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Some of the Most Expensive phones

People will be smarter than ever, and many of us will use $ 2,000 worth of mobile phones in 2021. This does not mean that this article will publish mobile phones at regular prices. If you want to find the latest high-priced smartphones, visit this expensive new smartphone on the market today.

Many expensive and beautiful phones are worth using today. These most expensive phones have a great user experience and are very convenient for individuals. Many people want one of the most expensive phones in the world to get the job done perfectly. Most people love to enjoy a luxurious life on vacation or on vacation by taking and posting vivid photos and videos using one of the most expensive phones in the world.

The list of some Not-So-Cheap phones are given below:

1) Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 pink diamond

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

The most expensive phone in the world is the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition, which costs an astonishing $ 48.5 million. The FalconSupernova is a bespoke iPhone 6 launched in 2004, plated with 24 carats of gold. The back side is decorated with diamonds. Coated with platinum, it has anti-hacking technology to protect the owner’s information from snooping eyes.

Pink Diamond Falcon Supernova is the dream job of owner Nita Ambani, wife of Asia’s richest man and Indian cricket team. This isn’t the most beautiful phone on the list, but it’s still the most expensive phone in the world, so please respect it.

2) Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Elite Gold

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Stuarts Hughes maintains its dominance in the luxury phone market and has become one of the most expensive phones in the world. The next Stuarts Hughes iPhone is worth an astonishing $ 9.4 million. There are many expectations for being the second most expensive phone in the world. With this in mind, the Elite Gold iPhone 4 certainly won’t disappoint.

The handmade phone is covered with 500 carat diamonds and the back and logo are made of 24 carat gold. The logo has an additional 53 diamonds and the home button is made of 8.6 carats of diamonds. If you lost or misplaced this 8.6 carat single cut diamond. That way, with an investment of $ 9.4 million, you’ll get an additional 7.6 carat of single-cut diamonds as a backup.

To conclude it, the phone is in a damn good box. In fact, it’s like a chest. It is made from solid platinum with genuine polished parts from the original TRex dinosaur bones. It ends with rare gems such as opal, star sunstone, rutile quartz, charoite and pietelsite.

3) Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Only two phones have been manufactured so far, each fully tailored to the owner. The phone is made of solid rose gold, contains 500 100 carat diamonds, and the Apple logo is adorned with 53 diamonds. The home button is made of 7.4 carat single-cut pink diamonds. You’ll be delighted to know that for $ 8 million you can get a sturdy granite presentation box like the Goldstriker Supreme or Kings Button.

4) Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Made of 221 grams of 22 carat gold. The iPhone’s bezel contains 136 diamonds, and the Apple logo on the back of the phone has 53 diamonds. The Gold Striker also features a single-cut diamond for the home button, weighing 7.1 carats. If the phone doesn’t do this on its own, it could be packaging and the way it is presented! Buy the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme and you’ll get a sturdy granite case. It is made of a piece of granite and is decorated with top grain leather and cashmere gold.

5) iPhone 3G Kings Button

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

A whopping $ 2.5 million iPhone 3G Kings button. The phone was designed by Austrian designer Peter Allison and is made in 18 carats of yellow, white and rose gold. The white gold stripes that span the entire edge of the phone are adorned with 138 diamonds. Perhaps the most important and extravagant feature of the iPhone is the 6.6 carat single-cut diamond that was used in place of the iPhone’s original home button. If fixing a 6.6 carat diamond to run the app isn’t a luxury, you don’t know what it is. This phone is considered one of the most beautiful phones on the market and is very popular with phone fans.

6) Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is considered one of the most expensive phone in the world. The phone was designed by Aloisson and manufactured by JSC Ancort. The majority of mobile phones are made of pure platinum, and the logo and home button are made of rose gold. In addition, the phone is set with 50 diamonds, including 10 rare blue diamonds. The small amount of wood on the side of the phone is made from Makassar ebony. Apart from the super-luxury aesthetics of the phone. The software used was developed using special encryption techniques to protect the confidential information of the owner.

7) Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

For a cool $ 1 million, you can own one of the most expensive phones in the world. Part of a limited edition of 3 units only. A unique number is engraved on the back of each phone. The phones are made of striking 180 grams of gold and black diamonds, each 45.5 carats. If you like mobile phones with different textures, the back panel is made of precious wood from 200 year old African wood. Each button on the phone is also decorated with hand-polished 32 carat gemstone sapphire.

8) Goldvish Le Million

Top 8 Most Expensive Phones In The World

At the time of its publication, Lumilion won the Guinness Book of Records location as the world’s most exclusive and expensive phone. This phone was designed by jewelery and watch designer Emmanuel Gueit. Made of 18K white gold, set with 120 carat VVS1 diamonds, the display case is made of sapphire crystal. The Goldvish only makes three phones as part of the limited series, so it’s hard to get one.