Want Free Money? Here Are The 35 Ways To Get Free Money
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Ways to get Free Money

Are you still wondering if there exists any way where you can earn money without doing any work for it ? Or do you often doubt that the so called “free money” earned by doing some tasks, or by signing up for an app is really free money? Read below for Ways to Get Free Money

Then let us tell you that there are various ways to earn that free money with very little effort and all that you need to do is lend some few minutes from your time.

Lets now understand what exactly is “Free Money” Swag bucks Review [2020]

There are so many definitions for the word free. But in our context free actually means a reward or cash which one receives without spending a penny, or for doing and completing your daily tasks which you otherwise also do on a regular basis.

But there are some other daily tasks also which when you do you get cash as a bonus. These tasks would want you to make a purchase in order to qualify for the bonus. But you should still consider it free as you were otherwise also going to make the purchase.

Now lets start by discussing the things or the ways to make money, which you would otherwise also do to get Free Money.

Cash Back for Shopping

While shopping online or in the stores, the best cash back apps which are the best in the market will pay you for all the purchases you make. And what is more rewarding is the fact that most of them come with a sign-up bonus for the new users.

1. Swagbucks with a $10 Sign-Up Bonus

This app called Swagbucks is a great app to make money by taking up surveys. The app rewards you when you successfully complete the online surveys furnished by them.

And not only surveys, you get to earn Swagbucks or rewards by watching short videos, or shopping online, and even by using their search engine to surf the internet.

After collecting your Swagbucks you can exchange them in return of PayPal cash or gift cards from famous retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Sephora, Target, etc.

Although not a significant way to earn income with the app yet a great way to earn a few gift cards each month for yourself or to pay for the family’s Holiday or birthday gifts.

The app Swagbucks offers $10 as a sign up bonus for all new users for downloading the mobile app.

For you to be eligible for the bonus all you will need to do is make a purchase of $25 or more from any of the Swagbucks’ qualifying retailers but this should happen within 30 days of creating your Swagbucks account.

2. Rakuten with $10 Sign-Up Bonus

Just like the other cash back sites even Rakuten which was earlier the Ebates app offers its users a free gift in the form of $10 sign up bonus. Exclusive ways to make money online.

So as soon as you create your Rakuten account and complete your $25 purchase on the site you will receive your $10 welcome bonus. With as many as 2,500 retailers on Rakuten making a purchase doesn’t sound too difficult as you would be otherwise shopping for quite a few of them on a daily basis.

One more way with which you can earn with Rakuten is by successfully installing the Google Chrome browser extension which will give you an alert while shopping at a Rakuten partner retailer for any deal. You just have to click on that notification or alert and do your shopping.

You will receive your free money as cash back in your Rakuten account every 3 months viacheck or PayPal credit, whichever one you choose for.

Read our Rakuten review to know more.

3. Ibotta with $10 Sign Up Bonus

When Ibota was designed it targeted on offering users cash back for grocery shopping. But since its evolution the Ibotta app now supports more than 300 retailers which belong to all categories, ranging from grocery stores, restaurants pharmacies, apparel stores and many more. But inspite of supporting all categories people still come down to agree that the app still has the best, attractive and great grocery rebates.

New users on Ibotta can avail upto $20 welcome bonus, all by creating an account and further redemption of offers within the first 7 days of their sign up.

After you make selection of your deals, with 2 methods you can earn rewards with Ibotta : first one is by scanning your receipt when you are done with shopping and the second one by connect your store loyalty card to the app.

Irrespective of the method you choose you can get your Ibotta account credited within 48 hours. As soon as your rewards balance reaches $20, it can be transferred through PayPal or by convert them into a gift card.

Read our Ibotta review to know more. Track your expenses

4. MyPoints with $10 Sign Up Bonus

Users get the chance to earn rewards with MyPoints for doing extremely simple stuff like online shopping, taking up surveys, playing online games, taking surveys and reading emails from the partner companies. As soon as you create a MyPoints account and complete $20 purchases you get a $10 bonus. But this should happen within 30 days of you signing up for the app.

The ways to cash in your rewards are by getting gift card, travel miles and transferring PayPal cash.

5. Dosh with $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Dosh links directly to your credit or debit card instead of you choosing your deal before you do shopping .

So whenever you shop at any of Dosh’s partner restaurants and retailers you get a cash back of upto 10% on your purchase.

A friend referral lets you earn a free $5 for every friend you refer, but they should sign up and link a card to their Dosh account.

6. Nielsen with exciting $50/year

The popular TV rating company, Nielsen will give you $50 per year just to keep their app on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. You can even earn many more prizes by entering into their sweepstakes.

The app itself collects statistics on your internet usage anonymously in order to learn more about consumer trends.

By studying your internet usage statistics anonymously the app learns about the everyday changing trends of users and consumers.

The app does everything privately without connecting with you in any way and thus it doesn’t even slows down your device.

7. Shopkick

As a Shopkick user you can earn rewards known as kicks just by walking into stores, by scanning the bar codes of products listed on the app, by watching videos and by visiting online stores. The site also lets you earn kicks by purchasing with a linked card.

So your weekend shopping outing to Target can help you earn kicks by not only buying your essentials but also by scanning the few listed items simply with your smartphone.

For every 250 kicks you get $1 and they can be redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Uber, and many more.

Your Car Can Get You Free Money

In order to use your car to bring in some free money to settle its gas and maintenance costs the following apps would be helpful.

8. Getaround

You can use your otherwise idle car sits idle for earning an extra source of income with the app known as Getaround. By signing up on the app people can request to rent your car, you have nothing to stress about like the exchange of keys or any logistic part.

As a Getaround user you can use your car to make $5+ in an hour by renting it out to  someone needy.  There is 24/7 roadside assistance along with a primary insurance cover of $1 million.

9. Wrapify

With Wrapify you wrap your car in huge benefits of earning free money. All you need to do is let the companies pay you in return of advertising their brand on your car.  More space means more free money. If you choose to fully wrap your car you can earn up to $450 in a month.

So all that is required from you and your vehicle is download the Wrapify app, register on it with your location, after which the app will find campaigns near you. They will wrap your car and you earn money for using the car like you always do. Money saving tips

After the campaign is done with the wrapping will be cleaned off without any marks.

10. Lyft

Lyft lets you earn money without straying too far from your normal routine. So you ride with strangers who are also travelling to your destination.

This is called Destination Mode.

Lyft will give you rides who fall along your route and you don’t have to take any extra deviation from your route for dropping those people.

Opening an Account Gives You Free Money  

Survey Companies

There are a lot of survey websites which offer bonuses for new customers. The process is very simple like : create an account, fill out your profile details and complete some simple tasks.

11. InboxDollars with 5 Sign-Up Bonus

Almost like Swagbucks, InboxDollars lets you earn that quick $5 signup bonus, after which you can make more money with InboxDollars that will pay you for opening and reading emails and further answering some questions related to those emails.

The pay ranges from $0.50 to $5. And this quick money doesn’t end here as you can also watch their daily television clips posted daily and earn quick cash.

But in order to withdraw your earnings you will need $30 minimum collect. Don’t stress much as with so many different ways to earn you will collect that amount much sooner.

12. Vindale Research with $1 Sign-Up Bonus

A popular marketing research company, Vindale Research is alike to many other survey sites which we have mentioned. So the company rewards its members when they take up surveys, watch videos, etc and also for just reading their promotional emails.

What is more attractive for users is that the company rewards you with $5 every time you refer someone to take up the surveys apart from the attractive $50 which you get for taking up the survey.

Earn Free Money With Saving and Investing Apps

13. Acorns with $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Acorns is an investing app that gives you a $5 bonus for signing up on their app.

Before making your investment portfolio Acorns asks you a few questions.

The app is extremely easy and convenient to use as after you have made your purchases the app collects and invests your change. This app is very useful for people who are struggling to save. The Acorns app is absolutely free for college students and also for people falling under age 24.

14. Stash ($5 Sign-Up Bonus)

Through the sign up for Stash app as an investor you can buy and sell fractions of your stocks invested in your favourite companies. You can even invest in themed ETFs for supporting a cause and even an industry that you are interested in.

With the help of Stash learning center you can go through various articles that guide you on how to invest. There is a Stash Coach as well to enhance your investing knowledge by taking part in challenges and games which are super fun.

There are more than 150 stock and investment themes on Stash so you can choose the best one according to your interest and goals.

15. Stockpile with $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Update :  $5 sign-up bonus for Stockpile is currently unavailable.

We know how high stock price deters our investment plans but with the

Stockpile app buying and selling fractions of shares becomes very easy and also at a much lower price. This kind of small investment opportunity also helps you to do invest in bigger players like Amazon but at a much reasonable price.

You can get the initial boost with the Stockpile mini-lessons that will help in building you a portfolio. The Stockpile account has $0.99 trading fees, minimum account figure and also no management fees.

Cash Bonuses From Bank Accounts

There are a number of banks that offer cash bonuses when you open a new current or savings account. Although the terms and conditions depend on the banks.

16. Get Yourself a High-Interest Earning Savings Account

This can be cited as one of the easiest ways for getting hold of free money. All you need to do is upgrade your savings account to high yield interest online savings account.

The brick-and-mortar banks give you lower rate of interest but the online banks which offer you a savings account after meeting their requirements will give you an interest of 2.00% or more on a regular savings account.

Many banks are giving similar offers, but it is advisable to read their offer conditions before you sign up. Also remember that the bonus you receive is subject to taxes.

Find Free Money in Your Budget

You can find the free money in your budget with the help of Automatic Saving Apps that study your money and find out where all you can save.

This additional money which comes into your account without doing any work is free money.

17. Trim

The power of Trim will slash your bills by 30% as this very useful site will help you cut down on your spending after you sign up. All that you would be doing is registering with Trim and they will do the rest, right from calling your cable tv provider to your internet service provider and negotiating with them to curate a better and a cheaper package for you. Trim only makes one third of your saved money.

Trim will always look for better plans and promotions fir you and they will notify you on finding one.

18. Qapital

Qapital app gives users nine different ways to save money making use of the rules.

So every single time that you do shopping with your linked account, the Qapital app will start rounding up to the nearest dollar and after doing so it will deposit the difference in your savings.

The rules lie Payday and Set & Forget rules do a daily, weekly, monthly transfer while you can also state your choice of transfer. This is one app that finds all that free money for you.

19. Digit $5 Sign-Up Bonus

If you are confused on how to save and get that free money then the Digit app dies it for you by analysing the way you spend your money. This app keeps a close watch on your spending pattern and then transfers your savings to your registered Digit account.

The users of the Digit app get to withdraw their savings whenever they want via text message. So start your free 30 day trial.

20. You Can Redirect Your Student Loans To A Lower Interest

In case you have a high-interest student loan you can get upto a hundreds of dollars as free money by redirecting and refinancing your loan to a lower interest rate.

You can make use of LendingTree to make comparison of which loan is charging you the lowest interest rate and then you can go ahead to refinance it.

Although it may not look like free money to you but by refinancing your loans can give you free cash by saving high interest amount for you.

21. Decluttr

Through the Decluttr app you can sell your otherwise useless stuff like old gaming consoles or CD/DVD, old smartphones, video games, etc. After you sign up on the app you get a proper valuation of the stuff you want to sell which os otherwise lying useless in your home.

After you agree on the price quoted by Decluttr you will receive a free label to ship the product. You need to pack the item and drop it at the nearest UPS location. As soon as Decluttr receives your item it will conduct a check and process your payment the very next day.

22. Gazelle

Almost like Decluttr, Gazelle lets you sell all your unused or used tech products easily and get some free money. You can put your product for search on their site after which you will get a quote.  In case your item is not available on their site you won’t be able to sell it on Gazelle.

But if it is there and you agree on the quote you just need to fill some details and accept payment via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

23. Become an Airbnb Host

If you have a vacant space in your home or office then make use of it by renting it out to people who might want to rent it. Calculate your renting amount using Airbnb’s income calculator.

By becoming a host on Airbnb you can choose your renting price, the availability of Space , the house  to be followed, etc.

This way you can earn free money from your vacant space !

24. Sell Your Textbooks

By searching best places to sell textbooks you will find BookScouter. After typing the ISBN number of the book which you are willing to sell, it will search the ISBN on different buyer sites like Amazon, Cash4Books, etc. You can select the best offer from the mentioned sites and ship your book or books to them. So instead of going to that local bookseller of yours to sell your expensive books you can now make a choice after flipping through differ vendors.

Remember that every vendor has a different payment schedule.

Sell Old Clothes

25. ThredUp

People trust ThredUp because of it being completely secure and a trustworthy app for buying and selling stuff online. You can visit the site to find the list of stuff desired by them and let us also tell you that this app was specifically built to sell used clothes online. You get an estimate before you send off the items so if the quote suits you, order their free closet clean out kit and keep all your used garments that you wish to sell. Send the items and after successful processing of your order get your payment through PayPal, shopping credit or via Visa Prepaid Card.

26. Poshmark

Poshmark is one site that connects sellers to buyers. So for selling an item all you need to do is take pictures, add a product description and then set a price.

This app stands out from other selling apps as it gives opportunity to attend real-time virtual shopping events known as Posh Parties having their own theme.

After you are ready to sell your item you will receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label from Poshmark, and you need to drop the item at a nearest UPS location and you will get your payment credit within 3 days of item delivery .

Other Creative Ways to Get Instant Free Money

These methods are a little off the wall. If you’re not afraid to step outside your comfort zone, there’s money to be made.

27. Lose Weight & Get Paid

With HealthyWage you get to accept the challenge or bet that asks you to lose weight.

If you choose a personal challenge you can choose your entry fee along with the dates. If you successfully meet your goal you can get free money or the predetermined prize amount. But in case you fail then HealthyWage will keep your money, by visiting HealthyWage prize calculator you can see how much a person can win depending upon the weight loss goals.

28. Selfies Help You Earn

By registering yourself on the Pay Your Selfie app, you can earn for taking selfies.

This is one superb app that pays you for doing something that you otherwise always do !

The app rewards you for setting up your profile picture and for filling up your information.

Other tasks can be taking selfies with your friends or showing what you are eating. These tasks pay you anything between $0.20 to $1.50.

29. Become a Plasma Donor

With people volunteering to donate their blood and platelets already, there is a rise in many people offering to sell plasma as well.

And guess what ? So many people have already made between $200-300 in a month by doing so.

30. Junk Mail Can Be Sold

The Small Business Knowledge Center accepts all your junk mail and pay you for something that is ultimately useless for you.

So make the most of this option and send all the mails related to banking, insurance, credit cards, etc to earn points which are transferred to Visa Debit cards.

Get Free Money from the Government

31. Unclaimed.org

Many a times we forget about the money which was due to us. For that purpose we have the website named, Unclaimed.org to find that money. It can be your long lost bank account or any due from your previous company.

32. MissingMoney.com

A similar site to unclaimed.org. MissingMoney.com thoroughly searches all the participating states in order to look for your family’s missing, unclaimed, lost money as well as assets.

33. Federal Pell Grant for Education

There are some educational grants from the government which help by offering money to students to meet their educational expenses and unlike the student loans, this money does not need to be repaid.

You can visit the Federal Student Aid website to know more.

34. Child Care and Development Fund

In case you are struggling to meet your child care expenses then there is government assistance for you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

35. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

As per the U.S. Department of Energy an average United States family pays at least $2,200 per year on their energy bills. To help you meet these expenses the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program can help you.

But before you register on any site that is offering you free money it is also important to check whether those sites are bot scams. They should be fully trusted sites.

Although all sites will not be free and would require you to spend and invest a little, do so if you feel that the particular investor would be beneficial for you.