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Cricket Bats

Cricket is a gentleman’s sport and players pay very close attention to everything in the game. From game rules to kits used by players. There are many things involved when it comes to top performance. Player skills and rigorous practice are very important, but the gear they use also plays a very important role. The key components of cricket are the ball and bat. Cricket Bats

Each player chooses the club that best suits their needs based on their strength, playing style and physical condition. As a spectator, we barely notice this obligatory instrument. However, there are many types of cricket bats. A good cricket bat is a must for any cricket player in the world, but it’s even more important if you’re just starting your dream of becoming a professional cricket player. Here’s a list of the top 10 cricket bats in the world. Cricket Bats

 Cricket Bats

However, I would like to point out that a good cricket bat is heavy on your pocket and you may need to loosen your wallet a bit to get it. There is a wild notion that humans are most likely to fall into prey. This means that all bats are equal and amateurs are most susceptible to it. Cricket Bats

Top 10 Longest Sixes In Cricket History

1) Puma Evopower

Puma is another exercise equipment company that is very popular with players in a variety of sports. The Puma Evopower Cricket Bat is one of the best in the business. Made from first class unbleached English willow. Willows are selected according to their density, performance and grain structure. Cricket Bats

Higher and stronger swells improve high speed hitting power with accuracy, control and balanced intake without sacrificing the significant impact of power hitting enhanced by the large hitting zone. increase. In addition, the handle is made of Puma pipe. This manufactured and improved short handle guarantees maximum impact on the base.

2) Reebok Centurian

Reebok is a world-renowned brand of sporting goods and has a prestigious club collection. Centurian is widely recognized as one of Reebok’s best cricket bats. The racket was traditionally designed in a heavy shape, but interestingly, its pickups are surprisingly light. Reebok also combines the best designer expertise with the latest racket technology to create this racket.

Made from Grade I English Willow, Sarawak’s tubular handles improve shock absorption and performance, with thicker edges. Reebok Centurian is made by the professionals for the professionals. Therefore, it provides the proper power balance to achieve the balance required by a large racket.

3) Kookaburra Pace PRO

Pace PRO is one of the brand’s leading rackets. It is also made from the finest quality English willows, carefully selected and naturally dried after harvest. Bats have a huge profile, but they are still surprisingly light. It has a handmade design and an optimal power consumption ratio.

This racket was specially developed for New Age hitters. Its dynamic and powerful club face enhances the delivery of explosive batting games. The racket features a big edge square profile and a Sarawak stick handle.

However, this racket has a very light pickup that provides flexibility.

4) SG Savage Extreme

SG is the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket supplies. It is also the number one cricket gear brand in India. SG’s R & D team is renowned not only as a leading cricket player but also as an international player as a panel member who provides valuable feedback so that equipment can be updated from time to time. The company is currently launching this medium bulge racket, ideal for improvisational players.

The SG Savage Xtreme blades are made of the finest English willow and the handles are made of high quality imported Sarawak tubes for improved control and strength. It has a traditional shape and style that adds maximum stability when playing shots.

5) SS Ton Gladiator

Sunridges is one of the oldest brands in India that manufactures cricket bats. Its fame and popularity are high among local players, but international cricket players are also trying to use the product. The SS Ton Gladiator is a popular racket, especially because it provides great power, balance, and impressive power.

Made of carefully selected English Grade I willow and the handle is made of Sarawak combination tube, which increases impact and helps absorb impact. The rounded edges should be especially useful for aggressive players. The only downside is that the price of this bat is a bit heavy as it is made for professional cricket players.

6) Spartan CG Authority

The Spartan CG Authority is one of the best cricket bats used by players around the world. In addition, this racket is designed to handle even the most explosive forces of the most powerful rackets. The design is perfect for the power hit style of modern cricket. It has a huge sweet spot and the edges are really thick.

The racket is made of Super Grade I English Willow and has a full backbone middle profile. The handle is made of tube and rubber and has excellent flexibility, controllability and strength. It has a flat side with curvature. Specially developed with Chris Gale’s striking style in mind, it complements Chris Gale’s maximum striking power.

7) Adidas Libro 5.0

Adidas is a world-renowned brand of sporting goods, from shoes to bags to jerseys. Also make a cricket bat. Libro 5.0 is one of the most popular bats in international cricket. It is designed for batters with the strength to attack gameplay. It has a raised arch and an amazing profile flowing through the center, with great pickups and balance due to the large edges.

This is one of the best bats made from British willows and has carved shoulders. It provides an ideal medium sweet spot for balanced ground shots. This bat now has a very eye-catching and unique graphic. Cricket Bats

8) Kookabura Kahuna

Kookaburra is a cricket bat maker known to all cricket players around the world. There are many different types of bats, and Kahuna is said to be the best. It combines easy absorption with great force to produce maximum impact on its clean striking surface with straight, evenly distributed particles. Its precise shape and square face, along with the thickness of the edges and the cute bow, make a great stroke. Cricket Bats

With a blade made of the highest quality cashmere willow and a handle made of 12 parts Sarawak round tubes, the Kookaburra Kahuna is arguably one of the best. It also has a unique toe protection function with excellent moisture absorption. Cricket Bats