’t like meeting up with unknown people then make use of this app to sell your stuff. A totally free to use app !

Totally different than other platforms which take away 10-20% of the final price of the products as their fees.

The most easy way to earn without paying even a single buck but earning a good amount of money with Letgo app.

There are so many ways that help you make money fast by doing some simple stuff. Spend your boring and free time on these apps and get some dollars !!