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Best Website Builder Tools

There are more than 50 website builders on the market. All the tools provided below will create a website easily at a low cost. Below are the Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools. Best Website Builder Tools

Who should use a website builder?

The website builder is not for everyone. Though they are a fantastic asset. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools

It’s right for you if you want to create a:-

  • Small business websites
  • Personal website or blog
  • An E-commerce website is an online store to sell the product.
  • You want it fast and cheap.

It’s probably not for you:-

  • If you’re an experienced web developer/designer who has knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP.
  • If you want to build a complex and big website.

Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools (Free & Paid)

Here are the 9 most popular and best website builders:-



  • Very easy to use
  • Free version and trial available
  • 630+ themes and templates
  • Good for websites, blogs, and online stores.
  • Reliable performance
  • AI builder (5 min website)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No live chat support.
  • Email accounts cost extra.

Wix website builder provides you 630+ themes that are suitable for many different businesses, individuals, and non-profits.

They have themes that are best for blogs, online stores, or a business website. They also have every theme categorized by photography, portfolios, travel, food, beauty, and more. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools

Other than different themes, they allow you to choose fonts from 100+ different fonts and you can also upload your custom fonts. There are 1000+ images in stock if you need any images for your website.

You can showcase your work by creating a gallery. Free favicon and logo marker included. This feature helps to develop logos for your website. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools. Best Website Builder Tools

You can create an online store to sell the products, create coupons, and send it an email newsletter with the help of Wix. Therefore, Wix is more than a website builder. Best Website Builder Tools

Wix provides you drag and drop features which makes creating websites simple.

Drag and drop feature allows to simply reorganize the website, add sections, and make modifications that make publishing and making changes to the website instant. Best Website Builder Tools

They also introduced new features recently named ADI. It is an AI that creates a unique Website for you.  Wix AI can create a website suitable for your business and needs.

Wix users have iOS and Android apps available that allow them to edit the website on other devices. Multiple editors or authors can be assigned to one website. That is the biggest benefit if you have a big team and organization to make your website. Phone and ticketing support is only available.

When you sign up in Wix they will be responsible for hosting your site. They have a stable uptime of 99.98% and loading time is 412 ms.

To test their service they offer a free plan. When you create an account they warn that you cannot connect to your own domain name and the website will have Wix ads. You can upgrade later anytime. Best Website Builder Tools


  • Every plan comes with a 14-days free trial.
  • SSL free included in all plans.
  • The free domain name for 1 year is included in every yearly plan with renewals cost of $12.95/ year.
  • The cheapest plan starts from $13/month with 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage.
  • Cheapest Ecommerce plan starts from $23/Month which includes unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage.
  • Email accounts cost $6/month each through Google suite.

Top 5 Website Rippers

2. (CTCT builder) – Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Free version
  • Includes AI builder
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Great selection of free images
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Uses layout instead of templates
  • Editing images is difficult.

Constant contact builders offer the customer with a guided AI wizard that crafts a completely custom website to which you can add content, suggestions, and personalized images.

Mobile-friendly websites are created automatically by AI builders. With pre-built options, text, color, and image editing tools, editing a newly generated website is simple. It also offers email automation, third party plugins, and supports automatic syncing with social networks. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools.

Constant contact builder’s every website on a robust and speedy Content distribution network (CND). This allows the user to get the fastest loading version available at any time. You won’t have to worry about branding as they offer AI-powered logo makers.

They are very easy to work with. They will ask only a few questions and on the basis of your answer, they will create a personalized website.

With the help of AI-powered builders, you can easily add new pages and edit sections and customize the layout.

They are integrated with major payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

Clients are provided with access to more than a million quality images, something that takes the burden of taking high-resolution images and sourcing quality photos out of your hand with the integration with an Unsplash image library.

They also offer a free plan with 30 days money-back guarantee. The free plan helps you get used to the platform and decide to upgrade or not. But the email subscriber list is limited to free plans.

They give you the chance to send targeted emails that you can personalize. They also offer features such as website analytics, lead capture forms, and event registration.

24/7 live chat, email, and phone support is also provided. Constant contact is the best option for eCommerce owners as they allow consumers to set up an online store even while using the free trial.  For customers with business plus plans, there is no transaction fee. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools.

The uptime of constant contact is 99.98% and the speed is 264ms. A solid and affordable option for small business, email marketing, and non-techie business owners who don’t want prolonged website design process is constant contact.


  • Free plan available
  • Free SSL certificate in all plans.
  • The free domain for 1 year comes with all paid plans. Which at renewals at $22.00/year
  • The cheapest plan starts from $10/month which includes unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • E-commerce is included in all the Plans but with limited 3 items and has a 3% transaction fee.


3. SITE123. Com


  • Good for small businesses.
  • Free limited plan with ads.
  • Online shop features can be added.
  • Also, a gallery can be added.
  • Website translate features.


  • No drag and drop
  • Not everything is fully customized.

You can create a small business website, blog or eCommerce website by using SITE123 which is an easy website builder. All the templates in SITE123 are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools.

It is very flexible in uploading images, changing fonts, color schemes, adjusting the structure and design of your website’s homepage. But you can’t change the template of your website. They also provide 100+free stock of images and access to free Google fonts library. It can link out to 25 different social media platforms and can integrate with only a few clicks.

SITE123 website builders provide you an alternative to drag and drop Website builders by choosing to give clients a simplified option that allows them to upload their content in wireframe layout. Using the easy interface can speed up the set-up process but decrease the customizability.

They also allow the clients to create multilingual websites. This is the best option for international business as there is no need for multiple websites in other languages, but simply an additional language version of their website.

They also help the client to enrich their website content by providing them website plugins, including analytical tools, live chat support, marketing, and webmaster tools.

The customers can edit beta and title descriptions, customize URLs, and add alt text to images as they provide SEO functionality.

A 24/7 live chat and phone support for any technical issues are provided. Access to their knowledge center, packed with free guides on how to use their tools and features, and clients also check out the website builder tutorials on their youtube channel.

You can easily activate your domain-related email with SITE123.

In SITE123, clients accept PayPal and stripe online payments. Coupon code can also be delivered through social media and email marketing. They also offer a free SSL certificate. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools.

They have a stable uptime of 99.87% and page speed is 724ms.


  • Free version available.
  • Free SSL included in all the plans.
  • The free domain name for 1 year is included in all the yearly plans with a renewal cost of $13.00/year.
  • The cheapest plan costs $8.45/month with the limited bandwidth of 45GB and 90 GB of storage.
  • Limited email accounts.


4. Squarespace. Com – Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools


  • Easy to use, drag, and drop Available.
  • Modern 70+ themes and templates.
  • Very intuitive
  • Reliable support
  • Good selection of add-on features.
  • Best for creative business and people.



  • High monthly cost
  • Limited third-party integration.

Squarespace is a website builder that offers 100+ themes and templates which are responsive to both phones and tablets. Squarespace is a platform that provides you perfection in designs, fonts, sizes  and images.  The site styles menu allows great templates customizable. The platform definitely lives up to its”build it beautiful” tagline.

The biggest advantage is that they give the opportunity to such templates without losing any content. You can also use multiple templates for the same website at once. They provide you the freedom to create unique templates by swapping your own photographs but they must be in high resolution. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools.

As it offers clients a number of handy features including multi-author functionality, post scheduling, AMP support, and hosting your own podcast, they are the best option for blogging.

Four mobile apps are available for Squarespace. The best one is Squarespace which provides you the opportunity to rearrange almost all aspects of the websites, including blogs, stores, and pages.

They also offer SEO optimization options, including options to customize the meta-description, tags, and URLs. You can also add alt text for images but it’s complicated.

They offer add-on features such as social media widgets, gallery widgets, tools for restaurant, and appointment scheduling. It doesn’t support extensions and third-party apps. Third-party can be implemented if you use code injection as a developer toolset.

E-commerce websites can add-on online stores with an interface where they can easily manage products, order, inventory, and coupons discounts. Payments can be done by Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Best Website Builder Tools

The Squarespace interface is not intuitive but it looks appealing and minimalist. The usability leaves to be desired as it requires you to save the new changes which are time-consuming. Best Website Builder Tools

They have 6 interface languages that are EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, and PT. As it relies only on Google translate, it is not robust when it comes to creating multilingual websites. Best Website Builder Tools

Cover page builder, G suite, and Getty images are the new features launched by them recently. The option to edit content Live by using lining edits and some other features are implemented in New version that is version 7. Best Website Builder Tools

The uptime is 99.99% and page speed is 587ms.

They offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, email tickets but there is no phone support. They also have a knowledge base with guidelines and Videos.


  • 14 days of free trials with premium features.
  • Free SSL with all Plans
  • The free domain name for 1 year with all yearly plans and renewals at $20.00/year.
  • The cheapest plan costs $12/ months and includes unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Cheapest Ecommerce plan starts at $26/month which also has unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • 1 free G suite account for 1 year, renews at $6/month.


5. HostGator. Com – Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Cost-effective
  • 200+ website templates
  • Free image gallery


  • Slow customer support
  • No free plan or trial.

Hostgator is a popular website builder that lets you create small businesses, blogs or E-Commerce websites.

They provide you an intuitive drag and drop editors to create your website. They have many well-designed templates that are incredibly easy to customize with the help of a simple editor. Best Website Builder Tools

Clients get responsive websites fully optimized as their professional templates are mobile-friendly. You have the option to choose from 200 professionally designed website templates and they have a built-in stock photo library where quality photos are available. Best Website Builder Tools

The clients are informed about the important website stats like numbers of site visitors or prime source of traffic generation by integrated website analytics. Every plan has a free SSL certificate and they have added each domain so that you can be confident that your website is secure from unauthorized access. Best Website Builder Tools

HostGator isn’t a high-performance d builder and is not suitable for complex websites and good for non-techie individuals that want to start a small business or a personal blog. HostGator is a new website builder and it will likely to upgrade over time.

They offer all basic features such as inventory control, coupon management, shipping, tax calculator, and reporting. HostGator is good for small eCommerce websites. This platform gives clients the opportunity to create an online store with a built-in shopping cart functionally with an eCommerce plan. Top 9 Best Website Builder Tools

They don’t offer a free trial for website builders. 24/7 customer support via live support is offered. The Hostgator premium plan comes with priority support.

They have an impressive knowledge base with base articles that cover a variety of topics related to most common site issues.

They provide uptime of 99.98% and load time of 299ms.



  • A free version and trial is not provided.
  • All plans include SSL.
  • The free domain name for 1 year in all yearly plans, renewals for $15/year.
  • The cheapest plan costs $3.48/Month and includes unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  • eCommerce plans start from $9.22/month that includes unmetered bandwidth and storage.
  • Each email account costs $6/month through google suite.


6. GoDaddy. Com


  • Easy use.
  • AI builder included
  • 30 days of free trial.
  • Live chat and phone support
  • Easy to manage the online store.
  • Well established company.



  • Many upsells
  • Limited customization.

GoDaddy is a Popular user-friendly website builder. They use ADI (artificial design intelligence) to help the users to create unique customized Websites. It is very easy to use and a good option for nontech users who want to set up a simple site online.

They work well for small businesses, websites with not so complex features and are very cost-effective. They enable the comment section in blogs where users can post images, videos, and audio too, that is why GoDaddy is the best option for blogging. The platform provides the users a chance to sign up via RSS feed and they get instantly informed about everything you post.

Their knowledge-based SEO is a good resource that helps the Businesses learn how to rank high on search engines like Google. That is why it works well for e-commerce websites. They get the capacity to connect the social media stores with their website and abandoned cat recovery function.

They provide free SSL encryption that is great for security and highly recommended by Google.

In 2017, GoCentral was the brand that was their website New version introduced by GoDaddy. GoDaddy gives the opportunity to test GoCentral for one month free.. The new version is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. They have 6 theme styles and clients are allowed to make choices from limited templates, pre-filled photography elements, and designs. Best Website Builder Tools

GoCentral has a drag and drops editors. So other than the basics of Website design will find it limiting. For example, if corona can’t change the font and the platform allows only one way to add images and video without changing their size or adding text.

GoCentral is a good option for small businesses with online stores that allow them to sell physical goods and services. GoDaddy doesn’t allow to sell digital items, ratings or recommended products.

A domain name is not included in GoCentral. You can purchase it or transfer the domain name that you already have.

GoDaddy hosting is stable with uptime of 99.99% and a speed of 614ms.

They also offer 24/7 phone and live chat support.


  • 30 days of a free trial.
  • Free SSL in all the plans
  • The free domain name for 1 year in all yearly plans, renewals for $17.99/month.
  • The cheapest plan is $10/month.
  • eCommerce plan start from $25/ month


7. Weebly. Com


  • Easy to use and also includes drag and drop.
  • 64 responsive themes
  • Can create a membership site.
  • Great SEO tools
  • Many apps can be integrated.


  • Limited design flexibility
  • No email-marketing tools.

Weebly is the most popular website builder of all. Tu can create portfolios, business sites, blogs, and online stores. It’s intuitive drag and drop is beginner-friendly. It let the client create sites without a line of code. Weebly is the best option for blogging and new online stores. Best Website Builder Tools

They have professionally designed templates that are responsive but there’s isn’t much variety. Weebly offers functionality for customizing the visual content but it’s not the most flexible option. You can customize the templates via CSS and the platform allows editing of the source code but it can be difficult for the user who doesn’t have good grasps on design and programming. Best Website Builder Tools

Weebly has a big advantage of its super practical app center which offers a wide variety of add-on that can be installed just by one click. App center has 250 different apps and most of which have free versions as well as premium ones for added functionality. With Weebly, if there is something that client can’t create then that is possible on a weekly Weebly app. Best Website Builder Tools

They allow users to create different login and access levels which is vital for companies with more than one site editors. You can also create a password-protected membership area where members can get access to exclusive content. Best Website Builder Tools

They also offer great SEO optimization. Meta- description, title, URL names, alt text next to images, and 301 redirects can be added. They also allow you to inform code in the site grader and on the Page, which can be a good opportunity to add external tools like online chat and payment buttons.  They don’t provide email marketing tools. For email marketing, they can use other marketing platforms like MailChimp, E-goi, and Aweber. Best Website Builder Tools

Clients can create a small website by a free plan provided by Weebly. But if you want to use their domain name then you need to upgrade to higher plans. Best Website Builder Tools


  • Free plan
  • Free SSL included in all the plans.
  • All the annual plans included free domain name for 1 year and renewals cost is $19.95/year.
  • The cheapest plan starts from $6/month.
  • The E-Commerce cheapest plans start from $12/ month which includes unlimited storage.
  • Google suite is used as its email provider which costs $6/month per account.




  • Uses drag and drop
  • Free limited plan with ads
  • Great SEO capabilities
  • Flexible style sets.


  • No live chat or phone support.
  • Bad uptime and speed
  • Low numbers of templates.

Jimdo is an all-inclusive drag and drops website builder which helps people with no coding knowledge to build full-featured, phone-optimized websites. Jimdo is very easy to use which it’s the greatest strength.

Jimdo clients get the opportunity to manage their content by choosing between two different approaches that are dolphin and creator.

The clients that use dolphin mode get to build websites with AI editors. They can chat with the AI designer and answer the questions about the type of website they want. By the help of the answer and information from their social media the dolphin mode tries to create a personal taste website. It is easy to use but when it comes to making a design change it is not that flexible.

The Creator mode of Jimbo is more flexible than dolphin mode. As it offers clients 40 templates, drag and drops editor, and opportunity to include additional features such as background videos, galleries, blogs, and an online store. Its interface is intuitive and user friendly and can be by no web design experience person. They don’t allow editing or cropping images with Jimbo’s editors.

They provide every template which comes with a mobile-optimized version that is easy to activate – in the setting area. There is no limitation in changing colors and font sizes which is the biggest advantage of Jimdo. Best Website Builder Tools

People who are comfortable with coding can easily access CSS on their jimdo’s website. The user can also edit the HTML code of their site and create custom templates. Best Website Builder Tools

They also have great SEO capabilities as it allows add alt text, page titles and meta description and use SEO-friendly heading.  Google-friendly URLs and 301 redirects can also be created. Clients are not allowed to use SEO plugins and apps but they are slow to use resources such as Google search console, Pingdom, Yoast’s real-time content analysis tool or hub spots website grader. They also give a preview to how the page will look like in a Google search. Best Website Builder Tools

They are SSL encrypted and meet all the security standards. Email and social media support systems are provided to clients by them. They don’t have a phone and live chat support. But they do have a knowledge base with articles and videos which are useful to solve common issues. Best Website Builder Tools

They have an uptime of 99.91% and a load time of 893ms.


  • Free version available
  • All plans include SSL
  • The free domain name for 1 year is included in the annual plan which Renews at $20.00/year.
  • The cheapest plan costs $9/month and includes 10GB bandwidth and 5GB storage.
  • E-commerce cheapest plan starts from $19/month and 15GB storage included.
  • Each email account costs $6/month through google suite.


9. Webs. Com


  • Easy to use
  • Free basic plan
  • Can create a membership site.
  • Knowledge support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Limited customization
  • Poor uptime and page speed performance.

Webs is a website builder and also hosting platform that helps no coding experience people to create beautiful websites. They have minimalist features yet intuitive drag and drop editor and a clear interface where users can add and edit modules with ease. The interface allows inserting content anywhere in the website by simply dragging the images and text into place. They don’t have a big learning curve compared to other of its competitors as it’s so straightforward. Best Website Builder Tools

Webs give you too choose from 400 templates but some may be dated, largely because they are mostly business-oriented. They don’t allow clowns to akter their designs through HTML or CSS codes. This is not ideal as the extent of customization that webs offer allows only font style, background and color scheme changes. Three numbers are limited to mobile-optimized templates. To customize their mobile website feature is only included in the Pro plan.  Best Website Builder Tools

The membership function which allows clients to send exclusive content and group emails is the biggest advantage of webs.

Users who need advanced tools and features can use the Webs app store and add Calendar, forum, Blogs, videos, and photo galleries to their site. The apps are not that much impressive as compared to others. But they can install third-party widgets by using the HTML option. Best Website Builder Tools

E-commerce websites are allowed to add an online store with an interface where products can be managed easily and give out coupon codes. Web’s online store allows users to upload multiple images per item, organize products into categories, and create price-slashing graphics. Best Website Builder Tools

PayPal and stripe are used to do payments. The user has a chance to create a worldwide client base as they have convenient global currency options.

They offer free, ads supported versions without a time limit. The client can cancel the subscription as the web allows this feature but within 30 days and receive their money back. Best Website Builder Tools

They have a good range of customer support options which includes a community forum, a knowledge base, email, and phone support. They don’t offer multi-language support.

They have an uptime of 99.69% and a page speed of 759 ms.


  • Free version available.
  • All the plan includes SSL
  • The yearly plan includes a free domain name for 1 year and renewals cost $19.95/year
  • The cheapest plan is $5.99/month and includes 5GB storage.
  • Cheapest Ecommerce plan is $12.99/month and includes 5GB storage
  • The limited email account is 3 accounts with enhanced plan and 25 with Pro plan.