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Top 5 Best Free Fire players in the world

One of the most played games at the moment is Free Fire. This has caused its competitive market to expand rapidly and attract a number of top firms. Although the players’ nationalities are incredibly diverse, none of them is particularly standout Latin Americans. Comparatively speaking, they don’t exhibit a very high level of play compared to the best video game players.

Top 5 Best Free Fire players in the world

The mobile game Free Fire is well-liked all across the world. In India, it has also been able to amass a sizable player base. Although Free Fire gamers may not be as well-known as PUBG Mobile players, they are unquestionably talented. Ranking the top Free Fire players is particularly challenging because each player is famous for a specific set of talents. The best 5 Free Fire players are listed below in no particular order, and players can subscribe to or routinely follow their gameplay.

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Since this player’s prominence primarily lies in India, it’s likely that you are unaware of who he is. This well-known Indian YouTuber and streamer has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers. He is committed to playing Free Fire consistently and streaming it to his Twitch live audience. He is regarded as one of the top players in the competition. He currently maintains one of the top KDAs in the world, yet this is not his most well-known trait.

SK Due to the number of headshots he successfully connects with, Sabir Boss distinguishes out as one of the top Free Fire players. If you are an expert in Free Fire, you must be aware of how challenging it is to carry out this work frequently. The Indian player in this instance plays it as though it were something that came naturally.

2. TSG Jash

TSG Jash

One of the top Free Fire players in the world and a member of the top 1%, TSG Jash. He is a member of the TSG team, and he is frequently contrasted with TSG Ritik, another outstanding Free Fire player and his close friend. No matter the game mode, Solo, Duo, or Squad, TSG Jash excels in each one.

He belongs to the Heroic Tier and has a Season 12 score of 3354. One of the two teams invited to the Free Fire Asia Invitation last year was the TSG squad.

3. SULTAN PROSLOSultan Proslo Free Fire logo

If you have looked up tips on how to improve at Free Fire, you surely have come across this moniker. He is a well-known YouTuber with more than 15 million subscribers and the top Free Fire player in the entire world. Sultan is a native of Indonesia, in contrast to many of the best Free Fire competitors. He routinely exhibits a very high level of play that is nearly unheard of. We cannot claim that Sultan is the only player with such extraordinary skills.

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He has played in almost 800 squad matches so far, winning nearly 300 of them. This is a win percentage of around 40%, which is completely unheard of and difficult for any adversary to match. He is regarded as the most outstanding KDA player. He averages a minimum of four kills every game.

He also has scandalous numbers for his individual games. In this category, he displays a win percentage of more than 10%, which is exceptionally high for any player. If you have played this game before, you are aware of how challenging it is to get this astounding number of triumphs.



Possibly the fastest player in Free Fire is RAISTAR, who is also from India. He moves so quickly that some people even believe he is a hacker. Even today, you have no idea when he’ll quietly murder you. He is feared by many even in one-on-one combat because of his rapid movements and precise aim. 63% of Raistar’s headshots are successful. He is primarily recognised for his close-quarters fighting.


These two competitors are well regarded for being among the top Free Fire competitors. Their performance in their careers makes them stand out. TSG Jash shows his partner great abilities. He typically performs better overall, makes better decisions, and is more accurate. This does not imply that Ritik is a poor player; rather, his partner outperforms him. In their respective games, both players are a perfect match. They have more than 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, where you may follow them.