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Truvison (TW3263)

Like other low-priced LED TV makers, the box is extremely lightweight and comes with operating instructions, a remote control, two AAA batteries, a wall bracket and a Glossy Black table stand. Except for the relatively thick frame on the bottom, all three sides of the Truvison TW3263 have a slim frame. The thick lower bezel has the Truvison logo in the center and a blue / red LED display. This can be too bright when watching a movie in a dark room.


The display is semi matte and bright enough even at medium settings. This is especially useful when the living room is brightly lit. Truvison’s 32-inch LED TV is excellent at 1012 feet away and can run at 14 feet. Watching Full HD movies on Amazon Prime and the general TV experience is very good.

Compared to other low-priced TVs, this 32-inch LED display has a very wide viewing angle. The color reproduction is sharp and the display may be too bright. There are default settings such as standard, mild, and dynamic, but I preferred to use custom user settings that can optimize brightness contrast and image quality sharpness. Enjoyed the colorful and lively graphics of the game at 60FPS.

Surprisingly, I’ve played for over 4 to 5 hours and the overall experience was pleasing to my eyes. Playing games is often eye strain because it focuses more than watching HD TV shows, but this wasn’t the case with the 32-inch Truvison LED TV.


Like most HD LED TVs, the volume always feels flat compared to the big screen. This is not considered a downside, as most people use at least 2.1 systems on HD TVs. Overall, the sound is heard in the 12 x 12 living room, but the quality should depend on the external set of the sound system.


The most important thing after display quality is the TV connection port. I prefer an LED TV with at least two HDMI ports because I can connect an HD-DTH set-top box to a PS4 at the same time. If you have a variety of devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, the Truvison TW3263 has a great range of ports. The bottom connections include two HDMI connections, a mini AV output, speaker output (R + L), VGA, PC audio, and an older RFin connection for cable TV.

On the left side of the TV are two AV (RGB) port sets, two USB ports, and on the right side are the volume, channel and power buttons. If you mount this LED TV on the wall, you can easily access the AV kit on the right side and side connection at the bottom of the back. But like me, if you put it on the table, you need to connect the HDMI cable before putting the TV.


The quality of the remote control is pretty solid and made of hard plastic. This is almost the same as the Samsung HD TV remote control and is practical. The set comes with two AAA batteries that connect to the remote control and is fully functional. Similar to the image mode (P.Modes), there are shortcut keys for the remote control’s sound mode (S.Modes) and special buttons for playing media.

The main source button allows you to choose from available inputs such as HDMI, AV, and USB ports. The media console has a great Java-based interface that is convenient for switching between selected HD movies, photos, or music. I felt a little late when opening the full HD movie scene, so the inside is a bit thin, but I think it will be acceptable for basic HD TV.


It’s not a smart TV, but you can always get a Cast Chrome or Amazon Fire TV Stick for every possible smart feature. If you’re looking for a native smart TV or high-end 4K experience, Truvison recently announced the TS55101 55-inch Ultra HD TV.

Truvison is a new name for the Indian consumers, but this 32-inch HD LED TV covers all the basics. You still can’t find a good brand TV with dual USB and HDMI ports in the price range offered by these new brands. Excellent display with technologies such as UltraSlim frame, 300000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio, SRS, intelligent sensor and energy saving. Truvison TW3263 is a perfect package placed at a price of 18,490 rupees. We highly recommend this LED TV as the perfect option for streaming, watching TV and playing casual games.