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Wicket keepers In Cricket

In cricket, as with batting, bowling and fielding, all three factors are important, and wicket retention is also important. Looking at the history of cricket matches, the great wicket keeper had a lot of wickets. In some cases, the wicket keeper has taken over the team’s match. Also, the work of a wicket keeper requires great care and speed. He can’t be late, or he doesn’t have enough time to stumble. The ball bouncing behind the batter comes so fast that he has to be vigilant, focused, and fast. Every team needs a good wicket keeper, as a bad wicket keeper can cause losses.

Wicket keepers In Cricket

1) MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, IPL’s best wicket keeper, has had a great career as a wicket keeper and batter. Dhoni is one of the successful team captains with exceptional success for the team. Behind the stump, Dhoni has become one of the greatest wicket-keepers of all time, with 256 catches and 38 stumps for overwhelming performance. He is the fourth Indian cricket player to reach 10,000 ODI, and the fourth wicket keeper to achieve this feat, following Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid. He is also sometimes referred to as one of the greatest finishers in cricket history. He is also one of the greatest cricket captains of all time.

Among the top five players in One Day International history, he is the first Indian to beat 200 Six. In addition, Dhoni earned 183 * against Sri Lanka. This is the highest score for a wicket keeper. The victory of the second ODI World Cup in India in 2011 was the result of Dhoni’s most important career, as he had no plans to stop playing cricket. One of his notable achievements is the 91-run innings against Sri Lanka in the World Cup final at the Wankhede Stadium. Inning was one of the best shots in cricket history. Despite all the pressure, Dhoni calmed down and led India to victory.

2) Adam Gilchrist

Former Australian captain Adam Gilchrist is a wicket-keeper batter. From 1971 until his retirement, he was a left-handed batter on the Australian national team. Gilcrest’s amazing career makes him one of the best wicket-keepers with 379 catches and 37 stumps. Sports Australia inducted him into the Hall of Fame in 2012 and the International Cricket Council placed him in 2013. Gilchrist won the 2003 Alan Border Medal after winning the 2002 Wisden Cricket Player Award. In 2004 he won the title of “World’s Scariest Batter” in an international bowler vote. And so far, he has been called one of Australia’s greatest ODI batters.

Gilchrist gained fame when the Australian team took control. Gilchrist scored 149 runs in the second test against Pakistan at Hobert, and formed a partnership with Justin Langer in the sixth wicket for 238 runs. The 2001 competition with South Africa was one of Gilchrist’s most memorable test innings. The test cricket is the fastest in the second century in history, with just 213 balls and 204. After mastering her, he forced her to submit. He gave Australia a 173 run lead over India on 99/5 in early 2001.

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3) Kumar Sangakara

Former Captain Sangakara is from Matarey, Sri Lanka and was born on October 27, 1977. While he was on the Sri Lanka national team, he had a magical left-handed and outstanding wicket keeper as his backbone. In his number to guarantee him, he was probably one of the best batters and ticket gates of the 21st century. During his 404 ODI and 134 tests, he accumulated a huge sum of 14,235 and 12,400 runs.

His incredible stump and super catching skills make him one of the greatest wicket catchers of all time: 131 catches and 30 stumps. Thanks to his attitude and never giving up on the evergreen shape, he has achieved some significant success internationally.Wisden named Kumar as the best cricket player in the world in 2011 and 2014. His two consecutive LG People’s Choice Awards made him a popular name. The Sri Lankan lineup dates back to the memorable 192 in Hobart, where he played against Australia in 2007.

Among the modern generation wicket-keeper batters, the diversity of Sangakkala is essential to the success of his team. With 80 tests and 246 One Day International, the former Sri Lankan captain took over Jayawalden in all forms of the game in 2009. After he became a leader, his power soared. The former Sri Lankan captain took control and was a great success. Lead Sri Lanka to victory in Bangladesh’s Tri-series and defeat Asian rivals India.

4) Ian Healy

Ian Healy played an important role in the revival of international cricket in Australia in the 1980s. He was a porter whose main task was to maintain the porter, unlike his modern successor. Healy also enjoyed being part of the team. And many consider him one of the most popular cricket players in history. Faced with a fast bowler, he was the master behind the stump while in front of the spinner. Healy is known as one of the greatest wicket-keepers in cricket history, with 366 catches and 29 stumps. In addition to this, he was also able to flash his blade and win an important run as a mid-range batter.

He made a name for himself in the field by constantly chatting behind tree stumps and fighting batters. Healy made his debut in Karachi on the first test of the Pakistan tour. He was suddenly promoted, but at first he found his new role difficult. As a wicket keeper for the Australian 20th century team, Healy’s achievements have brought him a spotlight. The great Rod Marsh, Wally Grout and Don Tallon preceded him in this regard. He also won the Wisden Cricket of the Year Award in 1994.

5) Brendon McCullum

Retired New Zealand international cricket player Brendon Barry McCullum is a well-known cricket player known as the “Buzz” McCullum. September 27, 1981 is his date of birth in Dunedin, New Zealand. He used to play on the side as both a wicket keeper and a batter. Occasionally, McCullum is used not only as a right-handed bowler, but also as an aggressive right-handed batter. Still, thanks to his impressive wicket-keeper skills, McCullum is one of the greatest wicket-keepers with 168 catches and 11 stumps. He is also sometimes referred to as one of the hard hitters in the cricket world.

On February 20, 2016, McCullum achieved the fastest test century in test history with 54 balls. He recorded his first three centuries in a friendly match in New Zealand. In a test against India in February 2014, McCullum recorded 302 runs, making him the first New Zealander to achieve this feat. 2014 was also the first calendar year for New Zealand to complete 1,000 test runs. The International Cricket recorded 123 runs to defeat Bangladesh in a T20 match. He scored 158 points against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008, but was not the Kolkata Knight Riders. This is the second highest score in the history of IPL.