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Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC

There was a time when the best indie games were overlooked, whispered in game forums, and rarely competing for prizes. No more. In fact, it can be argued that a well-processed indie gets more love than a much larger cousin. Huge AAA games like the latest Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty may come and be a splash, but people lovingly remember indie games like Undertale. Since we all began to worship the Internet, games of all kinds have received the attention they deserve. Most of the time, it’s the AAA titles that are hyped on the moon, but with the right innovations and viewers, indie games are just as much appreciated and popular. Below are the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.

All you have to do is check out Stardew Valley, one of the most profitable games of 2016 on Steam to see this. Better yet, it was done by a man. The indie game proves that selling video games in the 21st century does not require huge budgets, multiple teams, and heavy exaggerations. Here are some of the best examples that small people have to offer. That unordered list will definitely be obsolete tomorrow when the next big one hits. So this is also a living list of the best indie games. When you have a favorite game, add it.

Below are the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC

1) Furi

I feel like Game Baker has to pay me every opportunity I get about how much I praise Furi. This is one of the best of 2016. This is mainly due to the simplicity of defeating a series of bosses in a neon nightmare environment. With a killer soundtrack, great graphics, and almost captivating levels of difficulty, Furi is an enthusiastic dream of guns and bullets that more people need to play. There is no excuse. Thanks to the porting to Switch, which is becoming the home of such great indie games, you can also play Furi in the bathroom these days. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.

2) Rise & Shine

This is a real weak person. Rise & Shine is a fascinating declaration of love for the game, much deeper than originally expected. Bring your skills and patience. This run and gun (yes, really) from the Super Mega team gives you a lot of rewards. It may be a little short, but there is still a lot of fun in this game. Not only does the look beautiful, Rise & Shine indulges in a homage to the heroes of the game and at the same time feels like a whole new thing. Many may have overlooked this as of 2017, but it shouldn’t really be overlooked. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.

Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC

3) This War of Mine

As in April, don’t expect the opportunity to come to This War of Mine and laugh at the pain of everyday life. Indeed, if you invest enough in them and allow them to seriously participate in the controversy of your irregular group of survivors, don’t be surprised when the inevitable tragedy begins. This wargame is different from other games. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.

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This mining war does not portray you as a militant Caucasian moody, as many of his associates do. Instead, you play as a survivor of the war and feel consistently vulnerable. Bless the gods of business that it will be easier for you after going to the fridge and playing the miserable game of 11 Bit Studio. Once you`re suitably deharrowed, go play Frostpunk.

4) Don’t Hunger

What do you get when you mix Tim Burton’s films with survival and roguelike elements? Don’t Starve, a game you’ve always wanted to get in and out of every few months since you started. So it’s not that hard to find anywhere.There are many games you need to survive, but few go home as hard as Klei Entertainment’s randomly generated nightmare world. At night, things happen in the middle of the night, so the world around you can quickly turn into your grave. Survival games have never caused so many panics among gamers, and indie developers have never done it well. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.

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5) Inside / Limbo

Is it a cheat to add two similar but very different games from the same developer as one entry? Of course, it’s very difficult to choose just one pair that deserves more attention than the other pairs. Just like Inside looks, Limbo’s simple aesthetic is as appealing. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC. Devilishly challenging puzzle game, both Inside and Limbo go to dark places and reluctantly drag the player into his many horrors. Tensioned, rewarding and absolutely unique, Playdead’s two modern masterpieces represent much of what makes the indie industry so fascinating.

6) Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is the work of a man who has warmed many men and women around the world. Simplicity is beautiful, but addiction is deadly. Four months have passed before you even know what’s going on, and you’re just regaining consciousness from that grip. Being a very good game, pirates are starting to buy their copies of each other. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.  You can approach Stardew Valley at your own pace. So whether you take care of the farm or go on an adventure, the choice is up to you. In a world where it seems never to escape conflict, the escapism offered by Eric Barone’s jewels should not be underestimated. However, if you feel friendly, multiplayer can help you socialize.

7) Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is one of Kickstarter’s few success stories that promotes what good crowdfunding can do for indie games. Without the right funding platform, we wouldn’t have had one of the biggest side crawlers in game history. The developers have also returned their kindness with constant free updates that add hours of gameplay.

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History is the keyword for Shovel Knight because it owes much to the styling of the NES classic. Despite being a game inspired by a variety of inspirations, Shovel Knight has accomplished the amazing feat of feeling old and new at the same time. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.  Difficult but never unfair, the debut of a yacht club game must be on your wishlist if you still don’t want to know what all the turmoil is.

8) Outlast

With more than 90% of horror games at the time of release, Red Barrels’ Outlast is a proud indie. It has the visual luster of a game built on a much higher budget, along with the atmosphere and tone that accompanies it.For most of the play time, Outlast does not give in and exposes the almost defenseless protagonist Miles Upshur and the player to serious coercion. It helps that the surrounding, overkill mental hospitals are one of the scariest things in the game. When I turn the corner with only a camcorder that guides me, I don’t know what’s ahead. The sequel is also pretty good. One of the Top 8 Best Indie Games on PC.